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Shedd Aquarium Free Days 2014: While visiting the Shedd Aquarium can sometimes feel like a tourist attraction for us natives, they do offer free days just for us! This list is subject to additions, but likely won’t change as far as what is currently included.
Spring is a great time to join Shedd's Great Lakes Action Days and help preserve amphibian habitats!
At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference. Chicago, a major Great Lakes port, is the commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural hub of the Midwest. Fun Fact: Chicago's nickname, the Windy City, may have been coined by politicians from Springfield, Illinois, when describing Chicago's politicians as "windbags" due to their long-winded speeches.
The iconic Sears Tower was completed in 1973 and remains the tallest building in the United States. Part of Chicago's Museum Campus, the Shedd Aquarium holds more than 5 million gallons of water. Fun Fact: The Shedd Aquarium has developed the Right Bite program to teach local businesses and aquarium visitors the best meal options for increased seafood sustainability. Fun Fact: The Buckingham Fountain was the starting point of Route 66, a major highway system that stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. First named the Columbian Museum of Chicago, the museum's name was changed to the Field Museum of Natural History in 1905 in honor of Marshall Field, the first major benefactor of the museum. Fun Fact: Because Sue's original head was too heavy for mounting, a lightweight replica was mounted in its place. Designed by architects Kohn Pedersen Fox, the unusually shaped 333 Wacker Drive was constructed from 1979 to 1983.
Fun Fact: Kohn Pedersen Fox won the National American Institute of Architects Honor Award in 1984 for 333 Wacker Drive. Taking up an entire city block, the Harold Washington Library Center was recognized as the world's largest public library by the Guinness Book of World Records. Fun Fact: Carvings of Robin Hood and a howling dog around the three-story entrance to the Tribune Tower commemorate the architects, Howell and Hood. Located in Grant Park, the Art Institute of Chicago is known for its collection of impressionist, post-impressionist, and American art.
Fun Fact: The two lions that stand outside of the Michigan Avenue entrance are unofficially named after their poses. For more than a billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a "month of blessing" marked by prayer, fasting, and charity. Opened to the public in 1930, this was the first inland aquarium in the country to maintain a permanent collection of both fresh-water and salt-water fishes and other aquatic life.
A great place for ice skating in the winter while enjoying the beautiful view of Chicago downtown.

The only Chinese restaurant in Chicago Jack and Sis would drive to at any time during the day, any day during the week.
Not your typical live animal show, Shedd's aquatic show features a rotating group of Shedd residents. See and hear how animals like beluga whales, sea lions and dolphins at Shedd are cared for every day by their trainers. Witness the beauty of aquatic life, feel the connection we all share with the living world and share the responsibility we all have to care for animal life on this planet. If you’re visiting more than one cultural attraction in Chicago, this is the best option for you. Take a look at how we build strong relationships with animals in our care like the beluga whales. The animal care training team demonstrates how the world-class animal care at Shedd can connect to the training and care guests give their pets at home. The games we play during the show are fun for the animals – and part of our job is to keep it fun. Amphibians and reptiles might seem similar, but they are very different! Go here to find out more! Give your students a behind-the-scenes learning experience at Shedd without leaving your classroom! I think I can speak for myself and every other Chicagoan when I say that anything that continues to live in the Chicago River is not something we want to be acquainted with and that the fishermen who fish in Lake Michigan are doing it for sport.
The free pass permits you into the Waters of the World, Amazon Rising, and the Caribbean Reef. It is a clean environment that has both exhibits and a fun dolphin show among many other staples. Right, things like parking and food are extra, but the actual admission will be free on the listed free days.
There are a variety of options that let you get smooth sailing into the Shedd experience when you get here. The bustling city, the most populous in Illinois with a population of about 3 million, is known for its architecture. Carol Highsmith, a distinguished and widely published American photographer, is donating her life's work to the Library of Congress.
Originally commissioned by Sears, Roebuck and Co., the tower was built to house the company's headquarters. Without the inclusion of its antennae, the Sears Tower ranks second to the CN Tower as the tallest building in North America.
Of the 25,000 fish that the aquarium hosts, the most famous is an Australian lungfish nicknamed "Granddad." The aquarium estimates that Granddad is over 80 years old and says he is the oldest fish alive in an aquarium.
The untitled work by Picasso was dedicated in 1967; it is 58 feet tall and weighs 162 tons.

The rear half of the building follows the guidelines of the city grid, while the other half features a curved faA§ade that follows the bend of the Chicago River. Built by Hammond, Beeby & Babka in 1991, this massive library was named in honor of the late Harold Washington, a former mayor who played an important role in its construction. The park became the official home of the Chicago Cubs in 1916 and went through several name changes before finally being named after gum magnate and then-owner of the Cubs, William Wrigley Jr., in 1926. The tower was designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, who won the Tribune's international design competition in 1922. The center houses many masterworks, such as Self-Portrait (Vincent Van Gogh), Nighthawks (Edward Hopper), Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Georges-Pierre Seurat) and The Old Guitarist (Pablo Picasso).
The north and south lions are referred to as "on the prowl" and "stands in an attitude of defiance," respectively.
Shedd (1850-1926), it is one of the prime remaining structures from the second Chicago exposition, "A Century of Progress" (1934). Get involved in the care of these animals by becoming a Shedd member, donating to the annual fund or volunteering at Shedd. Enjoy express entry and access to all of Shedd’s exhibits and experiences, including the aquatic show, Stingray Touch and a 4-D Experience. Packages including Wild Reef, Polar Play Zone and Abbott Oceanarium are available to Illinois residents at a discounted rate. If you are on a budget or just looking for something great to do with the kids, be sure to take advantage of the Shedd Aquarium Free Days 2014!
Sears had vacated the building by 1995, and the tower is currently occupied by more than 100 different companies. Because the piece is untitled, many have speculated about what the sculpture actually depicts. The green-glass curtain reflects its surroundings and creates a spectacular visual experience. Today, the stadium is the second oldest and fourth smallest active baseball stadium in the country. A vast collection of stones from sites around the world are set in the limestone foundation of the building's tower. First activated on May 26, 1927, the fountain contains 1.5 million gallons of water and 134 water jets. In the book Picasso: The Real Family Story, Olivier Widmaier Picasso (Picasso's grandson) guesses that the sculpture was most likely inspired by Lydia Corbett, a woman whom Picasso admired for her long neck and stylish ponytail. The museum is home to "Sue," the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil skeleton, and the remains of the Lions of Tsavo.

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