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I was tired of seeing my bikes endure heavy rain storms with only a skimpy bike cover to protect them.
Again it is covered with a heat-bonded, triple layer, polyethylene canopy cover that is UV treated inside and out against fading, aging, or harmful fungi. Whether you are setting up your canopy on grass, clay, or rocky soil, these anchors can keep your canopy exactly where you want it.

And additionally it is covered with cross rails that keep the frame true and Twist-tite technology that tensions the cover against the shed frame for a wrinkle-free look.
Rope - 4 Pack - 10073 (2)Shelter Logic constructed these auger anchors to fasten your canopy firmly to the ground.
Simple and descriptive instructions were included and every single nut and bolt was there to put it together. These anchors, constructed of powder-coated steel, are made to hold your canopy in place through various changes in weather.

All and all I was very impressed and should I need another shelter I will definitely look to this store first. The special corkscrew design feature allows the auger to dig deeply and hold securely in grass, clay, unpacked soil, and even asphalt.

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