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Two-Toned Walk-In Closet OrganizerMixing woods in a custom closet system is a great way to add a splash of subtle color and modern flair to any storage space.
Traditional Wood Stained Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis elegant walk-in closet features a granite topped island with drawers and a sitting bench, raised panel and glass doors, custom shoe fences, built-in dresser and covered hanging storage space.
Simple and Functional Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis clean, crisp walk-in closet organizer is done in white with flat paneled drawer faces and contemporary style hardware to match. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Corner Shelving and Custom LightingThe corner unit of shelving in this walk-in closet allows for deeper shelf space and ample room to open the drawers on the left and right sides. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Raised Panel StylingA mocha veneer with raised panel drawer and door fronts add a rich tone to this functional closet system. White Contemporary Walk-In Closet OrganizerCloset accessories add function to this contemporary closet organizer.
Dark Brown Walk-In Closet Organizer with IslandDark rich tones, surface detail, granite and opaque glass doors make this closet space unique and inviting. Large Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerModular closet organizers are great for modern tastes. Walk-In Fur Coat ClosetThis specialty closet houses fur coats as well as plush fabrics and pillows. Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerMix and match great modular closet organizers to fit your needs. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Shoe Storage SolutionsThis red-toned melamine closet organizer has a little bit of everything including different shoe storage options. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Crown MouldingThis example is a beautiful walk-in closet with ample space for hanging clothes, shelf items, drawers and cabinets. Walk-In Closet Organizer on Back Wall Behind BedCustom closet organizers can create quite the impact on small spaces as well.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Vanity AreaA great idea for a large space: a vanity area in the closet.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Tall CeilingCustom closet organizers with high shelving provide extra storage space for seasonal storage, display items and draws your attention to the elaborate moulding on the ceiling. Modular Walk-In Closet Organizer with Mid Level DrawersIf there is enough room between a higher hanging pole and lower hanging pole, mid-level drawers can work. Traditional Walk-In Closet Organizer with Glass DoorsA deep brown tone works well in this nicely lit closet system with light colored flooring. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Various Hanging SectionsThis closet features examples of double hanging sections for standard hang items, a medium hanging section for suit jackets, a long hanging section for dresses and a garment lift near the top for seasonal items.
Long and Narrow Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis long walk-in closet makes use of it's narrow layout by designing the hanging area on one side and the shelves and drawers on the other; this will allow more open space once the items are placed inside. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Pull Down Closet RodsThis light maple colored walk-in closet features walls of pull down closet rods to make use of the high ceilings.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Back Wall ShelvingPlacing adjustable shelving at the end of a narrow closet allows for easier access to the hanging clothes in the corner and makes for functional closet storage.

A limited storage area doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful walk-in closet design idea. Sign-up for FREE and stay up-to-date with the latest news and great offers from Closet Pages.
A friend who read about my trip home from Arizona with Gertie commented "You said that even after unpacking your 16 boxes of household goods, Gertie still had a significant amount of empty storage space left. I bought a dozen plastic "Spacemaker" storage boxes from Wal-Mart for 33 cents each on sale. I labeled each box (and pretty much everything else) with the Casio KL-7000 labeler I carry with me in Gertie. The previous owners had pretty much filled Gertie's wardrobe with plastic Rubbermaid storage drawers, in addition to three shallow full-width wooden drawers that may have been standard equipment (I don't know).
I also used large plastic Rubbermaid-type drawers in the under-couch storage lockers (the ones accessible from outside the coach) to organize the contents.
I noticed that there were a few inches of space between the wardrobe doors (when closed) and the fronts of the various drawers.
I also added wire shelves and baskets of various sizes in the rear upper storage cabinets, in the kitchen cabinets, and above the medicine chest in the bathroom. Because I couldn't get access to the area above the ceiling, the new light's wiring had to be run across the ceiling from the kitchen's incandescent ceiling light.
I was bothered by the fact that when I was sitting on the couch, there was no storage within convenient reach. To prevent the stationery cabinet drawers from sliding open while I'm traveling, I applied small rectangles of 3M Dual Lock (similar to Velcro but with much more holding power) to the rear edges of the drawers and the cabinet interior. This is almost too obvious to mention, but I bought a bunch of Rubbermaid modular plastic drawer organizers at Wal-Mart—small bins in various sizes that hook together, so you have considerable flexibility.
The bulky Lazy Daze-installed bookrack wasn't very practical, so I replaced it with transparent plastic wall pockets. Gertie has eye-level storage cabinets above the couches, running around three sides of the rear lounge. I also mounted my trusty Maha battery charger under the same cabinet near the rear of the coach. The biggest storage space improvement I made was one of the last: I added a "sideboard" in place of one couch, gaining 15 cubic feet of storage and 12 square feet of work surface—vital for a fulltimer who's running a business on the road! This modification (which, by the way, is completely reversible) isn't for everyone, but it was a crucial factor in my being able to live full-time in a 22' motorhome. Note: If you like these tips, you'll love the new "Eureka!" It has hundreds of good ideas for your RV, including many previously unpublished tips and projects.
This 2 foot deep closet organizer makes use of small decorative additions to make a plain white closet pop! This prevents hanging up anything, but I frankly don't care if my clothes are a bit wrinkled when I'm traveling—and the Rubbermaid drawers make far more efficient use of the wardrobe's space.

All the sewer fittings and my heavy Bluettes gloves, for example, are segregated in one, so they don't slide around the compartment contaminating other stuff. Because that's an inefficient way to store clothes, I filled the entire wardrobe with plastic storage drawers purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
I bought two stacks, disassembled and recombined them as a five-drawer unit (six drawers would have been too high). I screwed every other unit, including the top and bottom ones, to the back wall of the wardrobe to keep them from moving.
Fortunately, I was able to conceal all but four inches by running it inside the air conditioner housing, which is conveniently close to both the kitchen light and the new light fixture.
So I bought a small three-drawer Rubbermaid-type storage unit from Wal-Mart and used it for stationery supplies.
This extremely useful fastener material isn't well known, so I've created an "All about Dual Lock" page that describes it and how to work with it in detail. I used them in my "Tools" and "Electronic tools" drawers to organize the random clutter that filled them. Batteries don't care whether they are charged right side up or upside down, and this location puts them at a convenient level—and makes use of otherwise wasted space! Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Shelving Units Design Kitchen Shelves Design Metal Storage Shelves Heavy Duty Shelving Wall Shelves Designs Long Span Shelving Shelve Closet Shelving Design Wall Shelf Designs Ideas Storage Shelving RackingJoin the discussion on this Shelving Units Design Kitchen Shelves Design Metal Storage Shelves Heavy Duty Shelving Wall Shelves Designs Long Span Shelving Shelve Closet Shelving Design Wall Shelf Designs Ideas Storage Shelving Racking using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Here are a few things I did to make the most of the storage space in a 22' class C motorhome.
I used them to store things like "water accessories" (hose washers, Y's, nozzles, etc.), 12V electrical fuses and bulbs, camcorder accessories and so on.
We're so used to ignoring empty space in closets and cupboards that we don't even see it most of the time, but if you really look for it, you'll be amazed at how much there is!
It sits on the couch to my right, where I can easily reach it when I'm working at my Jotto Desk (which is floor-mounted just forward of the table).
For starters, I put a "Pop-A-Tissue" holder from Camping World under the cabinet near the stove.
I rarely use it, since it's only needed when I have more than two people sitting down to a meal, but it's nice to have. Drawing and writing implements go in the top drawer, paper in the middle drawer, and cutting and measuring implements in the bottom drawer.
This holds a box of Kleenex tissues where I can easily reach up and grab one while sitting on that side of the couch.

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