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Hmmm, I'm inclined at first blush to leave the V and A circuits alone, and use the pin 4 route. Thanks for the response, Oztules & Greenlink Oztules, had an already modified PC PSU lying in the attic which I had modified in the past for variable voltage and a current limit of 13A. The place to talk about Community Rugby League - including the Rugby League Conference, BARLA, Combined Services, Student & Schools Rugby League.
The place to talk about anything other than Rugby League or Rugby Union, be it sport, politics, religion, music, telly, jokes, links, whatever occupies your thoughts. You've been driving for days, you are in outback Australia, surrounded by red dirt (bulldust), flies and parched land. The roadhouse is large and cool, the walls are decorated with hundreds of number-plates, and you can't help wondering where they all came from. There are tables to rest at and a cool drink awaits, however, if you are in a hurry to keep going, there are refreshing cool drinks and unusual SA ice creams, flavoured with honey or dripping with fruit juices over creamy ice cream and they are huge - well, at least by our standards. Upon leaving, you will encounter the vastness of the Australian outback once more, with an enormous expanse of Spud's Roadhouse stretching out into the endless plains. You will find Pimba at the junction of the Stuart Highway and Pimba Road, which leads onto Woomera, Roxby Downs and Andamooka.
Supplies are brought in twice weekly through two of Australia's most iconic trains; the Indian Pacific and The Ghan, from both Adelaide and Darwin. Woomera (aboriginal word meaning "spear launcher") is the next closest town to Pimba, it is used for the aerospace systems worldwide. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.

And yes, downside is that there's no galvanic separation between inputs and outputs as ground is shared. When supplying a variable voltage (by a potentiometer) of between 0 and Vref, output voltage can be nicely controlled between minimum and maximum (2.5-28V). It may later be moved to another more relevant section, but this is a good place to start if you're not sure.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You are in search of fuel for you vehicle and your body, your throat is dry and you need a break.
You can hear the tumbleweeds roll past and you stroll across the red pebbled dirt to the roadhouse. Like many outback tales, his story and life is remembered and brought to life through the roadhouse and the many travellers and locals who remember him. I'd also remove the components on the secondary side that normally power the TL494 after startup, as you suggested. If galvanic separation were a requirement, I'd probably feed the TL494 straight from its own small DC-DC power converter (with floating output ground). The 494 will need bootstrapping as it no longer has the unstable front end to trickle start the secondary for the Vcc for the 494 Or simply put, 12v to pins 8 (collector 1),11(collector 2). That way you get the total galvanic separation on input and output, and no bootstrapping required.
A modified PC PSU seems to be just right for this kind of thing, with a voltage of about 18-20V and a current of 10A max. But when I short the outputs of the PSU and try to modulate current, there's no real control - below a certain setting of the potmeter, current is zero, and the slightest bit above the threshold current goes to maximum (13A).

Strange, but one thing is that I didn't modify the current control properly, as this PSU didn't have a 'flying lead' at the transformer. Not sure exactly *what* I did back then, but I'll modify it to 'standard Oztules' configuration and try again. It'll take a bit of fooling around with timers though to get the proper sequences - when trigger is pressed, gas flow should start immediately.
After current has ramped down, post-flow timer should keep the gas flowing for a user-settable time. Notice he uses a car alternator - nice if you want a 100+A rig, but that's not what I'm looking for.
Would be AC at a few kHz though, and square wave too (even better than sine for this purpose!). The point is to be able to do work like this: 2 stainless M3 rings, welded together with 3 tiny TIG spotwelds. A continuous bead along the side wasn't possible as the work overheated, and I couldn't turn current down anymore on this large machine (250A watercooled) - when the arc was struck, it immediately had to be extinguished again. I've been pondering how to do this ramping up and down, either by injecting a signal in the current opamp in the TL494, or via the dead-time control (DTC), pin4 of the TL494. Thinking aloud here and interested in your opinion on the matter of modulating current of a PC PSU. How would you go about it? Again, not sure that I'll go the PC PSU route, as it would take quite a bit of filtering to prevent the HF arc start (RF high voltage) from messing with the PC PSU.

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