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If you go all the way to end of the article and pictures, you will find a link in bold black letters.
Use a 2×4 and bolt them together as shown in the last 2 photos above (1st page) You can see the bolts at the joint. In one of the pictures, it looks like you use a small length of 2×4 to strap the 2 pallets together. Yeah, while it looks good it won’t pass any building codes and I would not trust that at all. I love this idea for a shed…those who comment about it not being structurally sound are not noticing the usual tin sheds that are sold that fall apart in the wind.

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If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Anyone can build vitamin A modest simple and sensational pour forth By Steve Maxwell April whitethorn 2011.

Read the instructions from the link below and follow them as you repurpose pallets in a useful way. If you’re satisfied with the resulting shed, don’t forget to spread the knowledge to your friends and the DIY community alike. Free small garden pecker shed plans Get the Best landscaping plans for all sort of applications such as straw man yard.

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small cheap sheds york

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