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Storage auctions, Information, dates, times, locations and phone numbers of self and mini storage companies holding lien sale auctions in california. Storage auctions, A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Storage auctions - A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Wellers storage auctions - Wellers self-storage auctions are very closely linked to the commercial division of wellers auctioneers in milton keynes, with strong ties in asset management,. Storage auctions : california storage facility locations - A free self storage auction directory offering real time auction listings, alerts, tools, how-to resources and more. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners., rather than directly offering items mentioned here for sale or auction, provides a huge database of information about government auctions and foreclosures. On Wednesday September 2, 2009 there will be a live auction held in Bennettsville, South Carolina for a commercial building that measures 6,696 square feet.
Now up for auction are these two fiberglass portable buildings made by Vertex Plastics Inc.
Our final auction of the day is for this 24' x 40' two classroom double-wide modular educational trailer. This next auction is for one massive lot consisting of approximately 691,705 cubic feet of big leaf mahogany wood (Swientenia Macrophylla.) They were imported from Brazil and have never been used. For storage auction buyers:  Information about upcoming coast to coast American storage auctions and lien sales in California to Storage Auctions in New York! We are ecstatic and jumping with joy for the Summer 2015 season and the sudden arrival of sweet sunshine has given us a jolt of energy reassuring ourselves that our Storage Auction Company is the best around! Notice of Public Auction SATURDAY, MAY 2nd, 2015 11:00 AM New Jersey, LLC, dba SMARTBOX, 15 Willett St.
The unclaimed storage auctions of shipping containers with household goods; will be sold by public Storage Auction by Storage Auctioneers for non-payment of rent. Storage Auctioneers will host our special event Saturday, MAY 2nd at 11:00 AM and we hope you attend. The History behind New Jersey Storage Auctions runs deep with the untold fortunes surrounding the greatest city in the world, New York City.
This video, produced with help from AO Entertainment and Manhattan Musicians, gives you the look and feel of how Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions operate.
10% Buyer’s Premium and Local State Sales TAX may apply depending on the county and city rules. Unclaimed Shipping Container Auctions should only be conducted by professional Storage Auctioneers. It is certainly a pleasure doing business with our patrons and we appreciate your valuable trust and referrals. Notice of Public Auction SATURDAY, MARCH 28TH, 2015 12:00 New Jersey, LLC, dba SMARTBOX, 15 Willett St. The unclaimed storage containers with household goods; will be sold by public Storage Auction by Storage Auctioneers for non-payment of rent.
We at Storage Auctioneers have a special event this Saturday, March 28th at 12:00 pm and hope you attend.
Imagine what was going through the mind of a man who purchased a storage container for $100 and found the James Bond Lotus Underwater car stashed underneath a pile of blankets. The car, which was featured in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), was bought in a blind auction in Long Island in 1989 for $100.
We look forward to seeing you at the next Storage Auction Sale of unclaimed freight, and or personal self storage units. Here at Storage Auctioneers, we are a national network of hardworking Americans, earning a living selling storage lockers and lien sales at auction.
Storage space is so expensive in New York City, that hopefully, if someone was willing to pay the money to store items, than the items were hopefully worth more than the price of the storage locker rent. If you register with us there is no guarantee you will ever be on Storage Wars New York or New Jersey, however, the chances are good that one day you will be recommended to a storage auction where you can bid and buy the unknown and possibly become the new furniture king, art gambler or successful mogul.
We appreciate you being professional and polite to your fellow storage auction buyers and Storage Auctioneers. If you would like to attend a Storage Auction near in your neighborhood it is as easy as filling out a confidential registration form and bringing cash money to the sale.
We invite all well behaved bidders over 18 to register and bring enough cash to bid and buy on auction day! There are few guarantees in life, so only bid on what you can buy with the money in your pocket.
If you register, attend our Storage Unit Auctions, and become the high bidder, congratulations! The Storage Auctioneer of the Storage Unit Auctions or Freight Storage Container, reserves the right to close, sell, accept bids, re-open bidding, and set bidding increments. Next up, we’ve got Brandi in a playful devilish mood, during an interview with the filming crew. She sometimes gives her partner Jarrod a pretty harsh talking to whenever she feels he’s overpaid for a unit, but there are also plenty of moments where her innate sweetness shines through.
Brandi seems to have gotten up to some kind of mischief in this shot and she’s holding a hand up to her face to conceal a wry smile. Many of her young male fans have taken note of Brandi’s large breasts, but in truth she has a the whole package with a classic hourglass figure.

Here our storage queen is sporting some brown retro tinted sunglasses, a revealing spaghetti strap top and a long pendant necklace.
The couple has stated that their real interest in storage auctions and their thrift store lies in being able to provide for their family and attain financial freedom. Next up in our countdown of the sexiest Brandi Passante photos is this little gem that shows our girl in a full-on headshot.
This is a very beautiful portrait style photograph that shows off Brandi’s naked and open gaze. This picture is proof that some simple lip gloss and a set of hoop earrings is all that Brandi needs to let her natural beauty shine through.
It is estimated that Brandi is worth about $700 thousand all told, but this is really not much compared to some of the multi-millions that her competitors are slinging around.
Brandi and Jarrod just need to put in some more time and keep on doing their best to make careful purchases and they’ll soon have an even greater nest egg socked away. There’s no need to play the unattainable goddess at all times, and even when Brandi is fired up and irritated she still seems like a real person. Although she’s occasionally guilty of being whiny, Brandi also has plenty of fun on the show and that makes us like her all the more. She seems the least likely of all the buyers to result to downright jerky tactics like running up a unit’s bid price just to torment the buyer that actually wants it.
Brandi’s physical measurements have been the topic of frenzied speculation for some time now, but there has yet to emerge a definitive answer regarding her bust size.
For now, the reality will have to remain a mystery, although it’s pretty clear that Brandi does not have breast implants. This is a screen capture from one of the episodes of Storage Wars where Brandi is standing in the hall and discussing a unit purchase with Jarrod. Brandi brings a sorely needed element of softness and grace that the show would just be a middle-aged sweat-fest without. Does this ink speak to some bad-girl tendencies that Brandi once had or is currently suppressing for her TV roles? All we know is that she looks cute taking a picture of herself using her cell phone and a mirror and seems to be checking out a new dress – maybe this is a shot from inside a dressing room? We’ll round out this round-up with a cute picture of Brandi in an inquisitive mood, mugging it up for the interview camera yet again.
My brother and I went down to Palm Springs last Winter and went to Now and Then to purchase T-Shirts and some Hot Wheels.
Very true…average, but hot, and if it were not for the the show no one would be talking about her. Anyone know if there is any copies of her sex video still on the net, I am curious to see if it is her? Building a shed in the backyard could be a very time consuming and money draining experience.
You may not know it but the government receives a huge influx of surplus military goods literally all the time. This 2 story building has an office and retail spot on the main floor, storage space on the 2nd floor and basement, front and rear entrance, and lift elevator.
This auction is for a plot of desert that measures about 4.5 acres and is a roadside piece of land. It's incredibly durable, able to resist moisture and best of all doesn't require maintenance. It was previously used as an office and measures 24x35 feet and a total of 1560 square feet. Saturday gives Treasure Hunters, adventurers and the curious entrepreneur a chance to uncover mysteries that could pay out tremendously. This Saturday gives Treasure Hunters, adventurers and the curious entrepreneur a chance to uncover mysteries that could pay out tremendously.
The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is putting the underwater car up for auction and it is expected to bring in more than $1 Million.
If you are looking for unclaimed storage, are looking to sell units or are in need of an exciting Auction Event, please contact us and our Professional Staff.
Louis, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, California and Puerto Rico while servicing the entire country. We have basic Storage Auction Terms and Conditions which every bidder must read, understand, and agree to willingly.
Buyer acknowledges that he or she is bidding on all items within the unit and all items must be removed and the unit must be cleaned. The Buyer must provide a $100 security deposit and must remove all goods within a twenty-four hour period or the goods will become the property of the Storage Company, unless the Buyer signs a lease agreement for said unit, and pays the current month's rent in full. It is the Buyer's responsibility to immediately return all personal property, papers, photos, legal documents, tax returns, bank statements, yearbooks, etc.
The Buyer acknowledges that in certain circumstances the Storage Company may contact the Buyer and request that certain items be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with the said tenant, the Buyer also agrees to sell to the Storage Company such items for (a) the cost at which the Buyer purchased such items plus (b) any reasonable actual costs incurred by Buyer in connection with such items. Buyer agrees to make a written bid on all units viewed, even if such a bid is for zero amounts.
This agreement pertains to this and all future sales this Buyer attends at any Extra Space Storage (Another Attic) Storage facility. Extra Space Storage Inc.(Another Attic) reserves the right to refuse entrance to any Buyer at future auctions due to failure to follow these rules or any other unacceptable behavior at the auction. All bidders agree to hold harmless and indemnify Extra Space Storage Inc., auctioneer, and Auction Company from all claims.

It’s safe to say that a good number of fellas fond of watching Storage Wars are mostly tuning in to see Brandi show off her next short skirt and tight top.
Whenever Brandi gets up close to the camera for a one on one it’s easier to get a sense of her sweet personality and charming disposition.
Although Brandi usually has a soft and playful appearance, her facial features are actually quite striking in this picture. Her dress and make-up are understated which is all the more indication of her natural beauty. She can pull of a wide range of outfits and colors, though some argue she looks her best in darker tones.
She looks to be getting ready to head out for a night on the town and we can see two small bird tattoos on the tops of her feet.
There have been rumors floating around that she once worked as an adult entertainer, but there’s nothing really conclusive out about that yet. Black is always a good color on her and it’s impressive that she still has this great a body even after having two kids! Be sure to tune into Storage Wars to Brandi and all the other storage auction buyers in action! We met Jarrod and later in the day went back and low and behold there was the Goddess herself. I agree she is a 6 at best, but she is semi-famous so I guess that makes up for only being a 6 at best?
He draws on his personal experience as a mini storage property manager to answer questions pertaining to storage auctions and to provide insights into this complex industry.
If you want the same results for a lesser price then you should check out this current online auction for a Military Storage Container. This lot includes 23 Steiner Binoculars, 33 Fujinon Binoculars, and 15 from a different manufacturer. Your very own 1991 Caterpillar D4C Crawler Dozer that is up for online auction can make your dozing dreams come true. It has no insulation and although there are a couple of small holes on the side of the structure, with a little patch work it can be good as new again. Inside you'll find a living area, kitchen, full sized bathroom, closet, and 372 square feet of gross living space. There are no wheels or axle to this structure and shipping expenses must be handled by the bidder.
New Jersey Storage Auctions  may uncover some amazing treasures from the Sea to the Shore from the City to the Garden State.
They will not be allowed to enter the unit or go through any of the items before bidding.Bidders will bid and purchase the unit as a whole.
Failure to remove all goods or sign a lease will result in Buyer forfeiting the security deposit and incurring a disposal fee. She doesn’t need to spend hours in front of a mirror to look presentable, but has a nice natural glow from living in California and soaking up the sun.
They may not be fit for use by today's army standards, but the government is still pretty sure that the public can still make use of them. You can win this land via auction and set up your own business, selling cold ice tea or beer on a hot summer day. If you're looking for the perfect place for storage then you just have to check out this deal. The Storage Company shall furnish the Buyer with a cash receipt upon payment of the unit contents. You can lay this down in your backyard and turn it into your own private head quarters or your away from home spot where you can gather your thoughts and clean your guns. Although they look like their built for extremely cold weather, they're actually designed for the heat. You can even build your own roadside attraction and generate tons of business if you have the right idea.
Why get a small sports car or a fancy SUV when you can pick this bad boy up and be the awesomest person that ever lived? For the most part these binoculars cost a pretty penny, but this auction is currently around 1k and you have 71 pairs of binoculars. The chutes have been demilled and the cords have been cut for they aren't exactly intended for their original purpose. This machine is located in Arkansas and would probably need to get picked up once you win the auction. The neighborhood is close to a shopping center, places of employment, and public transportation. Wide double door entry Lockable (lock not included) With the last bid at $300 and just a couple of weeks remaining, this auction won't be around forever so register in order to get the information! Imagine pulling out of your driveway every morning and waving goodbye to your neighbors as they get into their tiny little two-seaters. You could probably get this working device at a price that is a lot lower than its market value if you play your cards right. With the real estate market the way it is, you could come out on top with this plot and wind up making a buy for less that what it was originally offered for.

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