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At Pass Christian Pet Care we believe that routine grooming is essential to a healthy pet, therefore we offer grooming from experienced & caring pet professionals in a safe, clean, quiet and comfortable environment. In order to maintain your pets coat between grooming appointments; all dogs, especially long haired breeds should be brushed on a regular schedule.
Love your pet, but hate the shedding, call us today to schedule your furry friend for a FURminator® Shed-Less treatment. I own a grooming shop and one of my customers has a shepherd whose shedding has really been a problem. Meet our doodles - shedless in seattle labradoodles, Shedless in seattle labradoodles is a family breeder of australian and multigen labradoodles.

Reducing the amount of pet hair in the environment also reduces the amount of dander that causes allergic reactions. Even if your pet is clipped short you should still brush lightly as the coat grows back out.
We also suggest that you schedule your next appointment when you pick your pet up from grooming.
All dogs will receive a massaging bath with coat protecting conditioner and will be fluff dried by hand.
This will ensure even growth and keep your dogs coat shiny and healthy even if you can’t bathe them.

Their ears and eyes will always be cleaned and anal glands will be expressed when necessary. In addition to this, breeds that require it, will receive sanitary trims and full hair cuts as needed. All grooming fees are based on the size of the pet, breed, condition of coat and type of cut.

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shedless shampoo

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