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The Unnatural Animal takes you on a journey into the world of two critical designers, Tuur Van Balen and Revital Cohen.
In Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal, both designers exhibit three of their works together. Ready-to-use Models, a work-in-progress project developed for Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal, is an installation seeking to question the current definitions used to indicate living creatures. Synthetic biology can give detailed insight into our metabolic processes, potentially introducing new interactions with our body.
Since becoming curator of The Aram Gallery, I’ve aimed to present exhibitions showing design in a wider context.
Architect Adam Nathaniel Furman undertook a residency at the British School in Rome in 2014-15, as he became familiar with the city he was struck by the coming together of Italian style and consumerism with the ancient and resonant architectural and religious traditions.
Only two acts from the night can make it through to our semi finals on either 27th Feb or 5th March.
We aren’t going to make it compulsory for the acts to bring anyone to their heats, but we do expect some loyal fans for support! It takes part of the Evensi network, Evensi is a search engine dedicated to geo-located events.
With more than 30 million events all over the world suggested based on your interests, you will definitely find what interests you most, find out what to do in the evening and how to spend your days doing what you love.
IP: Kevin Foakes is, I think, the ultimate collector of Frankie artwork, and that was in some ways just as important as the music.
Finally in bar 4, Oz executes his signature wide intervallic leaps by playing melodies that alternate between the the high E and low D and A strings. Against the backdrop of progress in bioscience and technology, Van Balen and Cohen create critical design objects and installations. The floating spaces reference the playfulness of tree houses, the uncanniness of domestic homes flying in a hurricane, and the experimental nature of Do-It-Yourself bio garden sheds. In this project, these interactions are proposed as a new form of cooking, guided by one’s personal metabolism.

As ever the Rho Fiera will be packed with new designs and collections by 2,310 exhibitors filling over 20,0000m2 of exhibition space. One of the gallery’s founding remits is to make our field relevant and accessible to everyone – something the industry hasn’t been good at for a long time. Through a process of trial and error, they soon came across a way to apply their experiments to the war effort in the form of emergency transport splints and stretchers.
We’re looking for talent, hardwork and enthusiasm from all members, with acts judged by a small panel of industry professionals selected by Dreaming In Colour Productions. DIS is a dissection of fashion and commerce which seeks to dissolve conventions, distort realities, disturb ideologies, dismember the establishment, and disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse that's been distinctly distributed in order to display the disenfranchised as disposable.
The strictly limited ultra-deluxe edition comes in a beautifully designed 12” by 2.5”-deep box with lift-off lid and foam fitments and is loaded with tons of exclusive items not to be sold separately.
It took quite a long time to find the necessary space in Union Square Music’s release schedule to really focus on this.
It’s a new way of working where you really get to hear what the fans think as you put everything together.
Their work plays into and speculates on the changing behaviours, norms and values that may guide our (social) lives in a biological revolutionary era. Van Balen and Cohen invite the visitor to step into their alter-worlds, a space with its own logic; strange at first, but somehow recognisable. What consequences does this choice of definition entail for our perceptions, feelings and behaviours regarding living creatures?
In such cooking, blood can be used to disclose the body’s state and bespoke bacteria or yeasts can interact with its metabolism through biosensing and biosynthesizing.
It’s Nice That has chosen a few installations and events to keep an eye out for around the city.
Roma and James from Six:Thirty approached me about Unread Messages in November, and I was immediately interested in the subject and approach. Developed through workshops attended by children ranging from four to 12 years old, it’s a body of work that shakes off the shackles of reality and has produced a number of delightful and thoughtful inventions.

Here, PledgeMusic’s Julian Huntly has a chat with Steve Bunyan from Union Square Music and catalogue consultant Ian Peel about the box set itself, why they chose to bring it to PledgeMusic and what fans can expect to experience. We also needed to put the team together to work on it – Philip Marshall and Kevin Foakes on the design side and Ian Peel on the repertoire selection and marketing. To do so properly, the book has to be as luxurious and intricate and absorbing as the original artwork, and I think we’ve achieved that. So the end product is what everyone would want: not reproductions or 21st century takes, but logical extensions, another chapter in the story. With the right ingredients and recipe, one could finely balance emotional experiences; through cooking for and from the body. The influence of mobile devices and the internet has spread far faster and wider than anything design has done in the same time frame.
At the same time there is this totally self absorbed sense of play, pleasure and sensuousness.” When Adam was commissioned to design some furniture for a client in Monaco, he decided to explore this idea further. They were first releases in 2001, possibly a few years ahead of their time, so fans have been crying out for them ever since. In bar 3, he continues with this string skipping idea and encloses the b5 in the third beat. This exhibition puts designers back in the picture, asking them to solve a problem using the technological language but a human approach. The designer is increasingly being called on to mediate the rich, information-filled world of technology and harness it in a useful, healthy way.

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