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The Solar Shed Light is perfect for illuminating buildings without power, or for taking around with you on your travels. A solar powered LED shed light may be just what you need to illuminate your garden shed or greenhouse. This light allows you to add light to a small structure without worrying about wiring and electricians.

Install this solar powered LED shed light in your garden shed or garage for some extra light. The solar panel can be mounted up to 20 feet away from the fixture with an extension cord that is included.
There are two power settings to choose from: use 10 LEDs for up to two hours or use 5 LEDs for up to four hours.
Fitted with 12 Bright LEDs, it emits a bright, powerful beam that will bring a suprising amount of light to your chosen area.

It works perfectly in Sheds and small outbuildings, offering the perfect amount of light for such areas.

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solar powered shed light fluorescent tube

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