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Our buildings are manufactured from quality BHP Steel, with a fully guaranteed steel frame that’s assembled without rust-promoting welds, and is virtually maintenance free. Our connection system gives you a level of strength and security that no other bulding matches. If you dont want to spend a fortune or a lot of time erecting your next farm shed, you need us.
Whether you need a chookshed, hay shed, implement shed, machinery shed, packing shed or shearers quartes, we have a shed just for you. Whether you’re a developer, an end user or an investor, these buildings will cost you less and earn you more.
That's right, our buildings cost less, which means your capital outlay will be less, so your rate of return on investment will be much higher. Our buildings are designed to be constructed without any special tools or building knowledge. Our buildings are more conomical than a building manufactured from universal beams, pipe, angle iron, or any other material, because there is no "manufacturing" labour costs.
Our high tensile steel portal frames weight less than other frames, so they need less concrete footings. Not only will that make your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing, it wilI add real value to your property. Your building will withstand the worst weather conditions, staying dry and secure, offering long-term protection for your valuables.
With our unique plating system which simply bolt together, with a fully galvanised frame, they won't rust, warp or burn. Our sheds are manufactured from fully galvanised high tensile steel beam which means they are stronger and last longer, with little or no maintenance. This means that excavation toimes are less, and the concrete that goes into the footing is less. What this means to you is that you don't need to engage another engineer for the structural designs. Imagine the money you could save by asking us to quote a number of options for you to choose from. They are included with our building Package - this alone withh literally save you thousands of dollars. Super strong, light weight, high tensile light frames - mean easy handling and perhaps no need for crane hire, saving you further costs.

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sheds and garages goulburn post

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