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For most people, building a house out of shipping containers is not the first thing they think about when they want to buy or build a house.
The Lille Red Shipping Container House is a great example of what you can get when you settle for building a house out of shipping containers. With the huge number of recycled shipping containers available, there’s really no limit to just how creative you can get with the process or how many shipping containers you can use. Because of the materials used in the interior when they were building this house out of shipping containers, this shipping container house is energy efficient and has great acoustics. Building a house out of shipping containers is not only practical these days, it is cheaper and more affordable. Not just that, building a house out of shipping containers can literally help you save more energy. If you really want to build an impressive house without getting in excessive debt, building a house out of shipping containers will definitely do the trick.
Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. Shipping, or ISO, container offices are extremely popular given the many ways they can be used. Storage container offices are typically used as on-site field offices for contractors, project managers or engineers in major construction or land development projects. Since our previous post on shipping container houses, the craze of prefab structures and cargo homes has accelerated to new levels.

Container City, designed by Nicholas Lacey, overlooks the Trinity Buoy Wharf in London and provides 37 studio apartments for area artists.
The latest project from SG Blocks is the 1920 square foot Hatchet Cactus House in Desert Hot Springs, CA, in partnership with Guller Padilla Design & Development. Paul Stankey, along with wife Sara and his brother Paul and wife Krista, constructed their weekend getaway in the Minnesotta woods from 2 small shipping containers ($800 each) and birch wood. British Columbia is seeing its share of shipping container houses as well, thanks to Keith Dewey, founder of Zigloo Canada.
Three insulated shipping containers were modified to create the 2 bedroom home designed by Leger Wanaselja Architecture pictured up top. My company is a small structural engineering firm, and right now we're working with a home designer on two shipping container houses, one in Louisiana and one in Texas.
We are looking for info on getting building permits for building a container home in California .. As a result, they miss out on a potentially affordable and budget friendly means of building a contemporary and modern home. And people are beginning to see that building a house out of shipping container makes sense. Patrick Partouche and built by Progeco Dunkirk, the Lille Red shipping container home is a 240 meter square one storey building constructed using eight recycled shipping containers. Before the house was built, the container units were first prefabricated elsewhere and moved to the site where it was put together within 72 hours.

You can build an exquisitely designed and opulently furnished shipping container house for half the price you would spend on building a traditional, moderately furnished home. People who are environmentally conscious and trying to reduce the world’s carbon footprint can benefit from this. They are designed to provide the same level of portability and security as typical containers but are modified with features that allows them to act as office space. Louis based company, received a great deal of attention with their 1800 square foot Harbinger House at West Coast Green last September. Even though they look small outside, you can actually fit a lot of stuff whenever you decide to move in to one. A shipping container home is typically energy efficient, requires less maintenance, takes up less space and yet, can be extremely comfortable.
Completed in late 2007, this container house overlooks the tranquil San Fransisco Bay and will withstand strong winds and earthquakes.

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