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ShelterLogic® 10?W Storage Shelters Feature Double Zippered Door Panels For Secure Closure And Enhanced Protection. Advanced engineered polyethylene rip-stop woven fabric features heat welded, hot air fused seams for 100% waterproof material.
12 To 13 Ft Wide Storage Shelters Provide Superior Protection From Rain, Sun And Snow For Vehicles, Equipment and More.
In an incredible example of adaptive reuse, resourceful fishermen on Holy Island in the UK have transformed these retired wooden fishing vessels into stunning storage sheds. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Build an affordable, portable, temporary, multi-purpose all weather RV cover or RV storage shelter with Portable Garage Depot's, heavy duty, easy to assemble, portable shelter kits. Protect your RV, camper, car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, materials, yard equipment, workshops and much more with our instant portable all weather camper storage shelters and covers.
We offer several styles and colors of all weather shelters for any of your protection needs. Being that Portable Garage Depot is a leading manufacturer of its own temporary storage covers, buildings, and shelters, we can offer the lowest prices when buying factory direct. We are actively seeking motivated individuals who would like to join our network of resellers.
Welcome, we are the company that manufacturers and sells Transportable Shade Sheds, for a range of different uses.
Preferred supplier to Mines, Councils, Parks & Wildlife, Transportable Shade Sheds also have a range of dangerous goods storage sheds built to suit company specifications, depending on what you plan on storing inside. Not only do Transportable Shade Sheds build world class storage facilities for the mines and councils, but also offer a range of storage sheds that provide space to store personal or general household items. Our award winning team is looking forward to helping you find the perfect solution so give us a call on 1300 667 433 for more information and a personalised quote.
The Original and only Registered Business Brand Name Transportable Shade Sheds is owned by Allan Lear . Nassau Boat, RV & Container Storage has covered parking available so that you can protect your Boat or RV from the elements of the weather.
Nassau Boat, RV & Container Storage is centrally located in between two different boat ramps allowing access to the intercoastal.

We have high quality, ventaliated containers that are more secure than traditionl self storage units with wooden floors and hard metal walls and doors that are unpenetrable. We have 5 acres of property designed perfectly to store large equipment like Tractors, Dump Trucks, Heavy machinery and much, much more! UV treated fabric with added fade blockers anti-aging, anti-yellowing and anti-microbial agents that stands up to the elements. 12 To 13 Ft Wide Storage Shelters are durably constructed of 100% waterproof polyethylene that is UV treated to withstand extreme outdoor elements. Each beautifully-aged boat has been flipped upside down and retrofitted with a door to allow it to serve a second life as a safe harbor for tools and other goods.
Our portable shelters offer all weather protection from sun, rain, sleet and snow, offering maximum protection for interior contents. Easy bolt together design, with easy to assemble instructions help construction go fast and easy.
Quonset round style instant shelters, peak style portable buildings and truss style big buildings are just a few of the many styles we offer. Let your number one source for quality storage structures help you choose the right structure you desire when looking for portable storage buildings. We use the highest quality Australian Made materials, such as Fully Galvanised Steel and Genuine Colorbond Sheeting. Each storage unit is made from a patented design with lock security, marine ply floor, vermin proofing and fully assembled tilt tray delivered. Advanced engineered, triple layered polyethylene rip-stop woven fabric features heat welded, hot air fused seams for 100% waterproof material. Outdoor canopy includes a pipe steel frame with DuPont thermo premium powder coat for maximum rust, chip and corrosion resistance. As with all of our portable storage shelters, we offer powder coated or heavy duty galvanized steel framing, for easy assembly and the best in all weather protection.
Portable Garage Depot's affordable all weather portable buildings protect the value of your belongings with the ultimate in weather protection materials. Quality materials make for a quality structure that will stand the test of time, while still protecting the value of your belongings.
Round style storage shelters are good for snow and rain because it allows for easy runoff and less load on the structure.

The Shade Shed is so dynamic that you can be assured we have the perfect cover for your cars, boats, caravans, pools, horses, hay or livestock.
Canopy tarp has double zippered door panels to provide enhanced safety for cars, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, lawn equipment, tractors and other bulk storage. Whether it be your car, truck, SUV, boat, campers, motorcycle, or maybe materials and storage, our portable instant all weather shelters will give the maximum in protection against sun, rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Peak and house style buildings offer the extra space on the sides and a high center ridge height. Used as carports, patios and entertaining area you can give your prized possessions and loved ones protection from the elements and extreme weather. You will save time and money because our product range offers a convenient solution to store items, without having to travel to an offsite location or expensive self storage complex.
Offering cosy, functional space with superb features as standard – get in touch with us and let us know your specific requirements.
Ratchet Tite™ cover tensioning system keeps cover tight to prevent flapping in the wind. Ultra-duty galvanized steel frame with DuPont thermo set powder coated, baked-on finish is peel, rust, chip and corrosion resistant.
Wind brace supports on all sides will protect from the wind, hard falling rain, or snow that can put a heavy load on your storage cover shelter building. Peak Frame is cost-efficient and built for ease of installation and storage shelter versatility. Not only are our all weather shelters good for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or storage, our heavy duty all weather buildings can be modified for your favorite classic car, workshop, even a portable instant greenhouse if the need is there. Round Top Shelters have a radius steel frame design that quickly sheds snow, water and debris.

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