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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We stock a wide variety of Wooden Garden Sheds which are manufactured using FSC sourced timber and is available in two cladding options. The benefits of metal and plastic structures are being that they are fairly low maintenance and are available in an assortment of styles, shapes and sizes. This attractive apex roof small storage shed features substantial 2" thick framing and a factory fitted door.
This is stronger and longer lasting than cheaper sheds with man made boards used in the floor and roof. Our buildings come in many shapes, sizes and finishes so that you can choose the right building for your garden. Features include shiplap wall cladding, a tongued and grooved floor and a tongued and grooved roof. Styrene windows are as standard which makes the buildings suitable for allotment installation.
Our wooden range is constructed in two different ways which include the basic overlap finish and tongue and groove method which utilises interlocking boards. Our items come in many different styles and sizes so that you can choose the right building for your garden or allotment. The construction is all timber with no man made boards or OSB, unlike other sheds at these competitive prices.
The man made boards commonly used in cheaper sheds include chipboard and OSB or oriented strand board.
This design ensures that rainwater drains faster and the timber dries quicker, which ensures a longer life for your garden shed.

Extensive preparation is not normally required - just level the soil and lay the pavers directly on the soil.
Where space permits the base is normally laid full size but if required in a tight location the pavers can be easily cut to size with no loss of structural integrity.
At least two coats are normally required with a further coat at periodic intervals.Our 3 star preservative is practical and affordable with a choice of 4 colours.
It covers around 10 square metres per litre and normally lasts 1-2 years before a further coat is required.Our 4 star preservative is a high quality preservative which covers around 9 square metres per litre and normally lasts 2-5 years before a further coat is requred.
It is available with a choice of 12 colours.Our 5 star preservative is a deluxe high build preservative which can be used to achieve a stunning finish. It covers around 8 square metres per litre and normally lasts 2-5 years before a further coat is required. It is available with a choice of 12 colours.Based on average coverage five litres of our 4 star preservative is enough for two coats on an 8'x10' shed or an 8'x8' log cabin.
These microporous preservatives are only available when you purchase a Summer garden building or if you purchased a Summer building in the past. Available in a choice of acrylic or polyurethane, these colourless water based coatings are almost odourless and recommended for smooth planed timber only. For best results a floor should be treated at the earliest opportunity while the timber is new and clean. On average five litres of our 5 star clear seal is enough for three coats on a 12'x12' floor, two coats on the walls of an 8'x8' log cabin or one coat on the walls of a 12'x16' log cabin.
A heavy duty anchor bracket with a cable and padlock can be securely wall or floor mounted into brickwork, concrete or timber.
Padlocks are available with a closed shackle for security or a combination lock for convenience.

The recodable combination bolt is quick and easy to use, with no keys to lose and no time wasted looking for keys. A hasp and staple set or a pair of door brackets can also be fitted to single or double doors. Two pre-wired door contacts are also included complete with a length of cable which plugs into the main panel.
Once the alarm has been armed it will be triggered by opening the door or tampering with the wiring. During the day the externally mounted solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the batteries.
Our solar security lights illuminate the approach to your garden shed at night and may also deter burglars. After dusk the passive infra red movement detector switches itself on when it detects movement. As a result, garden sheds delivered by outside carriers are made in small and flimsy lightweight sections with less wood. The benefits of our specialist delivery service include less damage, larger more rigid panels and heavier construction. These garden sheds are designed to be professionally installed so more care is taken in the factory to simplify installation and minimize problems on site. Features of these garden sheds include careful construction with high quality components, larger panel sizes and fewer problems.

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small wooden apex shed instructions

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