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With the exception of its off-white paint scheme, yellow knobs and a button in front that turns the worklight on and off separately from the motor switch, Shop Fox’s W1713 Scroll Saw bears a striking resemblance to Rikon’s 10-600VS. The Shop Fox W1713 requires some extra work for saw blade installation, which can stall your workshop production.
This machine features the same adapters as Rikon for holding plain-end blades on the arms, but I discovered on the second go-around that they are somewhat easier to install if you tilt the table to open up wider access to the saw’s lower arm.
Used to design scroll saw patterns for a guy at work who was hard core into doing this stuff. I like to do scrollsawing every now and then but its hard to find good patterns like those, the ones in the mags are boring.

If you ever draw any more you should do one for every body style of the chevy truck, (well make that two) you have to have one lifted and one lowered. I was wondering if you would sell those patterns I would love to make some for familys and friends ..
From sewing machine to scroll saw, check out Instructables member bongodrummer's in depth HowTo. But, other points of departure include a table with a more triangular profile and the absence of Rikon’s power takeoff. The clear guard mounted crookedly on the hold-down foot’s post, which caused it to rest against the foot and rattle during the cutting test. Still, it’s much easier to make repetitive inside cutouts when the bottom of the blade can remain fixed in the machine; that’s what the blade mounting systems on other saws offer.

I went into a small side buisness years ago selling the patterns n such, but just got to busy over the years to bother anymore and my buddy no longer does the scroll saws either. All you need are some basic hand tools, some epoxy, and an old unused sewing machine."If it's as easy as it sounds, I find the idea pretty ingenious.

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small scroll saw projects

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