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If you are thinking of putting the playpen area right under or level with the window that's a nice idea. If you can provide an escape from too much sun and also provide an area that's not drafty that's fine.
ExpertiseAs is sometimes the case, people in urgent need of information have a higher degree of expectation than those of us as experts are able to give. Having raised and exhibited cavies for many years I have extensive experience in cavy care and husbandry.
Although this is a site for experts to assist owners, there is no expert in any field who has all the answers.
We deal with all aspects of showing, breeding, caring for and sharing experiences in the fancy. Are you thinking of making the window space into a cage type area that goes both indoors and outdoors, or just putting a cage where the window is?

If you go to Home Depot or Lowe's in the plumbing department you can find four inch connector pipes that are about ten inches long and cost about $3. To take it a step further you can use the plastic coated cubes available at WalMart, etc to make cages and exercise pens. The experts on this site do their best to give the most accurate and responsible answers possible.
Although many years of breeding and showing cavies gives me a wealth of experience it cannot change the fact that we as experts are not veterinarians and therefore may occasionally have to reject questions that appear to be asking us to criticize advice given by the licensed professional. There's a number of inexpensive and clever ways to provide them a shelter without breaking the bank. I've also found you can shop at a Dollar Tree or 99 cent store for stone crocks as feed dishes. We ask that you remember that it is not our intention nor place to criticize the professional advice given by your veterinarian, nor is it appropriate for us to comment on the correctness of a diagnosis made by a licensed physician.

You don't want to put the cage space where it is in direct sunlight as guinea pigs don't tolerate too much sun if there's a fear of overheating.
And it will cost you far less than one simple cage at PetSmart that is really too small for a guinea pig anyway.
They're easy to wash and if the pig chews on them he can't hurt it and the pipe won't hurt him.

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storage boxes big lots

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