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On offer here is the impressive 8x8 Hampton Summerhouse, a fantastic outside building that offers storage and attractive relaxation all year round. Pavilions WoodPavilions add a touch of class with a full roof and open sides, with beauty of a Wood Pavlion. Shire's Hampton Summerhouse has a Georgian styling that is sure to fit into any traditional garden setting. Whether you need an enclosed garage or more space for cars and yard equipment, our custom garages can be built to suit your needs. This sleek summerhouse measures in at 8x8 and benefits from a corner design that will suit most gardens easily. This ensures you do not lose needed space in the garden but is large enough to enjoy comfortably.

It features two opening windows and double doors with window panes in each door frame that allow plenty of light into the building.
The Summerhouse has been carefully designed to last, using a tongue and groove construction that makes it weatherproof, all year round.
Easy to assemble, the Hampton comes in a choice of two sizes and also has the optional convenience of installation. The timber used in the production of the summerhouse is a sustainably sourced slow grown softwood which has had a honey brown treatment also.
The OSB roof slopes downwards and is topped with mineral felting which ensures that the roof remains dry and solid.
The floor is also made using the OSB sheet boarding and this means you have a tough floor that can support multiple users and furnishings. Underneath the floor you will find the pressure treated floor joists that keep the summerhouse rigid and prevents the floor from becoming wet and damaged.

Entering the summerhouse is incredibly easy thanks to the double opening doors that are solid and open wide for easy access. The doors have a large black latch handle that provides an attractive finish and a latch to keep them shut when not in use. On either side of the doors you find the opening windows which allow in light when offered.
The summerhouse allows you to sit back and enjoy the views of any garden our outdoor space for years to come. When it comes to building the summerhouse, it is delivered with easy to follow instructions as well as all other fixtures needed to assemble the building.

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sheds for sale in hampton roads qld

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