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POPULAR SHEDSAffordable, well built and functional Shiplap Tongue and Groove Sheds with Tongue & Groove Floors and Roofs. GREENHOUSES - Delivered to Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Wellington, Ilminster and Surrounding AreasWe currently have to offer the discerning gardener a locally, hand crafted 'Cedar' or 'Tanalised Redwood' Greenhouses in a range of standard sizes.
SUMMERHOUSES - Delivered to Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Wellington, Ilminster and Surrounding AreasOur Summerhouse Collection offers our customers a wide choice of styles, Shapes and Sizes' of Buildings, we can offer the Traditional Shiplap Tongue and Groove building through to a Half Log Lap finish 'Chalet' style . GARDEN FURNITURE - Delivered to Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Wellington, Ilminster and Surrounding AreasMade in the UK 'Hutton' Garden Products provide a wide range of quality items to help you create the perfect outdoor environment for your relaxation or entertaining. GARDEN SHEDS - Delivered to Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Wellington, Ilminster and Surrounding AreasHere at Taunton Sheds (& Toys) formerly Activity Toys and Sheds we have over 40 assorted Garden Buildings on Display.
PLAYHOUSES - Delivered to Taunton, Bridgwater, Minehead, Wellington, Ilminster and Surrounding AreasA range of great value for money children's playhouses.
Available as an Apex Shed or Pent Shed making this an ideal inexpensive garden shed to solve your storage problems.
Many of our Summerhouses are hand made, and the De-Luxe Range of Buildings are fully Tanalised. Most of which are manufactured in England there are several different Manufacturers for you to look at and choose from. Our Range caters for those looking for a Budget building to those looking for a more substantial and superior building.

We can cater for all needs, from our quality, affordable Popular Range of Garden Sheds through to the Rolls Royce of our collection - The De-Luxe Range of Garden Sheds we now also sell a range of Log Cabins - Many of our manufacturers are West Country based with names synonymous with quality, value for money and craftmanship. Our buildings are all made from Scandavian redwood, no chipboard or OSB is used in their construction. BUYING A TIMBER GARDEN BUILDING The shed market is a very competitive business with many avenues of purchase available With this in mind we urge people to look before they buy and compare like for like. Available in three standard sizes, this building can however be built to suit individual requirements. You need to consider how exposed to the elements it will be, its proximity to Hedges, Fences, Trees, Bushes and other Buildings.
All of the aforementioned are good mediums for transportation of moisture onto your building and must be avoided. It is advisable to leave at least two feet between your building and surrounds to allow you access to stain the building. There are several Base options available and if you are in any doubt we can advise accordingly.
These are mainly individual preferences but certain things like 'visual impact' can have a bearing on the final choice of style. You must make allowances of 3-4 inches all round for roof overhang - this is particularly important if space is limited. FLOOR and ROOF CONSTRUCTION - Make sure the roof and floor are not made of chipboard. Chipboard is a natural attractor of moisture and should it get wet will eventually disintegrate thus shortening the life span of your building.

Check also that the roofing felt is of a good quality. FRAMING and CLADDING - Check the thickness of cladding (especially on overlap type sheds). For example a building boasting 50mmx50mm framing set at say 30inch centres may not be as robust as a building with 50mmx38mm framing at 24 inch centres. Also remember that once you go beyond 8 feet in width the framing size must be heavier and the roof must have at least one substantial roof truss. EAVES HEIGHT, DOORS and WINDOWS - It is important to check the internal eaves height, you need ample headroom to make your shed a comfortable environment to work in. Strong Framing and substantial 'overlap' Cladding makes this shed a very versatile product. All the 'Optional Extras' are available for the Supreme Range so that the building can be customised to the customers own needs. The building is of solid Tongue and Groove construction throughout using FSC sourced Nordic Spruce (reknowned for its longevity and durability).

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