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If your kids are enthusiastic about dogs and keep asking if they can have a puppy, it is easy to get worn down and finally capitulate to their demands without fully thinking things through.
If you have decided that a dog is a good idea for your family, you will then need to narrow your selection down to breeds or types of dogs that will fit your living situation, and of course, there are many different things to take into account where this is concerned! While there is no such thing as a dog that does not shed their fur at all, it is certainly fair to say that some dogs shed significantly more than others, so the Golden Retriever, for instance, might make an excellent family dog, but is very hairy and tends to shed a lot.
So, what breeds or types of dog would fit the bill, of being both good with children and not prone to excess shedding?
Little dogs can make a good choice for families with children for a lot of reasons; they will not physically intimidate shy or nervous kids, they fit into smaller homes and apartments without a problem, and they are available in a vast variety of types and breeds! The elegant Shih Tzu might have long hair that requires brushing and grooming, but despite this, they really don’t shed much at all, and really love to cuddle with kind children. The Bichon Frise is a small, white woolly-coated dog that does not shed unduly, but may require trimming and clipping.
The Miniature Poodle has a similar coat to the Bichon Frise, and also has similar care requirements, and Poodles of all sizes are intelligent, love to play, and are friendly and loyal to both their family and new people that they meet. Medium sized dogs are generally well suited to most households, and will be able to hold their own and keep up with older children too. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a stocky and compact dog with a very short coat that does not shed heavily or make much of a mess, and they are also very easy to bathe and clean up if they get mucky when out and about! There is a Poodle present at every stage of the size range, from miniature to large, and so the low-shedding Standard Poodle is worthy of consideration within the medium sized category, for the same reason that their smaller counterparts work well in the small dog section. To own a large dog, you will need a relatively large home, as well as a big enough budget to cover their feeding requirements and all of their other care needs! The Greyhound is a large, lanky laid back dog that enjoys cuddling up on the sofa and outdoor play, and is generally very gentle and kind natured. Finally, the Irish Water Spaniel has a very Poodle-like coat, being very curly and puffy but not heavy shedding! There are of course a wide range of other breeds that are both great with kids and have either a low shedding coat or very short, easy to manage fur, and these breeds are just a suggestion! Stunning Fawn Pied Pedigree French Bulldogs 1 minute ago**26 CHAMPIONS** BEAUTIFUL PUG PUPPIES FOR SALES 2 minutes agoNOBLESTAFF BLUE ADONIS 13 CHAMP PEDIGREE 3 minutes agoStud only ! Contents1 Humid hide2 How To Make a Humid Hide3 Leopard Gecko Shed4 Recommended Reading for you! A humid hide is exactly what its called, its a humid hide that is easily made with a few simple house held materials which helps your leopard gecko shed during it’s shedding process.
All you need to make a humid hide is 3 things; a plastic container, paper towels or moss, and a pair of scissors.

Get your plastic container and cut out a big hole or square in one of the sides of the container using your scissors (big enough for your leopard gecko to fit through). Grab some paper towels or moss and put it into the container which will help keep the humidity up inside the container.
Put the container into the enclosure and make sure your leopard gecko can find a way to get inside of it. Once your leopard geckos shed starts to come off, you do not want to help take it off by pulling any skin. Newsletter Signup!Join hundreds of pet lovers like yourself and receive all updates in your inbox, for free! Well first off the bad news, unfortunately there is no such thing as dogs that don't shed or non shedding dogs - all dogs shed at least a small amount of hair. Even the so called "non shedding dog breeds" do shed a little hair - much like us humans really. If you are planning to bring a new puppy or older dog into your life it pays to do a bit of research first. Another general rule to follow when looking for a dog that doesn't shed is to go for a single coated breed (you'll find plenty in the list below). If you do have your heart set on a dog that does shed there are some things you can do to manage the shedding. Regardless of which non shedding dog you decide to bring into your life, you will be required to provide proper care and training. If you plan to train your puppy or older dog yourself, at home I recommend you study and closely follow this comprehensive responsible dog ownership package. However, it is vital that if you are considering getting a dog to join your family, you are as enthusiastic about it as your children, regardless of their age, as you will ultimately be the dog’s primary caregiver. Obviously, picking a breed that is great with kids is the most important consideration, regardless of the size of the dog, but one request or preference that many family dog owners have is for a dog that will not shed their fur heavily in the house, necessitating constant hoovering and clean ups.
They are playful and active, happy to get involved in rough and tumble, but do not tend to be nippy or snappy, and are lively, active dogs that will very much enjoy running around in the garden with the kids.
They tend to be loyal and relatively quiet within the home and are unlikely to scare nervous kids with over exuberant play, but they are also happy to be included in games of catch and playing with the kids.
The Staffy is renowned for their loyalty to their families, and gentle nature with children, but they are also more than happy to get involved in energetic running around and lots of time spent playing outdoors! Do not be put off owning a large dog out of fear that they will dominate your children or cause problems; some of the large and giant breeds are actually the most gentle dogs around! They have incredibly short coats, meaning that clouds of fur all around the house will not be a problem!

Keep looking until you find the perfect dog to match your family, and don’t discount a mixed breed or mutt either! All the humidity hide does is make the shedding layer of skin come off your leopard gecko more easily.
The good news is that there are plenty of great dog breeds (big & small) who shed very little hair. Some of the elements to consider when choosing a breed of dog are - size, exercise requirements, trainability, breed specific health concerns and their suitability to households with children and other animals. Now Shih Tzus are said to be a "non shedding dog" but I still occasionally come across some of her long white hairs around the house. Non shedding breeds are considered to be hypoallergenic which means they don't produce as many allergens through flaky dead skin and dander, which is what triggers the allergies.
This is a more important factor than the length of the coat - short haired, long haired and wire haired.
Regular brushing is the key - the hair will end up in your brush rather than in the carpet and on the furniture. This covers everything you'll need to care for and train your new dog - from puppy house training right through to advanced obedience training commands and everything in between.
Like most spaniel breeds, they love to play, bond strongly with children, and are full of life. You have no idea how many horror stories I have heard of people not setting up a humid hide for their leopard gecko (during it’s shedding process) resulting in loss of toes for their leopard gecko(s).
Then of course there is the question about whether you are prepared to live with a dog that sheds a lot of hair? Your gecko will most likely use objects in its enclosure to help take the shed off by scraping its body against the objects. Even now, many years after dear old Harry has passed away I find a few of his little black and white hairs lodged in various places. The point is, even though I didn't want a dog which shed lots of hair, I would never give back the time I spent with Harry. Don’t be alarmed if your leopard gecko starts to eat the shed once it starts to come off.
If you notice that your leopard gecko is having trouble getting the shed off of its feet, you may help by getting a Q-tip and dabbing it in water than moistening the foot area to loosen up the skin.

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