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Waikato Sheds Customised range of habitable sheds are ideal for the lifestyle block owner or farmer. Double glazed windows and a ranch slider provide plenty of natural light and give the units a spacious feel.
This range of sheds has been designed as a starting point and they can be modified to suit. About UsWhen we design your new steel shed we are not restricted by pre-determined modular shed sizes or limited by set size increments.

Architecturally designed to make efficient use of the space, these one and two bedroom units are comfortable, affordable and modern. The examples are designed to suit some local council requirements of a maximum areas of 70 square metres to allow a secondary dwelling to be situated on property.
Our powerful and flexible Multibuild Computer Design System enables us to efficiently design a steel shed exactly to your requirements and to make the best use of your particular site.
Any plan can be modified to suit your individual requirements, for example additional bedrooms.

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sheds you can live in australia songs

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