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While homes made of containers is not a new idea, this ocean shipping container house design is unique in how it combine spaces and areas that nurture the inhabitants.
Shipping container houses are quickly becoming a trending topic in Australia – so we decided to investigate the question why are shipping container houses becoming so popular? Due to changes in international shipping it seems there’s a surplus of old, used shipping containers.
Below we’ve prepared a summary of the key advantages and disadvantages of shipping container houses.
First and foremost shipping container houses are very cost-effective. The extremely high surplus of old shipping containers makes this modular housing method much cheaper than conventional building. On the other hand you have to be very careful when it comes to the shipping container houses: the cargo containers are often covered with paint containing dangerous chemicals (such as chromate, phosphorous and lead) in order to make them suitable for ocean transport.
Also many shipping containers have wooden floors with unhealthy chemical pesticides (such as arsenic and chromium) to protect them from insects, so make sure you replace the flooring. Controlling the temperature inside the shipping container homes might be another concern as thin metal walls make them susceptible to changes in temperature.
Although this modular housing seems to be a low-energy alternative, sandblasting the walls, replacing the floors and cutting the openings contribute to its ecological footprint. On top of that, moving the container to its final destination with heavy machinery consumes a lot of fuel. Finally the shipping containers can be easily turned into breath-taking modern designs which will definitely stand out among the more conventional designs.
Advantage –  Shipping Container Houses can be eco-friendly and good for the environment.

We built a 3 bedroom granny flat which is rented by tenant sharers along with the main house separated by partitions and garden.
Hence the shipping docks are now full of old, unused steel boxes which some clever builders and architects are turning into post modern shipping container houses! For comparisonA 6 of ourA prefabricated containers sell for around $20,000 delivered, giving you over 700 square feet of space.
CriensThe post Using Prefab Containers To Build A Home appeared first on Container Management Group. With ends covered in siding, youa€™ll need to take a close look to find out that it is made from used shipping containers. The roof features wide overhangs, an attribute not often seen on container homes.A  The house was constructed using three 40-foot containers. Two containers were used on the left side of the structure, the third was cut in half and stacked along the right side. The open area between the two functions as the lounge, entrance, as well as a stairs to the second floor.
The stairs lead up to the two bedrooms, with a walkway over the open living space, providing access to the master bedroom. Add in some insulation and drywall, and the resulting width pretty small compared to a conventional house. To avoid this, the designers cut the side wall in the living area to open it up into the living room space.

Upstairs, each bedroom was given extra width with the addition of a bay window with a large window seat. Passive solar heating helps during the winter months, while the deep overhangs shade the interior from the summer sun. Cross-ventilation is used with strategic placement of the windows, with most rooms having windows both sides. The shipping container house is found in an area that is used as a farming area for fruit trees. Amenities such as, storage rooms, a vanity, work area, furniture, kitchen and storage ares were all designed to create a open yet practical layout. Social and work areas were built with varying heights, whereas the rooms all share the same ceiling height.
Believe it or not, through creative minds and ability of developers, shipping containers are now one of the hottest materials that you can have to build your small house.
Casa Cubica is a 20′ shipping container that covers a space that measures almost 160ft2.

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