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Light up your favorite Shed, Garage, or Barn with the new LED Light my Shed 3 by Gamma Sonic! The top of the solar panel has a convenient compass to help you setup the panel for maximum sun exposure. I've purchased both the first version of this light as well as this one (Light My Shed 2). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Reviews are visible to everybody, so please keep your feedback appropriate for all audiences. This second generation solar powered shed light is a perfect way to add bright light to your shed or storage unit. I originally purchased a Sunforce Solar Shed Light with 5 LED's (450 lumens) and discovered it wasn't bright enough. Trying to get the screws to line up on the deeply recessed anchor holes in the base was the biggest problem. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it is still new, so its longevity is still up in the air.
Using this solar light on a 10' x 16' storage shed, gives adequate light, no problem with installation, however, I would have preferred a longer cord or an extension to actually place the light where I wanted it. The instructions tell you the wrong bit size for the drill, if you go by the instructions you'll never get it installed.
I bought this to attach to my shed, so my son could see inside when he has to put his bike away.

The panel also has a 10' extension cord so you can mount it wherever you'd like and put the light in the best possible position inside your shed. This one is just as bright as the first, but lasts much longer and feels like it's a better quality construction.
Complete with solar panel, lamp and fittings it's everything you need to start solar lighting! There's plenty of cable, allowing panel and lamp to be positioned exactly where you need them and the kit even includes screws and sticky-backed pads to mount both units on a variety of surfaces.
This energy efficient and bright light is ideal for shed lighting, garages and other outbuildings. The install was very easy and the light is plenty bright enough for my use (the shed is 12 x 14). I put the solar panel on the back corner facing south, and had plenty of cord to run power to the light mounted just inside the door.
The Solar Shed Light will provide 6-8 hours of light when fully charged and will automatically turn on when it senses darkness. I like that it has a compass and angle marks on the solar part which makes it easy to adjust the solar panel. The line between the solar panel unit and the light is 10', so you have plenty of options on where to put the light.
This was due to the placement of the solar panel, there is a Magnolia tree that blocks the suns rays on the rest of the sheds roof. The last thing is that if they carried them in there stores I would get a 10% military discount which I was not able to get with there online ordering.

The LED"s provide good illumination, certainly enough to find everything at night and about enough to do some simple tasks.
This light is completely maintenance free and gives you plenty of time to get your work done and get back to the house! Also, don't mount your light first until you charge it - use the panel and put it outside for a while to charge. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. I plan on bringing the light portion into the house at night when the electricity fails due to storms and then bring it back to the shed for solar charging during the day. Just position this mini solar panel in a sunny spot, plug in the lamp and you're good to go. I did have to put an extra piece of wood between the shed and the solar attachment so get it away from the roof. Once you decide where to mount the light, that will dictate to where you'll mount the solar panel.

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solar powered shed light b&q zinsser

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