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Sessions are split by park users as The Shed does not have BMX riding the street course at the same time as skateboards, inline or scooters. Lifelounge was approached to work with the creators of The Shed skatepark on an identity, branding and were also charged with the mandate to create their website.
The best part of the entire job was the fact that we were able to have a closed session in the skatepark for a few hours and get back to our roots. What makes the Shed?s bowl different is that it is not concrete, but made out of timber covered with a special ramp surface.

Aggressive Skating Forum Discussions about any topic related to vert skating, skatepark tricks, aggressive street skating, action sports events, and the aggressive skating lifestyle. This is nowhere near all the Parks we have in Melbourne, just some of the ones either close to my house or close to routes I folow for work and appointments and such. Trying to become an aggressive inline skater now for real, on a lame town that has no conditions for that.
You know you spend too much time at the skatepark when Window's Live Maps satellite shot catches you there!

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shed skatepark address

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