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One of the most interesting projects I've seen so far is this wonderful guest house made out from a  recycled shipping container.
There is a small patio in front  and above it a bit of a roof so the rain doesn't smash directly into the door. Bold combinations of colors and materials make from this structure a fine place to hang out looking permanently to the surrounding landscape. welcomes occasional articles and opinion pieces from writers who are not regular contributors.
You finally have land for a rustic escape, or maybe you’re thinking of a quaint guest house or a small cottage kit. To view other videos like these ones, please check our 3D Tour section or our Youtube Channel!
We are based in beautiful Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and serve the following surrounding Canadian cities: Alax, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener and Barrie, to name a few.
Sono tube footings are ideal for uneven terrain and to elevate your cabin for a better view.
You can repurpose a conventional potting shed and use it for your private passion, say to practice yoga or to finally set up the long-ignored easel and begin painting again. Or, you might build something from scratch that could otherwise be called a pavilion, studio, cottage or summerhouse – or folly. Think about what’s missing in your life and perhaps you can devote the tricked-out mini-barn to that activity.
To my friend John Akers, a Seattle carpenter and self-described “glorified recycler” who has designed and constructed dozens of tiny garden buildings in the past decade (including several sheds featured in our book), these reimagined shacks have attained a higher purpose. When I posed this question to an audience at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show last year, I was thrilled with the clever, innovative and heartfelt suggestions offered by way of handwritten notes and sketches on index cards. Guest Rant by Jeff Gillman (This is the second rant here about the attempted firing of Chalker-Scott. I am planning on attending your talk if the GARDEN RANTS GAURDS let me through the slug detector.
I think of a dream shed being an organized holding area for those things that I use to garden. My dream shed would let me know that I already had one bag of Holly Tone before I went out and bought another.
If it could do all of these things, I would let it pick any style it wanted – arts and crafts, Asian, colonial revival, whatever.
My shed would be styled after a Mediterranean home — the whitewashed houses you always see with cats in front of them.
It would have a front and back entrance — however, you would not be able to walk through it.
The ceilings in both halves of the shed would be high, to allow space for hanging herbs and flowers to dry. It will still sit under the Maple…and the front will look out across my restored woodland, which is resplendent in Spring with thousands of wildflowers of dozens of species, and is a cool, dark green haven in the Summer and much of Fall. The other side looks out across my vegetable garden of beans and squash…and to my prairie beyond. I’m particularly looking forward to sitting with a good book, looking out over the woods, during a steady rain shower… it sounds like such a poetic experience!
My shed would look like a little cottage–natural cedar shakes accented by slate blue window trim and porch posts and railings.
It would be built from glass panels much like the simple square box that Walter Gropius ( founder of the Bauhaus ) built in Lincoln Massachusetts.

As a young teenager I use to ride my bike past this house most summer days on my way to Walden Pond. I was so inspired by this piece of architecture and how it was grounded in the landscape that it set me on my career path as a landscape designer.
I would keep the furnishings simple in my glass box with a few well chosen mid century classic pieces such a Le Corbusier chaise and club chair paired with a Noguchi table . There would be space enough for my meditation zafu and zabuton and a simple tea set from Japan. Inside, my dream shed will be part yoga retreat, part satellite office, part library and part cafe. I’d like it to house all my gardening books, which are now scattered in different rooms in my house and even stacked on the living room floor. When I invite friends into my tiny lair, I would like to be able to offer them a decent cup of coffee or a beer or a nice glass of wine. Out back of Anchovy World Headquarters up here in Toronto, I have an old shed I turned into a combination of painting studio and place to tie trout flies. John by the River Commented on The tulip graveyard { I plant some tulips under trees - walnut, pecan, hazelnut and ornamental cherries. Because of the container's nature not a wide range of possibilities is available to decorate it, but people take this always as a challenge and in this case it turned out great actually. Rather than building a house addition or “trading up” for a larger home, many of us simply plan an escape to the great outdoors. The winner will receive a signed copy of Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways, along with a set of cool note cards featuring Bill Wright’s photography. Many addressed a sensible space solution; others were purely frivolous, and all evoked a personal wish for individual expression.
It will be styled on a Japanese Tea House with sliding walls that can open or close and be located in a shaded area above the small stream so I can set there and hear it babble. A place where earthly smells can mingle with the scent of newly sawn wood, without the overbearing odor of automobiles and lawn mowers.
The porch would hold an Adirondack chair and a table just large enough for a book and a good cup of coffee. There would be plenty of houseplants here, and old-fashioned rag rugs would be scattered across the warm pine floors. At barely 900 square feet it was built in the late 1940’s and has a cottagey bungalow feeling to it.
It is styled after a Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style, on a miniature scale, with a planted roof around a skylight.
It’s well constructed yet casual, and is decorated with a restrained yet eclectic palette of junk art and garden art made by me or others.
I used to tie trout flies in the basement, but then there was the little matter of the moths that came in with with some feathers.
I will have bins for all the ingredients for different types of potting mixes–peat moss, vermiculite, mushroom compost, etc.
I’m currently having a new tool shed built and it is going to look like an old fashioned outhouse, complete with half moon design on the door! I think I might just need 2 sheds, one that is functional with all my tools lined up against the wall and everything in a place where I can find them without anyone else interferring, borrowing or just not putting away.
Some people buy large houses with concrete structures or steel and glass to reinforce their social position and other people choose something different but always a place that suits their needs. The container was painted blue and two sections were cut and windows and big sliding doors were mounted.

As a matter of fact  the indoors is combined with the outdoors through massive sliding glass doors and also by the house-like structures built inside. Choose from beautiful cabin styles then customize with design options you’ll only find right here. Here are some of my favorite ideas: a quilter’s haven, a garden reading room, a yoga retreat, an entertainment hut, and a gallery for displaying thirty birdhouses. A jungle of fragrant plants, from lavender to mint, would live on the porch so that every time I walked past, I’d get a whiff of their amazing fragrance.
A day bed loaded with vintage linens and pillows would be for reading, napping, and dreaming.
It is of roman brick (the wide brick Frank favored), with built-in window boxes and oversized saucer-like urns on either side of the door.
So, yeah, I’ll need a place for a coffee maker, a small wine rack, and a little fridge. The roof is corrugated fiberglass, the floor is terra cotta pavers, the three walls that aren’t the back of the Tuff Shed are T-111 to waist-high and then salvaged windows above that. But I figured I wasn’t going to have THAT many chickens or spend THAT much time in the garden shed anyway.
It would feature a small bench on the outside and the outer walls would be covered with clematis, honeysuckle. As a proof that people have already started to change their minds and philosophy are the random bursts of nonconformism, meaning that some people no longer feel represented by the masses, and their image can't be associated with an institution of a large group of people. Among many reasons to do that there is price (a used one costs under $1000) and durability.
I’ll get to that sometime after I finish building the not much bigger than a shed, small cabin that will be my house. We’re actually in the process of building some kind of garden shed to replace the ugly one that collapsed in a raging storm last January here in coastal California.
Oh, and it will also house those ugly motorized things Garden Man uses on the yard (I so want them out of the garage).
Yes, you've heard me, those cargo containers represent now for some people a part of their home, or even the entire household. It would make it possible to get from the door to the far wall without tripping over a pile of used nursery pots. A pair of small bookcases would flank it, holding some of the treasures from my gardening library.
I’ll be happy if we manage to capture even a teensy bit of the magic in these wonderful spaces. And the place would have to be a surprise, barely noticable, some place, as others have mentioned, much like a tea house.
An artists easel and large flat shelving (stocked with art supplies) assist in everything from finger painting to architectural model building.
Technology includes an oversized flat screen TV, wireless everything, and a couple Mac workstations. We use it for meals, for sleeping when summer guests fill the house, for lounging on Sunday morning and reading on hot summer afternoons.

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