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Rose Garden Suites SULTANAHMET ISTANBUL, are located in Sultanahmet district of Istanbul's which is one of oldest and most precious area. Executive Suite Rooms ,This special rooms has been furnished with the best quality of Ottoman Imperial style..
Rose Garden Suites, are  located  in  Sultanahmet district of Istanbul's which is one of  oldest and most precious   area. After a long process obtaining Planning Permission, we have at last started our latest Oak Framed Building. We use an EPDM Rubber roofing system on flat roofs, and we will use that on the dormers in the next few days. The softwood 8″ cladding has almost been finished and we feel we are well on the way to completing the build.
All we need to make is a set of steps onto the roof for access to the door, and a good tidy up at the front before we level the drive and cover it with a new layer of gravel. There  is  a  wide  range  of  roses   that  have  been   collected   from  all  around of   Turkey,   The  Garden  and  common  open  air  areas  are  covered   with  Basalt  Stone ( Lava Stone ) This kind of stone material has the special features which other stone material doesn’t have for its individual holes, such as sound absorption and insulation, heat insulation and reserve, frozen proof etc.

I know all this dry weather is making the headlines with worries about a drought, but at least for us it means we can keep working.
We put the windows in, so the loft is weather tight, and the featheredge cladding is finished except for a small bit around the door.
Once all that has been finished, the last stage is to add a small flat roofed extension on the end. In the next day or so we will finish the roof ridge, which will take the building to it’s full height of 6m.
Our final job will be to level the drive, spread some gravel and we can post some photos of the finished garage complete with loft.
We are at your disposal with our laundry and ironing services as well.Hotel erten konak Hotel Istanbul Sultanahmet at our ISTANBLUES terrace - barrestaurant you can get your open buffet breakfast accompanied by the sea view and in ambience full of history.
It has good sightseeing for the continuous big and small holes, with primitive simplicity and elegant style. After cutting away a large section of bank and removing the soil to make a level site, we dug the foundations to Building Regulation standards.

So far we have only had one wet day, but by then the roof joists and roofing membrane was in place and we had a dry day laying the flooring underneath in the loft.
Our client wanted more loft space, so we are in the process of building two large dormers on the rear. Our client did not want posts in the middle of the garage to allow more space to open car doors, so rather than the usual Oak, we used steel beams, which will be boxed in with Oak later. Ian the brickie has been in and built a block retaining wall behind the building, and soon we will be starting the lean to.

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stone garden rooms design

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