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Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of.
A country living style steel garage building with double overhead doors and custom features.
A common accessory used in commercial doors, wire glass, has been outlawed by the National Glass Association in all non-fire rated doors following a CSPC report. Metal building systems are used for commercial buildings, industrial, recreation, retail, shopping centers, picnic shelters, garages, canopies, parking, storage, mini storage, church buildings, gymnasiums, sheds, and more. Do it yourself steel garage kits are ideal for any home owner who’s looking for space and protection.
All buildings come with engineer certified plans and are covered by a 30 year rust perforation warranty.
Full Services General ContractingIf you cannot find the service listed that your looking for feel free to give us a call at 1-518-494-7456 at any time.
If you would like to get in touch please call, email or snail mail us using the info below. We define a small shed as a building under 200 square feet that is not going to need mechanical or plumbing systems. They usually don't require building permits or planning permission.You can almost certainly erect this type of building yourself, and it may or may not be set onto a foundation. Paul Teutul Sr And His Patented Do-It-Yourself Steel Garage Kit Provided by Excel Metal Buildings Systems Inc. Excel Metal Building Systems Inc Patented Do-It-Yourself Steel Garage Building Kits And Do-It-Yourself Steel Workshop Building Kits. Excel Metal Building Systems Inc offers a wide range of Steel Building Kits and Metal Building Systems. The most interesting thing about this product is it has already been designed and fabricated as a home. Stacking scoria bags around the outside would provide plenty of insulation and possibly be less expensive than buying a second layer of metal or second grain bin. And I really like the idea of combining a systems container with all the mechanical systems with one of these grain bins.
I can also see this as the first roundhouse of a multi roundhouse plan, build the others from earthbag around it while you live in the bin.

So to be clear, you would use longer bolts and come back later after the bin was erected and add a washer and nut to the bolts to hold the mesh? I have been fascinated by these things for several decades now; it is great to see the increased interest in this alternative housing. Most people would likely build these in remote areas so ease of transport is another big plus. I talked a bit about you and told him your post would generate a lot of inquiries at Sukup so be prepared.
Some people aren’t strong enough to do earthbag, adobe, concrete work and other labor intensive building methods. And, of course, these units could be joined in clusters like my earthbag roundhouse plans, added one at a time as you can afford. If you really wanted full coverave ballast boxes for insulation, you could do that with any 2 bins you could find with the right sizes (the larger being 2-4 foot larger diameter).
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The basic roof lines of this building style are perfect for the working building, or even a home! If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building!
These steel building kits can be erected quickly to allow the new business to start operating faster. Construction has over 15 years experience in commercial construction including; “Star” Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Retail Buildings, Auto sales, Restaurants, highway garages, DPW buildings, school additions and renovations.
Construction has the experience and resources to complete your project on time and on budget. We do recommend that you tie it down if you plan to use it in an area with high winds, and it's also a good idea to choose level and well drained pavement or pavers to place it on. All of our buildings are custom designed and engineered to meet your building needs and your local building code requirements. Steel is definitely “energy intense” on the front end but if one truly measures its longevity coupled with the fact it will still be 100% recyclable on the back end… then its worthy of consideration. Pole barn kits will also give you more room, for the same price, but probably won’t be as sturdy as this grain silo.

I’ve thought of that as a topper for an earthbag building, and checked it out last year. Ideal uses for this style are garages, workshops, warehouses, industrial and commercial facilities, self storage units, and more!
The steel building uses I beam columns and rafters for main bents or main steel framing, usually the metal building main frames are 25 feet apart, and zee girts and purlins ( cee channels) for framing between the steel building kit rafters. Add an overhead door for large equipment, or put in a greenhouse-style window wall so that you can use it for starting plants from seed. Farmers and contractors often use small MBMI steel buildings to set up mobile tool sheds that they can shift around the farm or construction site as needed.
Would bolting 2x6s on the inside and filling with insulation then paneling be a fairly easy way to insulate. We are located near Austin Texas, and are willing construct anywhere in Texas and southwest Louisiana.
Of course, the walls and roof can be any color you want and it can be fabricated with an attractive and practical pitched roof. But this is the first company to my knowledge that offers a complete home building kit that’s ready for assembly.
Every Excel Metal Building is designed to meet snow, wind and seismic requirements that your city or county may require. It can be easily assembled with a few hand tools, although I would definitely use a cordless drill.
Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states providing stamped drawings and design calculations when needed.
And yes, it’s made with steel, an energy intensive material, but the extra environmental toll may be justified, for instance, where hurricanes and tornadoes routinely wreck havoc.
When you purchase an Excel Metal Building Kit we will provide you with construction drawings, material list, installation manuals and trim details.
Some might find it practical as safe, temporary shelter while their permanent home is being built or as a cabin or storage building.

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