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Golf cart storage baskets, nets or trunk boxes are important, make that essential, accessories for those of us who live in a golf cart community. Golf cart owners often have to come up with their own storage solutions - like the laundry basket held on with bungee cords.
This handy collapsible basket goes with my wife every time she takes the golf cart (OK, sometimes I use it too).
Whether she is going to see the grandkids and wants to bring something over or just for going shopping. Built specifically for the EZGO TXT, this rear cargo box comes in super handy for lots of different uses.

With this golf cart accessory, you can haul plants, carry away debris or get your mulch to the other side of the yard. Go from Golf Cart Storage to Golf Cart AccessoriesGo from Golf Cart Storage to Golf Carts Etc.
Classic AccessoriesThis Storage Cover will protect any two-passenger golf cart from the elements. My wife often goes grocery shopping with the golf cart, and knows all about grapefruit rolling out of the grocery bag down the hill and never to be found. Easy to install and remove - literally just takes seconds.This is a great bag if you want to do your grocery shopping and need space to put your purchases such as paper towels, toilet paper, or canned goods.

While it fits most golf carts, the pre-2000.5 Club Car DS models have struts that are too close together to fit this organizer.

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storage baskets for golf carts 400

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