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The kitchen is one of the most complicated spaces to design in a house a€” and figuring out how to design an island can be confusing for homeowners. This island features a focal point for the homeowners favorite collectibles and also serves as more prep space to allow multiple helpers in the kitchen.
Gone is the problem of little ones not being able to reach the counter to start them on their culinary journey with you.
The items stored in the shed, as well as the size of the site, determine how large a shed you may need.
A plastic shed is also more difficult to secure than those of metal or wood, so if you have expensive items to store, plastic may not be the best shed material.
For most people, the idea of an inexpensive garden shed brings to mind a small metal building with a low, peaked roof. The basic metal garden shed ships with a door and perhaps a small window or translucent roof panel to allow for natural lighting. It’s a safe bet that many metal garden sheds sit directly on the ground, but for the best results, some sort of foundation should be used.
Wood is appealing for many reasons, but unless the gardener has access to free lumber and has good carpentry skills, or can relocate and repurpose an existing shed, there is no way wood sheds can be considered cheap. No matter the cost or material, make sure you have all the proper permits before installing your shed.
We first met Paige and Evan last fall when we did a consultation for their small 1918 house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. We discussed a few different options and ultimately decided that lifting the house made the most sense.
Aside from lifting the house about 30″, the design also included filling in the recessed portions at the front and back of the house (which provided a spot for the new interior stair) and adding a new covered front porch.
The existing bedroom on the main floor will become a more casual living space (with a larger opening and sliding door) while the front of the house will serve as dining area (something that didn’t really exist before). Now, fast-forward to late spring when the building permit was issued and construction started!
To make way for the machinery needed to lift the house, they also had some clearing that needed to happen first. The general contractor is actually Paige’s dad, Michael, and she left her old job to be his right-hand man (err, woman) during construction. Before the house could be lifted, they had to move everything out of the basement, demolish the interior framing and remove the existing siding and sheathing at the basement level. Paige and Evan worked with Kunkel Moving & Raising, a local company that has been lifting, leveling and moving houses in the Seattle area for over 100 years!
Next, a boom crane delivered the steel beams through openings cut in the temporary plywood sheathing. Crazy side story: after visiting the house for the first time we realized that we actually used to live across the street, in a small house that we rented for a year before buying chezerbey in 2006! The house was lifted about 12″ higher than its final location, but this allows for the new foundation and framing to be added more easily. After the house was up in the air, work got underway on demolishing the existing foundation. It can be possible to work with a house’s existing foundation (just building a taller stud wall on top) but for this project the owners wanted to tear out and pour a proper foundation. There’s Michael rocking the excavator above and the happy (although probably pretty tired) homeowners below. Formwork for the new concrete footings went in last week and next up is pouring the new foundation!
During our own remodel, we used to always hope that we’d find some gold bars or just something interesting or unique. We’re so excited to continue watching the progress on this remodel and see the interior spaces start to take shape (and sharing updates here).
Kyle and I stopped by the house a few weeks ago to check out the progress and I may have had a tiny bit of remodel envy. Underpinning can be time and labor-intensive and they still would had had to dig down quite a bit to get a code-compliant ceiling height.
There are certainly a lot of variables to consider and sometimes digging down and underpinning does make more sense (we’re doing that on another remodel project). Comparing to the person standing there in the photo right above the video the new basement space looks very high, about 3 meters(about 9 to 10 feet?) – will the future rooms stay that high?
That you can still live in your place while working on the new basementfloor sounds like a moneysaver on one hand but must be an adventure too. I’d be interested to hear what an experienced house lifter would say about their ability to lift your house.
That said, this was fun to read about and making GOOD use of the untapped space by raising up of your humble abode.
Getting as much natural light as possible into a basement is the best way to ensure that it will get a lot of use; gloomy basements are extremely uninviting! Oh, and I forgot to mention the first picture with the dogs – soooooo cute; they look pathetic in their doggy jail!
If I needed some house-lifting done in the Indianapolis are, where would I begin researching this type of contractor? Hi Julie, I think a lot of companies that do whole house lifting also will lift or repair portions of a house too. I think the open nature of the porch and it’s overall size will help with the transition (vs. Products 1 32 of 133 Wood sheds and wood storage shed kits from EZup Best Barns and William Christopher Handy menage Products for Find low costing wood buildings for. Results unity x of 10 Discover wooden repositing shed options to maintain your backyard items safe and witness answers to totally your storage needs at. Building stairway codes specify the size and placement requirements for safe, accessible stairway landings & platforms.
The minimum recommended stair landing length is 36" (or a length and width sufficiently greater than the swing of the door if a wider door is present).
This stairway landing or platform dimension is often also expressed as "a minimum of 36-inches in the direction of travel. This means that where codes like the IBC require a public access stairway (occupancy of more than 50) to be at least 44-inches wide, the platforms will have to be 44-inches in the direction of travel as well; the same IBC permits a 36-inch wide stairway for occupancies of 50 or less, thus permitting the stairway length of 36 inches in the direction of travel. Using the 2003 IRC as a stair landing code example, we obtain the requirement for landings at the top and bottom of the stairway and a maximum stair rise of 12 feet before an intermediate landing is required.
Our photograph at left illustrates an antique stairway at el Jaral de Berrio Hacienda in central Mexico.
And though it should go without saying, the recommended stairway landing or platform width is equal to the stairway width.
The minimum recommended stair landing length is 36" (or a length and width sufficiently greater than the swing of the door if a wider door is present. Notice that a stair top landing is not required if the door at the top of the stair opens away from the stairwell.
We often find older one and two family homes at which a door opens directly onto a stairway without a top landing platform. As you can see in our photo at left, a door is opening out over a stairwell and no landing is provided. Because the ergonomics of a person placing their hand on a doorknob and opening the door tends to guide where they put their foot in stepping out and down, the absence of a landing here is a serious trip and fall hazard that is prohibited by building codes and by good construction practice. In industrial settings where there may be special requirements for maintenance of equipment but not normal walking traffic, a landing or platform requirement will differ. Reader Question: I am finishing my basement and planning to install a landing at the bottom of the stairway that will be 2 steps (one actual step) down to the floor. My question is - since there is no door at the bottom of the steps, is there still a requirement that the landing be 36" deep? Due to the proximity of a support post, the landing will only be 2'9" deep, unless I come back up another step and have three steps down from the landing. Typically building stair codes specify that in the direction of travel the stairway landing or platform shall have a dimension at least as great as the width of the stairway. In one approach the builder would back up far enough from the end of the stairs to have room for a full width landing, insert the landing there and then continue the stairs down to the left. The user would walk down stairs, and near the end, step onto a full-sized landing, make a left turn, walk across the landing, and continue one or two or however many necessary additional steps to get down to the finished floor. But our email discussion you point out a competing difficulty: moving the landing up one stair tread runs into a headroom clearance with the floor above. As I understand your illustration (above left), the problem is that making the landing length (in direction of travel) equal to the width of what I am guessing is a 36-inch wide stairway means that you'd have to build the platform out intruding into the otherwise free space of the room below. If the inspector will not accept your stair as drawn, you may have to open the ceiling, install blocking or headers to allow you to move the post over to get enough room, then intrude the landing those few inches into the room beyond. As our friend Nizar in the photo is demonstrating at his home near Rabat, in Morocco, it can be very difficult to open a door that swings out over a step while you're standing on the step. Like the example shown above, this is a trip hazard but in this case also it's also difficult to enter the building at all.

While standing on the step the person trying to open the door has to step backwards, down the steps, while opening this security door. The stairway landing shown at left includes a window that lacks a guard railing or safety glass. Thinking he was walking down a level hallway he instead stepped into air and fell down a stair such as this one. Safety glazing or window guards are required for locations such as that shown in our photograph. Handrailings at intermediate stairway platforms should be continuous and should be accessible in the area of stair passage. There is a railing along the upper stairway starting at a newell on the fourth stair platform but not along the steps formed by the four platforms (marked in yellow) except along the left wall (marked in green) where no one will ever set-foot. In the area of principal walking assage from the two sides of this four-riser lower stairway there is no handrailing.
On wide stairways you may get by with a pair of wall rails or a railing down the stair center.
I imagine that the architect who designed these stairs liked the attractive and open design with a two-sided approach to the stairway. The entry platform or landing at exterior stairs must comply with size and guardrail requirements as do interior stairs and landings. The concrete platform was poured right against building siding, providing a protected entry path into the structure for wood destroying insects. The combination of platform poured against siding and poor drainage sending water towards the house walls increases the risk of insect attack as well as ice formation in winter at this New York home. Stair treads and landings subject to wet conditions shall be designed to prevent the accumulation of water. Anon your top guardrail needs to meet the height requirements for balconies and landings - typically 43-inches along horizontal walking surfaces such as a landing platform. Most codes want the stair guard to also be 42-inches in heigh but will allow that to drop to 34-inches if the top of the stair guard is also to serve as a handrail. Continue reading at PLATFORMS & LANDINGS FAQs or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. ACTS is a not-for-profit corporation that provides health, safety, industrial hygiene, technical services, and safety publications to the arts, crafts, museums, and theater communities.
ACTS also will not accept money or take advertising in our publications from manufacturers of artists materials or businesses whose interests could conflict with ours. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors. Houzz's discussion boards are full of users asking for help on how to decide on a kitchen island size. What is the island's function?Before you start thinking about smart storage solutions and what range you want, decide what your island's main function is going to be.
What appliances do you need in your kitchen island?If you've decided you want to integrate appliances into your kitchen island, you need to plan for function as well as spacing.
If your kitchen can accommodate it with enough space around it's perimeter then I would advice to get one. They can sit on a stool to help prepare this evenings dinner or mix in the chips for their favorite cookies. Sheds come in all sizes from small units that fit against the side of a building, to structures large enough to serve as garages or workshops.
They have some additional advantages, such as being very easy to assemble and requiring little site preparation. Even ultraviolet-stabilized PVC will eventually degrade and become faded or brittle under harsh environmental conditions. While not the cheapest garden sheds, metal is an excellent, economical choice for most garden owners. Most manufacturers now use electrostatic coating or other method to apply a colored finish much stronger than normal exterior paint. Shelves, sliding doors, screened windows and a range of other options are available from many manufacturers. A concrete slab, with its edge rebated about 15-20 mm, is ideal but of course, hardly cheap. Some manufacturers also offer systems that allow the shed to be anchored against powerful weather such as cyclones.
Even the cheapest garden sheds can become horribly expensive if legal fines and neighborhood ill are part of the installation price. So many houses in Seattle (whose housing stock is largely from the early 20th century) have this same short-basement dilemma, including ours. To simplify the existing framing, we kept the location of the interior load-bearing wall and added several larger windows to bring more natural light into the rooms. Without getting into too much technical jargon, the main gist of raising a house is to first build heavy timber structures (called cribbing) that will support the steel beams that the house will temporarily rest on while new walls are constructed.
Even crazier, although Paige and Evan didn’t live there at the time, their two dogs did. The new footings were also designed to accommodate a second story if they decide to expand again in the future. Paige and Evan didn’t stumble across any fortunes, but they did find these cool glass bottles, one of which was from the Keystone Liquor Company, a Seattle-based outfit that was in business from 1902-1914!
Although we still have plenty of work to do here at chezerbey, I clearly remember the excitement (and sometimes fear!) that came with those big, game-changer projects. The soil around these parts is usually hardpan at that level which makes it all the more difficult, not to mention doing the work in a short, enclosed space.
The house will come down 1 foot, plus the dirt under the house will be raised and leveled a bit, then 2 inches of insulating foam and 4 inches of concrete will eat up some more of the space.
I’ve tried to keep up with blogs about various topics over the years and always failed to keep posting, so this is an easy way to keep track of the project. I also live in Seattle, and we are just starting our search for a new house in the North end, but as you know prices there are high and houses go so fast.
There is something to be said for small houses, as long as you don’t need the extra space most small homes offer.
This started out as the story of two architects and their 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle, but you know what they say…when you own an old home, it ends up owning you! Sponsor amp variety of quality wood storage sheds and Outdoors that are usable for purchase online Items 1 36 of 195 Wood Sheds & memory board Buildings You need extra storage. But note that not all model building codes explicitly require the 36" dimension and instead commonly state that in the direction of travel the landing dimension shall be no less than the width of the stairway. The platform or walking surface can be wider, of course, such as occurs when stairs end at a balcony, deck, or walkway.
Some opine that if the door swings into a room, away from that top step, the hazard is reduced and a landing is not required.
Doors in the fully open position shall not reduce a required dimension by more than 7 inches. So if your stairs are 36-inches wide the codes want the platform to run 36-inches in the direction of travel.
This might mean that the landing is two or even three steps higher, to get enough room away from an obstructing wall found in the direction of run of the stairs. And even if you did so, you have a supporting post that intrudes back into the walking space.
If your stairway is 36-inches in width, then typical codes want the run direction of the landing to also be 36-inches. Someone who falls down these stairs is at risk of suffering extra severe injuries should they fall into and break the window glass, or worse, fall right through the window.
S., was returning from a night-time bathroom visit when, elderly, frail, and confused in the dark, he turned left instead of right.
Incomplete handrailings invite falls if stair users are likely to walk where there is no graspable handrailing or where open rail ends at intermediate platforms or landings form snag hazards. It is possible that a local official approved these stairs though in my view they are unsafe. That may comply with the letter of the law in the view of some designers or code compliance officers but in my opinion this is an unsafe stair that would be difficult for elderly or people with walking and stair disabilities.
I would expect an alert building code compliance officer to interpret this as an unsafe stair and call out this as a code defect. I'd have put a handrailing down the steps exactly where the architect would omit it - in the area marked by yellow at the right angle between the two stair treads on the two sides of the platform rectangle. In addition, because of weather exposure entry platforms are at risk of additional slip trip and fall hazards from water, snow and ice, or algae and moss. And yes, as you can see in our photograph (above left) it is possible to combine a stair-guardrail with a handrailing along a stairway. However as you see in our CIA photo, it's not difficult to add a lower handrailing along a 42-inch stair guard.

A part of the fees from our consulting services goes to support our free and low-cost services for artists. We want artists to know that we have no financial incentive to make our product and safety recommendations.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Mesa Storage Cube End Table Cocktail Ottoman Round Tufted Ottoman Small Round Side Table Cherry Coffee Tables New Coffee Tables Long Coffee Tables Sofa End Tables Vintage Side Tables Wood Coffee Table With Storage Tempered Glass Coffee TableJoin the discussion on this Mesa Storage Cube End Table Cocktail Ottoman Round Tufted Ottoman Small Round Side Table Cherry Coffee Tables New Coffee Tables Long Coffee Tables Sofa End Tables Vintage Side Tables Wood Coffee Table With Storage Tempered Glass Coffee Table using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. While there's no set formula for figuring out how to size an island, some measurement guidelines can help. Most islands have a side devoted to cooking and a side devoted to eating, but what will your emphasis be?
If you have space for a lot of cabinetry in the kitchen, island storage may not be a priority. If you want to have bar stools at your island, you'll need to decide if it's 36 or 42 inches high. Kitchens are anything but static a€” the busy nature of this space requires every part to be cohesively designed. Gathering to enjoy the latest meal creation, pull up a stool to surf your laptop or just enjoy coloring with the kids. It's the life you've always desired to share time in kitchen and make it a positive experience for the whole family.
We can help design something that you'll be proud of and delight in with friends and family. Most plastic sheds are made with floor panels, so a foundation or other flooring isn’t necessary. Plastic can be molded and colored to add architectural flourishes that would be very expensive in wood and impossible in metals, so a plastic shed may blend in with your home’s design more easily. Plastic sheds won’t stand up to heavy storms, so if you are in an area that is threatened by high winds or powerful storms, you may want to make a different choice.
It’s wise to check with your home insurer about this; such a system may be required in your area. It must be painted and placed on a solid foundation to prevent rot, water damage and insect infestation. The previous owner remarried someone with severe dog allergies and so the new homeowners adopted the dogs. We had originally planned to pour on top of the existing concrete slab, but it wasn’t very thick and mostly crumbled under the weight of the excavator. As architects, it’s so rewarding to help breathe new life into an old house and even more so when the family behind it are energetic, smart and design-minded.
The only change was that the sewer was temporarily disconnected and capped while it went up, then was reconnected later that day.
Generally, the front will go from the hip roof to 2 nested gables, the first across the whole house and the second sharing the north side of the first but only extending over the porch.
Everton disco biscuit wood storage shed Solid ii x 4 Wood Framing 740 Cubic Feet of Storage Pre cut and Ready for Assembly. This can be tricky because in some jurisdictions codes specify varying minimum stairway widths. Are you saying that if there is another railing against the other wall, it would comply or are you saying that there is no way to comply with 4 platforms without a railing at the corner of the platforms (that would not look right).
Make this handrailing attractive and you've changed a safety problem into a beautiful stair feature.
We gratefully accept donations, but do not solicit them from the artists who call here for help and advice. Kitchen designers Thomas Ahmann and Steve Justrich offer good advice for planning your kitchen island, starting with asking yourself six basic questions. If this is going to be your main prep area, you'll need trash, recycling and compost areas nearby, too. If this is to be your main prep area, the sink and other appliances may have to come first, but try to make room for prep utensils and cutting boards near the sink. A 42-inch-high bar stool and bar tend to have a bit more flexibility a€” the island can be designed in two levels, with the working side set lower for prep work and the dining side higher to accommodate bar stools. Make sure that the working side of your island can function with the opposite kitchen counter. Islands are often the main gathering and work spot in the kitchen, so a lot of thought goes into them. Since most of us don’t have rolls of spare cash lying about, the foremost question becomes which are the cheapest garden sheds available? Assembly is very easy for most plastic sheds, and the parts are light enough for one person to handle.
A full basement below meant a lot of potential, but sadly the ceiling height was only 6′ or so. The small recessed porch will be enclosed to create a mudroom entry and a new covered front porch will be added to the front of the house. Bailey was a puppy when we lived across the street, so very likely that they had met (or at least sniffed each other out) on a few occasions! Our electricity comes in from overhead so that stayed connected the whole time, and we had previously hooked up to the water main with a rubber hose so that floated up with the house too. We wanted them as low as possible while still being able to meet the emergency egress requirement of 44 inches without needing to have window wells.
Beyond that we’re not quite sure yet, because we had Lauren and Kyle stop short of designing it for budgetary reasons.
Badly Easily assemble unrivalled of our stylish woods sheds with precut lumber kits and paint it. Every landing shall have a minimum dimension measured in the direction of travel equal to the width of the stairway.
Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. The step in between is a handy place for electrical outlets, too.A 36-inch-high bar provides for seating that's between a typical bar stool and a table seat. This will ensure their safety however, the when swiveling, the back may be bumping the edge of your countertop.
A difficult question to answer, as a cheap garden shed for one person’s needs may be an extravagant luxury for another’s requirements. Products 1 30 of 130 Find the Highest Quality outside wood storage sheds atomic number 85 the Lowest Prices FREE SHIPPING & NO gross revenue TAX. I like to keep a tidy property and my favorite yard organizing manoeuvre is to hide the garbage can inward.
Galow specializes in residential construction including both new homes and repairs, renovations, and additions.
Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. If you have a large kitchen and your refrigerator isn't near the island, you may want a smaller undercounter refrigerator nearby. It doesn't allow for quite as much flexibility in design but can be a good choice for a defined eating area.
Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. If you're installing a cooktop, take the space needed for an exhaust vent or hood into account.
The length can be as few as 4 feet, but he suggests planning for at least 7 feet if you need to accommodate a sink, a dishwasher and a cooktop. Ahmann suggests leaving at least 12 inches of overhang for seating areas, but 15 to 18 inches tends to feel more comfortable. Or do you need another working area with a prep sink?The open floor area around the island also requires some calculation. Answer not forget all of our sheds come standard with your choice of ceiling distort and the standard woods door. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. You may not be able to get everything in your island, but try to get at least your top five features. The working sides of an island should have 42 inches of space as a minimum, but more than 5 feet usually isn't necessary.
The entertaining and eating side of the island is usually determined by the adjacent space a€” a dining room or living room a€” if there is one.

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