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Product colours shown on this site have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. In many cases, your first assumption relating to the size of shed you require, is seldom correct. One of the most sensible approaches in determining the size required, is to lay out the items you would like to store, in the back yard (allowing for sufficient space around each item to accommodate ease of access and ability to place and replace the item on many occasions).
The other considerations regarding size are the minimum wall height, door opening, and where the shed door(s) are hinged, what clearance needs to be allowed for to swing the door(s) open (if you are subject to limited space). With todays small house blocks, the number of options as to where a shed can be positioned are usually limited. It is recommended that the minimum slab size be at least 100mm larger in each direction, than the external base dimension of the shed. Assemble the box frame securely to the correct size required & fix it to timber pegs hammered into the ground (pegs to be located on the outside of the box frame).

Once you select the paving blocks you wish to use (there are varying sizes), calculate how many you require to make up your base. For a paved base, the area should be stripped of vegetation & dug down below ground level to allow for the prerequisite base filling. The area should then be filled with approximately 100mm of decomposed granite, crusher dust, bedding sand or similar. In high wind areas, it is recommended that your shed be appropriately secured to a full concrete slab, rather than paving blocks or other. When purchasing or constructing a timber floor, to secure your shed to, ensure the appropriate type and grade of timber is used. With redi-mix deliveries, there are minimum quantities you can purchase, as well as pre-determined increments. Open the packaging carefully & check off the parts against the parts list, ensuring all items are identified.

One of the most important elements in correctly assembling your shed, is to correctly align all the parts before fixing-off. When assembling the shed, you must ensure that structure is square, to avoid potential alignment issues. However this representation may be subject to the limitations of web palette colours and your screen settings.
Ensure the ground is reasonably level underneath the frame to minimise the gaps which could allow the concrete mix to seep & escape.
Builders plastic aids in minimising moisture transfer up into the slab from the ground beneath, & bedding sand assists in levelling out the ground profile.

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shed slab thickness residential

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