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Celine and Zeno held their humanist wedding ceremony outdoors, followed by a reception at Inchyra Byre, Scotland in April of this year. Celine and Zeno also wanted their day to feel handmade, arranging the gorgeous flowers themselves and decorating the rustic cow shed… i adore their fabric table plan, it looks amazing. Celine looked so very beautiful with flowers in her hair and white cardi, while Zeno opted for a kilt. Thanks so much to the brilliant Kitchener Photography for sharing their photographs with us today.
The Proposal… We were having our usual morning breakfast with fresh grounded coffee and tartines. I wore my favourite, comfortable and sexy swing dancing red shoes and my grand-mothers jewellery. Finding the Dress… Finding the dress was actually not that hard as I found it in the second shop visited and at a very affordable price.
Groom’s Attire… The groom’s attire was another story… He went for his fittings in January to get his family  tartan kilt and argyle jacket (which was my Christmas present to him as he always wanted one but could never justify the cost). The Readings + Music… We had a humanist ceremony which allowed us to compose a ceremony in which we spoke openly and honestly, using our own words & music in our way and style so that what it made it uniquely ours.  We were really luck as only a few countries in the world recognise Humanist weddings and Scotland is one of them! We wrote our vows by picking a structure that we could both use as a jumping off point, we decided on a word-count maximum, and a common ending sentence for both vows to bring some unity while the contents were very personal. For the music, we managed to arrange for the greatest Ceilidh Band with Sandy Brechin to play at our wedding. The Details + Decor… Tables were decorated very simply with old books and jam jars with tartan ribbons around it and fresh earthy flowers within it.  Some jars had hand-made wooden plant markers with the table name stamped on it.
A “Bar” blackboard was made (balckboard painted etc…) and then drinks available were hand written by the best man with the beers available. It was super important to them that their ceremony was personal and they wrote their own meaningful vows. It was sunny summer day and as we were having breakfast, Zeno asked what I thought about us getting married… At the beginning I thought he was kidding, but realised he wasn’t.

We used to throw very good parties before we met each other and after too… We had a reputation to keep and we wanted to keep it too. After looking at many venues around Edinburgh and not finding any that represented us, we eventually heard a friend of ours talking about a party he had at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire.
Despite the fairly long-time notice, we got everything the Tuesday before our wedding.  He wore his favourite sporran, his sgian duhb, dirk and gillies. Humanism is a philosophy of life and ethics based on a rational life view and a belief that humanity has the responsibility and potential to make the world a better place. Our vows stayed private and unknown to each other until the actual wedding, except for our French translator friends who knew every reading. We then spent days and evenings with friends to organise our favourite dancing music on CDs so that our different DJ friends such as DJ Douglas Miller and DJ Purvis could DJ along at the after party. They could wear whatever they wanted and be themselves (they were so pretty) with a flower corsage made of a white beautiful flower, rosemary and lavender.  Without them, nothing would have been possible. Most flowers were seasonal flowers such as sweet pees flower mixed with random foliage, thyme, rosemary and lavender. We had instead a cake table with a wide diversity of cakes made from many different friends. We would also recommend brides and groom to invite their respective friends and family separately the evening before at the pub or else to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a long time so that on the day, you can party and enjoy everyone’s company. A dilapidated cow shed in the  gateway to the Scottish highlands, but with continental flexibility: beautiful location, fabulous food and drinks as well as the ability to party all night long. We contacted his friends out of nowhere asking them if we could come to meet them and maybe do a party in their Byre.
His also wore his “Best Woman” (his best man was a woman – his best friend) present in the morning of the wedding which was beautiful kilt pin.. This was really special and emotional… We had only one reading by the second best man:  A Lang Promise from Jackie Kay. We also had a very special band for the aperitif, the Gillywolfe, and Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands playing during the registry signing.

The cheese table had rosemary and lavender spread over with cheese on slates and wooden boards. All our close friends being there, gathering our friends from many far-away places, from various places the length and breadth of England and Scotland, to European Countries and even some who have travelled quite some distance, all the way from the United States and Japan. It was simple and very special, making our favourite part of the daily (coffee) life very special.
We wanted a place allowing us to party all night long, bring our own drinks who my French family brought with them, decorate it yourself and have our own caterer. They had their individual “original” names on a slate for people to place their cakes on the right cake support. First, they were affordable; secondly they were superbly friendly and helpful in outlining what we may want to think about. Cake supports were all different in style and heights which made the cake table look absolutely stunning!
On the day, they were everywhere but so discreet you wouldn’t notice them taking shots of everyone and everything happening. Yes it was a dilapidated, empty byre (cow shed) with beaten earth and stone floor and flying birds, but Zeno and I looked at each others and we just knew. When received our wedding photos, we were just so glad that we found Kitchener photography to shoot our wedding!
This also gave them the idea to refurbish the byre after our wedding to make it an official wedding venue which they are currently doing and which is GREAT for future brides (no toilet hiring or every else required)! They let us have flexibility in everything we wanted, with reasons and common sense of course.

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