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This floorless peak-style storage shed is the ideal place to warehouse gas-powered lawn equipment and other outdoor supplies.
It all really depends on the size of the generator and some ventilation will be a good idea in these shed in a box original shelters if using for a generator shed. There are two small holes in the door which do allow some ventilation, and the sides are not "fixed" to the ground, but I would be concerned about any CO2 build up.
I think you should be able to use it for that as long as the exhaust is not near the material. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box Portable Storage Shed 10x10x8 helps keep your outdoor equipment protected from the elements. Keep your outdoor equipment protected with a rounded, gray ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box Portable Storage Shed 10x10x8. This Shed In A Box includes patented ShelterLock, stabilizers, Easy Slide Cross Rail, system, and Ratchet Tite, anchoring tension. The storage shed's all steel frame has a compact 3-rib design, and is bonded with DuPont Premium powder coated finish which resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.
Portable storage sheds are available in many different sizes so you can find the one that is right for you. The triple-layered, waterproof, enhanced weave polyethylene cover keeps your portable shed dry and secure.
This storage shed features a one year warranty on the cover fabric, end panels, and framework.
Shed-In-A-Box Portable Storage Shed kits are freestanding on level ground and require no special foundation or site preparation.
ShelterLogic uses a translucent polyethylene mesh covering, which is triple-layered, heat bonded, and rip-resistant. To keep your ShelterLogic shed covering working properly, keep the cover tight, and remove any debris or snow that collects on the cover. Please visit our knowledge center to learn more about our products and gain some expert advice about set up, maintenance, and product care. The 6X10 Shed In A Box (7' tall) from ShelterLogic, based in Connecticut and one of the largest makers of vinyl and steel-framed structures, is perfect for storage, a workshop, or just about any other use.
ShelterLogic vinyl structures are among the strongest on the market as they use high quality polyethlyene woven covers and strong Dupont powder-coated structural steel tubing. Designed for easy assembly with common household tools, the ShelterLogic 6X10 Shed In A Box can be put together in just a day depending on how much help you have. Roll-Up Door Kit - The Roll-Up Door Kit makes opening and closing your structure's door a cinch.
Since its inception in 1991, ShelterLogic has shipped over two million of its portable structures to customers worldwide.

Ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction is the top priority for all ShelterLogic employees. Production of its industry-standard fabric covers has recently been moved to company headquarters in Watertown, CT, creating American jobs and guaranteeing availability even during busy seasons. ShelterLogic pioneered the Instant Garage and Instant Canopy segments and has expanded these lines to structures of all sizes and uses. Rugged Ratchet TiteTM Tensioning System provides simple installation while keeping cover tight to frame. Advanced engineered, triple-layer, chemically heat bonded enhanced quality weave, rip-stop, waterproof, polyethylene cover.
I needed more room to store some of my yard equipment in and purchased this one due to the other reviews. I needed an inexpensive shed to store bikes and the size and price were right so I bough the shed in a box and I am very pleased. The ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box offers total enclosure with a full-face two-zipper door to easily get your valuables into and out of the tent-like structure.
You'll want to definitely make sure that the generator has some ventilation via the back panel (at least partly up) to keep it nice and cool running. You can adjust the side base rails up higher so more air gets in while it would be running. Install your shed on any leveled space such as bare ground, lawn, wood deck, brick patio or concrete slab.
This covering is waterproof and is treated on both sides with an anti-fungal agent and a protective coating to prevent UV fade.
With its ease of assembly and high-quality construction, it provides tremendous value that can't be matched for a structure of this size.
ShelterLogic is based in Connecticut, and so all of its structures are designed to withstand the severe weather the East Coast is prone to.
The shed is low maintenance and won't fade, mildew, or rot as a wood structure may over time.
Available in gray, this spacious building is sure to provide you plenty of use for years to come. It has become the leading North American provider of high quality, durable vinyl structures by quality and volume. The company continues to be a leader in innovation as its design team constantly releases new products into the marketplace.
Every frame tube and connector goes through a proprietary 13 step surface preparation process.
UV-treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal agents resulting in a fabric cover that withstands the elements.
It was easy to put together and can also be easily moved if I decide to use it somewhere else.

So strong that even a 10" diameter tree falling on it did not completely ruin the shed. These shed in a box original shelters are very well built and while the fabric isn't exactly fire resistant or retardant, you should be okay as long as you make sure the hot parts stay off your shed stay and off the panels and fabric shed components at all times. Some exhaust will still probably collect in the top of the shed due to the fact the front flap does not go to the fop. A sturdy rounded steel frame can endure heavy winds and snow fall while the gray ultraviolet repelling polyethylene cover resists both fading and ageing for years to come.
In addition, the DuPont powder-coated steel frame resists chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.
Wiping with a cloth and mild soap will improve the look and performance of your ShelterLogic Shed Kit without worry of scratching or material damage.
I got it figured out, after doing some easy measuring on the 4 unidentifiable pipes.In a few months, I will be constructing this, to park my new riding lawn mower in.
I was able to chain saw the tree away, bend a couple of the support tubes and return the shed to become fully serviceable. Park your motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers inside for the protection a garage normally provides. All the necessary nylon rope and pulleys for one double-zippered door are included with each kit. The cover is extremely durable and the door openings make for convenient in and out movement of my lawn tractor and cart. I have it next to a fence so the wind has not been much of an issue for the shed but it has kept the rain off.
Secure the entrance to the shed with a double zipper door and anchor your portable storage shed in place with stabilizing blocks, auger anchors, and steel foot plates. Ia€™m storing my trailer and lawn sweeper in there, along with my wheel barrel in the trailer.3. Ideal for cycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn & garden equipment, tractors and bulk storage.
The only complaints I have is the zippers on the door flap do not have zipper stops so when you unzip it and push the flap aside or flip it onto the top of the shed it will unzip completely and fall on the ground. Some kind of tie sewn into the seams to hold the door open and out of the way would have been handy.
It was missing all the nuts for the 10115 bolts, but I always use nylon locking nuts anyway.2. The curved tube pieces on the bottom of each corner are supposed to be turned in and I would have to drive my atv over them.

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