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Please text or call 512 938 8sixone0**Dresser is at its last and final price**They are still selling on the sales floor$300 - (Orig.
4 Designs for 4 different Looks, each with a different size and profile but each making an aesthetically awesome statement of form follows function because the covered shape really does create the usability. The Butterfly Gazebo features a curvaceous roof that resembles a wing and the additional details of round wood within the corners of the straight posts and curved beams makes this gazebo a beautifully and ethereal example of what can be accomplished with skilled woodworkers. The Butterfly Pergola takes the Butterfly Gazebo to the next level with its wood base and canopied roof. The Arches Gazebo features a White Pine tongue and groove post and beam frame with a pine paneled ceiling and AR laminate shingles on the roof. The solid surface roof over the gazebos keeps falling leaves away from afternoon treats, dinner, or evening drinks, and if a rain shower passes by - no worries, the roof will keep you dry.

The Spa features a back door and 5 linear vertical windows on the two sides without the void so if you prefer not to have a hot tub, this design would make a great hideaway for reading, doing art or as a child's play area no matter what season.
The Butterfly is 13'x13' and is made out of both straight and curved White pine with a tongue and groove pine paneled ceiling and a roof covered in AR laminate shingles.
For example The Arches Gazebo as pictured here is a stunning dome of approximately 256sqft which means it can easily accommodate a 16 place dining table with room to spare - what an awesome el fresco experience this would be!
At 12'x12' this pergola can comfortably accommodate an 8 place dining table with room to spare.
The overall size is 16'x16' and it makes an ideal gazebo for all types of activities from family get togethers to practicing yoga.
All three of the gazebos as well as the pergola can be custom designed and sized to suit your needs so if the stock sizes aren't quite what you are looking for - its OK, they can adjust the product to suit your needs.

Made from White pine with a tongue and groove Pine paneled ceiling the roof is AR laminate shingles. Also made from curved and straight White Pine, the ceiling can be left open and exposed to the elements above or covered with a canopy.
I love the versatility of opening and closing the roof - and I love that it comes with its own wood base. I also have 2 matching end tables with the hing pull out for books and wood slide for 2 cups Approx.

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solid wood garden table and chairs

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