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This shed is a replica of a building used for shoe making once common in Topsfield as in other communities.
In the age before the Industrial Revolution many Essex County residents had home shops in the yards where family and neighbors could earn extra part-time money by doing piece work on shoes.
We have received your intriguing mailing and had a chance to discuss it at tonight’s commission meeting. I’m just about done unfolding the roughly 2,000 documents and getting them into archival sleeves.

My research on the genealogy of the Foster family indicates that Reginald Foster came from Exeter, England in 1638. In this collection, there are many references that might relate to the information you are looking for.
It would be easier to document the underground railroad than the lives or deaths of slaves here in Lynnf., but the other four of your topics are things we would be glad to contribute to, and learn from. Ipswich on the grounds of the Whipple house moved from the Bradstreet farm on the Rowley line.

This cottage industry lasted until about 1850 when it was replaced by early shoe factories that flourished at the time of the Civil War.

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shoe shed handbags

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