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The Record Power SS16V is a versatile tool that allows the user to cut intricate shapes in a range of materials. The SS16V Is a great addition to any workshop, it offers the user variable speeds which is ideal when cutting different materials.
For the price its not bad, but, the blade changing is very fiddly as the access to the bottom blade fastening is partly covered by a plate. A Scrollsaw is a versatile addition to any workshop, bringing with it the ability to cut intricate shapes in a wide range of materials and even working from inside out. Sorry the "2 HEGNER MULTICUT-1 Scroll Saws *SPECIAL*" you were looking for has been removed. A real benefit of the Record Power SS16V is the variable speed which gives the versatility to cut a range of different materials. Importantly, the blade can be quickly and easily changed to minimise interruptions to workflow, particularly when cutting intricate pieces.
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If your part is NOT listed in the "Common Spare Parts" tab below , click the "SEND PARTS REQUEST" button to complete the "Spare Parts Enquiry Form".This will provide you with the option to email your spare part enquiry direct to our Spare Parts and Service Department, or if you wish, you can download a printable version of this enquiry form which will include a copy of the Parts List to suit this machine (if available). NOTE: Please remember to clearly identify your part on the included parts diagram if necessary so that we can respond as quickly as possible with a price and availability for the part(s) you require. A real benefit of the SS16V is the variable speed which gives the versatility to cut a range of different materials. Tensioning the blade is a simple procedure; by adjusting the tensioning knob at the rear of the machine, the correct tension for any kind of blade can be set with minimal effort. The workpiece can be illuminated from any angle thanks to the support arm, to eliminate troublesome shadows and help achieve the most accurate cut. Thanks to the smooth action of the blade and solid build quality, highly intricate and accurate work can be carried out without the nuisance of excess vibration. The table tilts up to 45?, allowing for endless possibilities, from creating snug fitting veneers and intarsia work to the compound cutting techniques often used in model making. Blade speed is changed with ease using the conveniently placed control knob at the front of the machine. The slower speed are suitable to cut through plastics and non-ferrous metals, with the faster speeds capable of cutting up to 50mm in wood. The air blower is so weak it has to be no more than 5ml away from the where the blade is cutting.

From simple and delicate small scale cabinet work to intricate fretwork and toys, a scroll saw opens up a whole new world of possibilities, offering an enjoyable and relaxing way to express creativity.A real benefit of this machine is the variable speed which gives the versatility to cut a range of different materials. Slower speeds can be used for the cutting of plastic and non-ferrous metals, while faster speeds can be used for cutting wood up to 50mm thick.
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Other features include a dust blower and a safety hold down clamp to ensure a safe working environment.

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