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One of our admirers just published an article on solid wood furniture at Espace Mosaik, that we reproduced on our web site. If there is something that one should take out of the article, it’s that Espace Mosaik and its owners are proud of combining their talents to produce a mix of great exotic designs, recycled or recuperated solid exotic wood, and woodworking customizations for their furniture.
Whether it is functional or artistic solid wood furniture, we are trying to create atmospheres and pieces of furniture that will make your interior or exterior stand out. With global markets, better transport logistics and the development of new markets for furniture, exotic wood furniture is increasingly chosen by more demanding and refined persons. When we help one of our clients choose an exotic wood furniture piece, we take several factors into consideration. Often, looking for an exotic wood furniture piece means looking for a unique piece of furniture, with a distinct non occidental style, made from a tropical wood species that is usually rare and precious.
The strong construction of solid wood bed’s working will guarantee you a powerful bed to use in long age period more than 15 years. A living room may not be complete without a coffee tables, a complement to other furniture such as sofas, arm chairs, and others.

But most people are not used to match Balinese, Indonesian or African furniture with the rest of their contemporary or traditional pieces of furniture. When we mention exotic furniture, we include functional pieces such as a teak bench or table made from tamarind, as well as exotic decorative items such as a teak sculpture.
The working is done by expert carpenter and professional interior maker for create high quality product of solid wooden bed. Many kinds of wood material from walnut, oak or others kind of woods are available in the shop list. And this is solid dark wood coffee table, that will help keep your living room spick and span. Made from premium grade mango wood, and delectable dark stained finish which is hand waxed for extra sheen and durability. The strong construction of solid wood bed product gives you a lot of benefits for your best bed furniture collection. This coffee table is different from the other table, that there are three drawers on each side, so has six drawers on both sides, and each drawer is solidly crafted using resilient dovetail joints with solid oak linings and cubed mango handles.

The sophisticated colors are coming for you who want super strong bed quality and very beautiful bed frame working design.  You can use this wooden bed for all kinds of bedroom type. The solid wood cabinets on 2 side, right and left beside the master bed will be very great to have in your bedroom.
Many benefits are offered by this solid wood bed frame by its strong bed construction which made from solid wood.
The cupboard edition and make up table are also designed for complete set of this solid wooden bedroom set package.

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