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Hissong Properties strives to provide quality, comfortable, energy efficient, pet-friendly rentals that residents can truly call their home. Goff Mill Brook is a community of 17 one-bedroom rentals located just minutes from Route One. Single family home located in a quiet area of town, close to schools and just minutes from the Maine Turnpike. FRYEBURG, Maine — You’ll find live music, thrill rides, games of skill and chance and more fried dough than anyone could eat at the 163rd annual Fryeburg Fair this week. This year’s numbers have yet to be tallied, but last year, the fair drew a paid attendance of 166,510 people. The Fryeburg Fair has come a long way since that chilly day in March 1851 when a tiny throng of local farmers got together to compare animals and wheat.

In addition to our developments at Rose Terrace and Goff Mill Brook, Hissong Properties manages several single family homes in the Southern Maine area. Situated in a pastoral setting with a pleasant mix of open space and woodland, Goff Mill combines convenience with a peaceful backdrop.
But the heart of the eight day affair remains the farm animals lining the stalls and sheds. That’s more than twice the population of Portland and doesn’t even account for the many carnival workers, food-sellers and animal owners crisscrossing the fairgrounds every day.
There were no carnival rides or deep-fried Twinkies, but the animals were there and are still there today. If you are interested in more information regarding our rentals or rental availability, please feel free to contact us.

In order to enjoy all the features of our site, we recommended you upgrade to a newer, more secure browser. Towering draft horses, fluffed rabbits, humming llamas, strutting chickens and what the fair describes as the “world’s largest steer and oxen show” draw fairgoers for miles around. You can install it on any computer, even if you can't install applications, and it will ensure your computer stays secure and that you can still visit our website.

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sheds arundel maine playhouse

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