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I thought you would enjoy this shed from tiny house design that was converted to an amazing little bunkhouse. The owner Sue did a great job not only in the design and the interior but also in completing this project for only around $12,000. I find these sheds converted into tiny houses so fun and interesting and it’s fun to see people convert them into beautiful tiny homes like the one below.
I wouldn’t mind having this tiny cabin in the backyard to work out of or to have as a guest cabin for visitors.
I’d likely use the structure and turn it into a guest cabin, sound studio, or something like that. If you enjoyed this post “Like” and share using the social and email buttons below and don’t forget to check out our free daily newsletter and stay connected! At the very least you could put a folding screen around the toilet but it would be simple enough to put in a skinny little wall to screen it off. If a wall would consume too much space, or you didn’t like the look of a wall there, one could build a cube with two contiguous sides left out that could slide (on casters) over the commode system and be a table making the whole commode vanish and giving a work surface. LOL to Erik, taking a dump at the end of the bed would not be for me with others present, a wall would not be a problem to build and it would still be uncomfortable without a proper wall. Oh yes my new friend, every experience Amsterdam offered, I am sure I relished in every one of them (a few times).
You will have a long lasting and burning reminder of that chilling experience when you, quite literally, peel yourself into ten degrees of separation and have a glowing horseshoe of missing tissue from all the points of contact. Well, my own cabin is 14×14 and built for under $2000 and completely off-grid and you can build them a whole lot cheaper than you can buy them. Nothing wrong with a prebuilt shed but you will still need to insulate them and the windows are usually single pane and won’t keep the heat in in winter. I would have done that bathroom different and it does not appear to be set up for full time living and just for sleeping. I guess it would be good as a spare bedroom or guest bunk or maybe a weekend cabin but for permanent living you want a kitchen, regular bathroom and sleeping areas and common area and yes you can have those in a small cabin design under 200 sqft foot print. I think at least a curtain around the toilet in case you have a visitor but, yes, I could live in this if it was arranged to my liking. I live in a 20x 28 cabin I built about 28 years ago and my wife and I raised our son there.

The main cabin has a bathroom with shower and the bathroom has walls and a door of its own. I would only have had to step on one and know it to be the end of me, I would drop dead that instance, no bite required and be a puddle of me in your yard. One might use any of these or some dividers that these inspire would do fine for a little privacy.
I think that the comments about snakes etc are helpful in understanding WHY this was built with an indoor bathroom–but I cannot IMAGINE using one with a cabin full of others.
A 5′ separating wall would be cute at the end of the bed, a wall, curtain, lattice, white plastic roof stuff that would let light through.
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To get more space or a location closer to urban downtowns, more homeowners are transforming warehouses into their houses. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. Having stepped on a rattler last year and come within 3 feet of another one this year, it’s best to avoid that if possible.
I don’t see a problem having the toilet handy at the foot of the bed, but a divider might be nice. The conversion can be as affordable as you like and hardly adds any weight to your RV (by RV I mean your truck).
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. OR, you could hang one box on the wall to cover the tank, and have a second box (on casters) cover the actual commode.
Plus, he has two adorable black dogs, a cunning frig magnet collection…and he and I have the identical wee washing machine and leopard-print throws over our sofas! It was my first (of many, many) resources about building, but perhaps more valuable was the tone of your writing. Especially for our daughter who has a very young child and also for that reason wouldn’t want to leave the bunkhouse at night.
I appreciate your dedication to modest designs and affordable materials while still keeping the setup 100% functional and comfortable.

It's a touching story that reflects how versatile these tiny homes can be -- they could be a primary residence, a guesthouse, or even something to rent out. You’ve built a good benchmark in a technical sense, but your attitude is what still resonates. I blog about our life on our 54 acres in the Texas Hill Country and this was from a post I did. One of the biggest expenses so far has been the septic process (perc-test, septic design, and now we’re nearing the installation step). Especially if you plan to park in campgrounds where bathroom and shower facilities are available.What do you think, would a similar setup work for you while out and about exploring?Want to get great tiny-house related stories like this sent directly to your inbox? We had originally planned to rearrange things with the two twin beds at one end and the half bath enclosed.
One of the purposes of building the bunkhouse was also to install our bookcases and books so we had to work around that also. As soon as winter passes he will finish work on a forge and work on other black smithing projects. We added insulation in the walls and ceiling and did all the finish work except the plumbing, which included septic hookup, and the electrical rough-in.
2 months ago Kairi Gainsborough I never considered converting a track shell into a living space before.
But keeping his sleeping quarters sept from his cooking and bathing area has given him more room and space. If anyone should ever decide to make the bunkhouse into a cabin, it wouldn’t be hard to close in the bathroom and add a kitchen to that end but our goal was to have as many sleeping places as possible. We have had floor to floor air mattresses in the cabin before and getting the bunkhouse built was a real treat for us!

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