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The book presents the memories, dreams, and stories of a major Ojibwe Chief, William Berens as recorded by anthropologist A. Susan Elaine Gray, an award-winning scholar of Northern Algonquian history and cultures, teaches Aboriginal History and is Research Associate to the Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal History at The University of Winnipeg.
Brown and Northern Algonquian history scholar Susan Elaine Gray will launch their greatly anticipated Memories, Myths, and Dreams of an Ojibwe Leader on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at McNally Robinson Booksellers, Grant Park, Prairie Ink Restaurant at 8:00 pm.

Brown is director of the Centre for Rupert's Land Studies and holds a Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal History at The University of Winnipeg. Next in line were installing a garden pond or bird bath, and building a deck or porch, patio or walkway, the council said."While home maintenance projects remain a priority, homeowners are becoming more comfortable and confident with more involved and complex home improvement projects," said Frank Owens, vice president of marketing for Quikrete Cos. This unique Aboriginal record from the Berens River communities is a remarkable history of Chief Berens' life and his community.

Brown and Gray have edited this collection of first-hand stories and memories to provide a rare look at Northern Algonquian life.

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sheds winnipeg sale

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