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Shedinja fails to make any kind of foothold in Standard battling, and unless a team is built in a way to compensate for its fragilities, Shedinja is more of a burden than an aid on a Standard team.
Wonder Guard can't be Skill Swapped or Role Played, shooting down any Double Battle strategies with that in mind. Despite not being listed in Shedinja's Pokedex entry, Shedinja can learn one of Ninjask's moves. Aside from its many immunities, the only other noteworthy attribute Shedinja packs is a decent Attack stat.
Shedinja packs a rather shallow move-pool, and will usually find itself turning to a status move to perform as a useful filler. Since Burn or Poison damage is enough to put an end to Shedinja, Lum Berry is worth some serious consideration. Choice Band suits it comfortably as well, sparing it the one-turn set-up of Swords Dance and giving it a good Attack stat to work with from the get-go. Shedinja has no use for HP, Defence, Special Defence or Special Attack EVs, so the placement of its EVs is a pretty straightforward job.
Agility, Choice Scarf, Protect, Grudge, Baton Pass, Natural Gift, Bug Bite, Thief, Heal Block.
Agility and Choice Scarf provide it with some boosting options to compensate for its awful Speed stat.
Protect gives Shedinja a chance to scout what the opponent intends to throw at it and can stall out some additional Poison or Burn damage (assuming Shedinja carries a status attack). Natural Gift is a worthwhile move, helping to compensate for the many gaps in Shedinja's type coverage.
Bug Bite can interfere with berry-based strategies, which aren't uncommon in the Uber environment.
Heal Block prevents the opponent from healing for five turns (although the effect fades when the opponent switches). If Shedinja activates Sharpedo's Rough Skin, Drifblim's Aftermath or Liquid Ooze, it'll be KOed. Shedinja transcends battling tiers, finding frequent use with the Ubers, being welcomed in the Underused tier and seeing little use in the Standard environment. Giratina swamps it easily, sucking up status-attacks with Rest-Talk and threatening back with Will-o-Wisp.
Despite not being Ubers themselves, Metagross, Scizor and Heracross make the odd showing in the Uber tier and pack Pursuit, which'll end Shedinja whether it runs or stays. Hippowdon needs to watch out for status moves, but it can simply switch in and let its ability kick in for a KO.
Probopass, Steelix and Aggron pack the right moves and resistances but have Will-o-Wisp worries.
In general, the recurring theme is that Shedinja is slaughtered by Pursuit and needs its team-mates support if any entry hazards are thrown up. Shedinja has had a few Anime Appearences, in them, it was under the control of Colonel Hansen in his quest to get Togepi.
It can be invincible and fragile at the same time, and it's designed to be an 'all or nothing' type of Pokemon.

This happens as a result of evolving Nincada at the precise level that Ninjask would learn a new move, and allowing it to learn this move immediately upon evolving. Swords Dance bolsters this stat further, making it a relatively threatening attacker, although its low Speed hinders its sweeping attempts. Will-o-Wisp poses a large threat to physical sweepers, whilst Toxic is more of a threat to defensive Pokemon. Sometimes an opponent will carry one of those moves by surprise, so it acts as a helpful insurance. X-Scissor is there for its STAB (and very good Uber type coverage), whilst Shadow Sneak is favoured for its priority modifier, compensating for Shedinja's low Speed. The only area of contention is its nature, but almost always, Adamant will take precedence over Jolly. There aren't too many opponents of note between those Speed stats, and if anything, the only time to really consider Jolly is when Shedinja will have the support of Speed boosts (either Choice Scarf or Agility). The downside is that they clash with its Attack boosting options, meaning Shedinja's sweeping attempts will have to rely on Shedinja's Base Attack (and of course, it can't even turn to Life Orb for a boost, on account of the recoil). Using it successfully resigns Shedinja to fainting, but it can leave an opponent crippled, depending on what attack it catches. It allows Shedinja to make its switch after the opponent has made a switch, allowing the Shedinja user to scout what Pokemon the opposition intends to use as their 'Shedinja counter'.
The Ice version (Ganlon Berry: Base 80 power) is very useful for its OHKO possibilities against 4x weak Dragon types, particularly Rayquaza.
Thief is an option for similar reasons, although its use expands beyond interfering with berry-strategies. This is mostly useful for stopping opponents who can Rest off Shedinja's status attacks, preventing them from beating Shedinja's stalling options. Poison and Burn damage will KO it, with the main sources being Toxic, Toxic Spikes and Will-o-Wisp. Double-Edge recoil, Life Orb recoil, opponents equipped with a Jaboca or Rowap Berry and Sticky Barb damage.
Ho-oh benefits from a 4x Bug resistance and a Will-o-Wisp immunity, making it an effective counter. Metagross and Scizor need to watch out for Will-o-Wisp, but Guts Heracross will happily suck up any status. In addition to that trio, there's also Spiritomb and Staraptor, although they have some status worries. The same can be said for Abomasnow and Tyranitar, but they need to be extra careful with their switches, since they're both weak to Bug moves. Almost all of them have a Will-o-Wisp worry, but Swellow and Raticate are the notable Guts-abusing exceptions.
Being a rather slow Pokemon, faster sweepers make short work of it (or at least force it to switch), and since it only packs a mild offensive threat, its attacking attempts can be managed rather comfortably. With just one hit point, it only takes a slight nudge to bring it down, but with the protection of Wonder Guard, sometimes that nudge is simply unavailable. The threat of Stealth Rock and Sandstorm damage are the main reasons for this irregularity.

The downside is that indirect damage is rather commonplace, and includes Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, and weather damage (Sandstorm and Hail). Shedinja, the by-product of the evolution, is left with the same move-set as Ninjask, including any new move additions it made upon evolving. Shadow Sneak compensates for this low Speed, and after a Swords Dance, it's capable of doing some decent damage (despite possessing low base power).
Shedinja doesn't wield a huge offensive threat, so being able to deter switch-ins with a status is a useful aid to its repertoire. Aerial Ace is another option, putting an end to Heracross (and some other Bugs and Fighters in the lower tiers), but with poor power and rather insignificant type coverage, it hardly asserts itself as a Choice Band staple.
Low Speed makes this move a less attractive prospect, although pairing it with Agility can compensate for this weakness.
Pairing a Baton Passing Shedinja with trappers such as Magnezone or Dugtrio allows for additional possibilities, presenting useful opportunities to destroy the opponent's counters.
In exchange, its use is usually just 'one-off' (unless Shedinja steals an item that it can rid itself of, such as a Lum Berry), and stealing Leftovers is a waste, whilst Choice Specs or worse, Life Orb, is a hindrance.
Mold Breaker also bypasses Wonder Guard, meaning all direct attacks (barring Normal and Fighting attacks, which it'll continue to be immune to) from Pokemon with that ability will score a KO. Darkrai has some hesitations about STAB X-Scissors, but is otherwise very comfortable, and can grab a KO either through STAB or the Dark Void-Bad Dreams combination. Forretress can't do much to hit Shedinja, but it can throw up any of Spikes, Stealth Rock or Toxic Spikes, leaving an entry hazard that'll prevent Shedinja from making a repeat appearance (unless its team-mates help it out). Skarmory resists both of Shedinja's STAB moves and is immune to Toxic, but faces a minor threat from Will-o-Wisp. In the Standard tier, Stealth Rock is an almost guaranteed factor, whilst Sandstorm is quite common. As a result, Shedinja can pick up one (and only one*) desirable move from Ninjask's move-pool.
X-Scissor is the most powerful STAB move at its disposal, and its super-effective coverage against Psychic and Dark types is quite valuable in the Uber environment. Future Sight and Doom Desire will also land, despite being of types that usually wouldn't affect Shedinja.
Groudon worries about Will-o-Wisp, but provided it packs a Fire or Rock move, it's a useful counter. Throwing out Stealth Rock or Spikes ruins Shedinja's attempts to return whilst Drill Peck allows Skarmory to instantly eliminate its foe. In the Uber tier, Stealth Rock is relatively uncommon, whilst Sandstorm is rarely ever a factor (with Groudon and Kyogre frequently eliminating it from the battlefield).
Struggle damage will also affect Shedinja, as will Struggle recoil if Shedinja is forced to use Struggle.
Entry Hazard damage (Spikes and Stealth Rock) or Weather damage (Hail or Sandstorm) will also KO it.

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