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Design and web development magazine DesignModo has created an infographic to help you start a web design project in small achievable steps. From the initial stage of determining your clienta€™s goals to step-by-step designing, testing and launching phase, check out this comprehensive guide to facilitate your web design project.
Nothing should stop you from taking action – put yourself out here and offer your web building services – the following will help you. Added to this, it’s always better to get a business PayPal account that is separate from a personal PayPal account if you have one. You will need to register a great domain name and use it for your website and email address. There are two things you need to do when you set up a website: You’ve got to register a domain name and you’ve got to have web hosting. A web hosting company will physically store the files of your website and deliver your site to visitors via the World Wide Web. I think site-builders like SquareSpace have improved dramatically but WordPress is best because it provides the most flexibility and it is scalable.
A clear call to action: For example, create an attractive button for a free 15 minute web design consultation.
Testimonials: Can you contact a past client that might be willing to write you a great testimonial? You can write articles about specific design-related tasks like: interactive PDF creation, multi-lingual WordPress site creation, calendar templates, etc.
Software — although it is perfectly possible to run a design business with no paid software at all, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you specialize certain aspects of web design that you really enjoy, your work is going to be better as a result. Hey Jyotsna, ?? definitely, setting up a business and a separate business bank account was a big win for me in separating my business finances from my personal ones. Sign up for my newsletter and get free How to Market Yourself Online and Starting An Online Business e-books, two MP3s on online business as well as a list of my favorite resources. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the text of which may be found on the U.S. If you believe that your copywriten work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please notify Demonoid's copyright agent using the following form. If these questions crossed your mind at least once, you are probably ready to start working on your own terms as a proud entrepreneur. Certainly being good in what you do is important, but it’s not enough for a successful business. At the beginning, it’s okay to wear many hats – be an HR, CFO, new business developer on top of your actual job.
If your budgets are still limited, consider launching an internship program and inviting design students on board to get some of the tasks off your hand.
They validate your credibility and increase trust levels (as it becomes clear you’ve been in business for a while and have a public presence). Feature your team: even if it’s not that big you can run a “meet the team member” weekly series on social media and feature one of your mates, their experience, credentials and some funny facts. I can’t speak for many of the paths people have been able to pave making a living off of WordPress. But I can tell you that when deciding to freelance or start a business with WordPress web design and development, there are things you should know beforehand. However, I think if you’ve decided to go out on your own, away from the pressures of a full time job, you’re probably doing it for a change in lifestyle. You made the decision, it’s probably valid, and I hope you did your research before you decided to get into this. I’m going to write about some of the stuff that might hit you like a deer in the headlights when you get started in WordPress web design as an income-generating, food-on-the-table type of business. But secretly they might be thinking you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, especially by the looks of your Facebook timeline.
Or their eyes start to glaze and they begin staring at something behind you because they don’t know what you’re talking about when you describe how much work it is to be an entrepreneur. But Chris is right in this sense: You look around at other people with regular day jobs and think, “wow, how do they make time for board games and pot lucks and still sleep well at night knowing how unproductive they’ve been with those hours? If you are the kind of person that has to force yourself to start thinking about taking weekends off, you might be hustling too much.
I’ll admit, I know the feeling of wanting to ignore the forewarnings I’m about to give you.
The dollar amounts of one project compared to another might be the same on paper, but the value of those dollars can change. If you are working too hard for your dollars, they are not worth the ink they’re written with on the cheques you’ll receive (yes some people still use cheques, believe it or not).
If you are spending a lot of time doing research for a client before they pay you for a project, don’t.
Of the projects you’ve done to date, how much of that time was spent communicating with your client, versus actually doing the work? If you have a difficult client, one that is making bad design requests, or asking for the impossible, then this is not going to value you as much as the work where you get to strut your stuff. If a client doesn’t want to give you any leeway in those areas, remember you can take the job for the one-time paycheck, but this project won’t be as valuable to you as the ones that can multiply your work sources later. If the demand for your services go up, due to your sparkly portfolio, you can start charging more, and rightfully so.
One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten when starting my business was from a successful web designer.
Don’t raise your prices for no good reason, like many people tell you to (or because you have a nice office). If you think you are going into web design because you love designing websites, think again. When you decide to go out on your own, you have to realize that you will have two options: you can work in your business or work on your business. In short, you need to start learning how to hire people to not only do what you are not good at, but even the things you are good at.

It’s hard to decide to hire out at first because you might think you’ll make less if you do that.
Oh there are many rewards to being a freelancer, especially in the exciting, ever-evolving world of WordPress and web design. You might not get all three in equal parts – but the beauty is that you can apply your own levers. By Joyce GraceJoyce is an internet marketer based out of Vancouver who combines her passion for journalism with her education in communication. I think it’s just important to know that if during the sales process a potential lead is asking you to do too much for them, then you can stop there and just be firm about your price and packages, and move on.
Unfortunately web design is one of the areas where clients want a Rolls Royce job for the price of a mini – hope that makes sense to people outside of the UK.
Yes I recently had a potential sales lead think I was less valuable because I was on my own and not a fully staffed agency. Clients want a Rolls Royce (with a Lamborghini engine and the space of a van and the flexibility of a James Bond?s amphibian car and the fuel consumption of a cigarette lighter) for the price of a Mini.
Hi Amit, I would just not try to reason with the people who want to pay you $40 an hour if you really feel you are worth $200 and that is the market rate for comparable work that you do. Hi Mitch, finding the right client for YOU is the trick ?? I think it’s a personality game.
I would read the E-Myth though, and plenty of other articles on this subject that are out there. Oh boy, I should have known all these before I started ?? But I’m not so far from the start line so.
If you are just starting then you have to sacrifice everything, no rest only work and non stop work untill you reached your target. Freelance does require discipline to act in a business manner, otherwise we can’t pay the bills. Project-manage and co-build with a less expensive outsource so your time is not taken up doing the drudgery time consuming stuff.
Thanks again for the blog Joyce… seems all the problems know no country or cultural borders!!!! Once you have your domain and signed up for hosting, you are free to set up WordPress, build a website, create content and build an amazing business. I’m a huge proponent of setting up a blog and using it to generate leads for your business. Most of us use some sort of text editor (Dreamweaver, TextMate), some sort of graphics program (Photoshop) and some sort of FTP client (Filezilla). I would advise backing up onsite with an external drive and offsite with something like Dropbox. You’ll be surprised that there can be some decent leads here although there will be a lot of freebie seekers and bad clients here. I’ve finally just set up a Ltd for my freelance services and have opened a separate business bank account. This is both an interesting and challenging career, and I have done this as one of the services my business offers but more on the creative aspect.Great! I'd love to send you exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else on the blog, and I'll send you free copies of my e-books too! Do you feel like it’s time to grow from a one-man freelance band to a bureau of professionals? Before making the leap of faith, however, check out the following nuggets of practical wisdom about starting a web design business.
She's slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies.
Yes, pick a target market, have a financial plan, strategize your product, blah blah blah blah.
But be extra warned: most of this has to be learned through the school of hard knocks anyway.
Don’t aim to be ‘big’ just for the money and think you can keep doing things the way you have been for the last 10 years.
It means if you chose to work in your business – as in, actually doing all the web design yourself, you’ll become ‘enslaved,’ as one columnist put it. You can do what Tim Ferris said in that book you love, The 4-Hour Workweek, and start outsourcing. You thought right when you thought about changing your lifestyle – you were on to something.
If I can see that this client has a wide network of potential new work, then I will adjust my prices accordingly before the quote.
I think that showing you don’t need their business makes you less desperate in their eyes, which is valuable ?? It shows you have plenty of work to get elsewhere.
In my business banking sales job we studied human behavior and took sales courses from Sales Force and found that people do not mind paying more money for better services. As I was being grilled by 7 Board members, this was one of the questions they had for me- whether I could do a good job as a small (me + 2 part time staff) freelance firm, and whether I could support them with future maintenance. I told them that many of the larger firms I’ve seen are not only doing inferior work, they are charging more for it and using fear tactics to hook clients into costly retainers for sites that require almost no upkeep. When I started my business a mentor told me to read Rework as my first business coaching assignment. I can send the same quote and same info to two people and they can take it totally differently. I remember when I tried to do my taxes on my own as a business owner – I did such a bad job at it! I’m a 15 year veteran of freelancing and decided to write an eBook about it last year. A lot of this applies to most any kind of freelance work: writing, design, photography, etc.
For me the toughest one was getting new clients and I felt that if I had a better network and was more of a networking type it would have helped at the start.
But web design gave me a springboard from which I could explore other business opportunities and travel the world.

Get hosting with Hostgator and get 25% off with my special code robcubbon25 – both the link and the code will give me an affiliate commission. You will never be able to do web design for 8 hours a day so the charging structure should reflect this. You can offer your clients hosting, social media packages, email marketing, website maintenance, SEO services, copy writing, etc. Please also note that under Section 512(F) any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability.
Meaning you will need to expand and oftentimes before you start standing still on both feet. No boss to listen to, more time with family and friends (that’s a joke when freelancing in web design by the way), the ‘four-hour work week’ (never take that literally, and do check emails on days other than Mondays), more potential income, or whatever.
I wrote about travelling while freelancing here, in case you’re interested, and if that’s what you want to do.
You think about a project or client while you’re driving or taking a shower, and that’s usually when things finally ‘click’ and light bulbs turn on above your head. What a stupid idea in the business world, designed to get you to work for free for someone who should do their own research instead of making you do it for them, so they can steal your ideas and award their money to someone else they wanted to work with from the start anyway (like their unqualified chum). If they want to find out if a special plugin or weird, little-known system can integrate with the website they might buy from you, let them figure it out, or charge them for your research consulting time. Your link in the footer, a testimonial, the acknowledgement of your work on a team (if you worked under an agency brand), your right to use your work in design contests and portfolios; all of that is important. Money and sales are ok to go for in the beginning, but after you’ve got your financial footing, put less emphasis on making the sale, and more emphasis on spending what it takes to make your end product better.
If you want to get into the nitty gritty of how to hire remotely, check out Shane Pearlman’s stuff, he talks about this. If everything depends on you, your income potential will be capped – and that’s one of the main reasons you decided to escape your day job in the first place, right? But if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to increase the volume of clients you serve per hour, which means you can make more while working less, eventually. She is obsessed with all things Dutch and is also probably the only person on the planet who doesn't like cheesecake. And the ironic thing is, if you learn how to ignore some sales leads to pay attention to the better ones, this will eventually be the case anyway.
When someone asks that question it gives you an opportunity to tell why you have a better service and that you will not only give them a Web site but you will also ______ better than your competition. I think that freelancers have a lot of pressure to keep up to date with their practices whereas agencies can get away with doing things the way they have been for a long time, only because of the big name and office space behind them.
Do you have any tips for finding the right client, do you specialise in a particular niche? As you state in your article, anyone who thinks freelancers are people who are too lazy to hold down a real job have never tried it.
Out sourcing is the right way to get hold on your freelance business instead of doing everything by your own, that way you are not earning alone but also helping others to earn. I have actually found that if you do good SEO, you can get not only local, but non-local clients easily, and they take less time because there are no meetings involved ?? And it can expand your reach.
Put this logo everywhere: in your invoices, in your contracts, and on your social media images. As much as I’ve had great success getting clients online, you can never beat face-to-face interaction. The administrator of this site ( cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. And though he says you can sleep at night knowing you’ve done a good job after you’ve hustled, I think that’s not the case at the beginning.
You stop caring about what your clothes look like because you consider the ROI of any purchase you make (which is the business mindset creeping into your personal life). And it’s hard to realize, as a freelancer (especially in web design or any anti-social, computer-staring type of industry), your work life and your personal life are hard to separate. So I’m not even going to say ‘work smarter’ (though that’s what a lot of business books aim to help you with, genuinely so).
But I think eventually we start to learn where we should stop spending our time trying to do something we know we’ll be bad at ?? I much prefer to hire out now and let better people do the job, freeing me up to do what I do best. If client wants to negotiate, I tell them we can put Job Management on an hourly basis and possibly save money (or not).
You may not use this site to distribute or download any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so.
Yes, even ‘big name’ agencies can disappoint their customers, who see through the mirage eventually.
They will get what they pay for a $10.00 and hour product which can actually hurt their business so they may need you in the future. Or read the 37 Signals blog – the entire book is made up of a collection of their blog posts.
If they value their business it is better for them to pay good money for the best than to sacrifice quality and throw money away no matter what amount it is. You might value your work and price it at $200 but the client feels its not more than worth $40. But honestly truly, the more time I spend trying to win a sale, the less likely I’ll get it. Most of my customers are people that originally said no and I came back and they were happy to see me.
At a certain point though, they are not enough, and as I mentioned in a comment above, good SEO helps a lot ?? And an online presence – hit the LinkedIn profile well (my second year of business was mostly from LinkedIn contacts) and also other social media channels.
Build the relationship, show concern for the customers needs and they will love you for it.
I’m not saying all agencies do this, but yes, it can be hard to show your worth as a lone-star freelancer.

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