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Master ShedsI would highly recommend the Master Sheds team to anyone looking for something that is great quality and built to a very high standard.
They arrived at 8.45 dismantled my old shed erected the new and were all finished by 10.00 am!! Master Sheds must be very busy as the date for delivery seemed such a long way off but it was worth waiting for. I was very impressed that th AHMaster ShedsI needed a new shed and having browsed all the internet-based outlets felt that I was likely to be disappointed with the quality that was available.
A pair of Kyocera KC125G 125 watt panels, wired in series, facing south and angled to 60 degrees. At the end of a short -- but sunny -- winter day, the MX-60 shows 0.5 KW hours for the day.
Free Delivery Make the most of our free delivery option if you're not in a rush to get your order! Next Working DayOne hour delivery window sent by text or email in the morning so you're not waiting in all day!
In the unlikely event you receive a product with a defect we often accept a photo as proof, saving you time and getting you a replacement immediately with the minimum of hassle. 5m cable to remote solar panel allowing you to get the light where you need it, while ensuring the solar panel is in a good location.
I bought 2 of these for our large gazebo here in France that we use for pizza nights and BBQ nights for our holidaymakers.
I have my Guinea pigs in the shed over winter and this light enables me to easily see everything clearly. I was really supposed his bright the light is, I've recently had to hand feed a sick bunny in the middle of the night and the light was bright enough to allow me to do this.
Using the supplied flat head screws and rawl plugs attach the U-bracket (C) to where you wish to mount the light. Please note that the Vortex is designed to charge by day and work at night so the unit will not operate if the panel is in daylight unless you unplug the solar panel. I have a Vortex Solar Shed Light (haven't unpacked it or installed it yet), I was planning to use this in my bird aviary.
The only remote controlled light we have currently is the Evo SMD Remote Controlled Solar Floodlight which may be too bright for your aviary.

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Searching for a tool in the shed in the dark can be a thing of the past with the Vortex Solar Shed Light. Works in WinterA well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions. 50 Watt EquivalentBrightness is equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent bulb as you might use in the home. I have been thinking about the Powershed concept for 5 years now, going over things in my head and checking the web for suitable components. Custom systems with batteries can still be fully assembled and wired in the factory with the batteries inside the shed. If you're in the market for solar, take a look at the PowerShed solution.  It's portability and flexibility make it a great option to consider.
I just wanetd to clarify from a technical standpoint that the POWERSHED has been structurally designed and computer modeled to withstand 90 mph winds. Nick and the team are friendly and professional and the build quality of the shed is outstanding. For starters, the 12 volt inverter has no neutral, both lines are hot it's good for powering lights, saws and the leaf blower.
We also offer a 30 day period for customers that change their mind about their purchase so long as the product has not been used or installed outside.
As the summer draws to an end it gets too dark for them to sit out much later than 9pm so some sort of lighting was needed. One to leave on at dusk till dawn and the other to use as a working light to feed, clean and see to the animals during the dark. This is OK for occasional use, but the unit will struggle to charge if it is regularly used during the day when it is supposed to be charging.
The light will not turn on if the solar panel is receiving any kind of charge (from sun or streetlamp). With easy installation, no running costs and no need to get an electrician in to run power to an outbuilding you'll be amazed how you coped without the light before.

To this date, all residential solar PV installations are custom systems and because of that, many standard contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners were shut out. Additionally, we have designs that allow customers to buy a standard grid-tie system and later add battery backup or go off-grid without throwing away and equipment already purchased. The panels will act as sails even with the gaps but it is the support structure and the structural construction of the building which has shear walls that allows the Powershed to survive 90mph winds. I felt that the only way solar PV was going to become mainstream was for everyone to be able to participate. The storage capacity of Powershed could be used by the maintenance staff or teachers could use it as a mini on-site field trip related to a solar power curriculum. Every comment from them to my questions concerning my shed was positive and nothing was too much trouble.. Many installers today seem to make PV solar more complicated than it has to be and that seems to scare people off.
Nick and Ryan delivered and  michael.South GloucestershireMaster ShedsLooking good two men arrived to put my shed up, 30mins later the shed was up and they were on their way back. As far as snow is concerned, it will usually melt off but if it is a heavy wet snow it may need to be removed. Secondly my research indicated that there are many problems with installing these systems on the roof of a home. Besides the obvious points of poking holes in roof, restricted access for cleaning the modules, having to remove and reinstall the system to re-roof and the growing safety problem for firefighters, I found that many people who installed systems had to walk away from their investment when they were forced to move. It was kind of like selling a home with an in-ground pool; everyone likes it, but no one is willing to pay for it. Check the bolts yearly to make sure they are tight and apply a coat of paint on the shed every few years as needed. To solve this problem, I felt that we had to change the ownership model of these systems from being part of the real estate to a tangible personal piece of property like a car that can move when you move so you can fully utilize the investment.
The staff were polite and did a fantastic job of constructing the shed quickly and efficiently.

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