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That’s the extra layer of insulating hair on a shepherd, or collie, or maybe a sheltie. And, of course, we’ll give you something to worry about by noting that there still is such a thing as excessive shedding.
So its very important to get that shed off your leopard geckos toes before any harm is done. The leopard gecko sauna is basically a moist hide with a difference – as we are not using moss. Andiamo P27 December 2013 at 08:01Thanks for this post, I recently got 2 young ones (maybe 1-2 months old).
Or you think the dog will be enjoying it less, since the pooch doesn’t seem to realize that winter is coming?
If you start to notice a little red swelling on the end of some of your geckos toes it could be the cause of blood build up from the shed constricted toe.

All you need is a Tupperware box large enough for you gecko to move around in a little (with air holes), a piece of cloth to line the bottom and a spray bottle filled with warm water. Simply lay down the cloth or flannel inside the container and put some warm water on to it. Great Pet HealthThe Great Pet is dedicated to health and safety for all of our animal companions--in addition to celebrating their safety, their overall adorableness, and the occasional brilliant clumsiness. Even the most well kept gecko will experience some shedding difficulties during their lifetime. Even the hair seems to be different – I spot some reddish-brownish shades… could it be a first step in the right RED direction? Turns out the Furminator line is amazing at taking care of an undercoat.) Of course, some dogs shed throughout the year, and others barely shed at all.
Its more a case in this respect to check on them after every shed making sure all of the toes have not got any remaining skin on them.

They can get lazy at times and not bother with a moist hide – which it can sometimes occur. This will help out skin moisture, take care of itching from the changing seasons, and help create that shiny new coat. And we know they’re not crazy if they keep shedding some of it around the house for a while.
If its not coming off then put your leopard gecko back into the humid tub for 30 more minutes.

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