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Oak boxes to last a lifetime, passed down from generation to generation, and large enough to store all those important documents and trinkets. Unique Personalised Christening, Naming Ceremony or Baptism Gifts which will be treasured as the baby grows. A beautifully crafted gift idea with the option to personalise for a special anniversary or birthday – wood is the traditional gift for a 5th Anniversary although anybody would be delighted to receive this box as a present at any time.
Our latest style Solid Oak Memory Boxes have silver hardware with two lidstays for ease of use also – now in stock our Oak Boxes with brass hardware and a mortice lock. These unique large quality real wood memory boxes are available in  solid oak and are made to keep all your memories safe and all in one place.
We also offer a silver plaque to be placed on the inside lid with a personalised message, various sizes – please add the option to your basket when ordering your Oak Keepsake or Memory Storage Box. TestimonialsRustic Pine Keepsake Box with Fairy and Bluebells – I just wanted to say thanks for helping me to improve my uncle status :o). I requested the “fairy and bluebells” keepsake box back at the beginning of February (8th), with a short timeline as I was already late for my niece’s birthday!
News & Special OffersFill out the form below to signup to our newsletter and we'll drop you a line when we have Special Offers. PAY OVER THE PHONEPlease contact us on the telephone numbers above if you would prefer to order and pay over the phone. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation. China Good Quality Paper Packaging Boxes, Recycled Paper Boxes and Gift Packaging Boxes International Trade Site. First of all, let me just say that I had absolutely no intention of making boxes for our front closet. See, for almost a year (because that photo is from last summer) I searched everywhere I could and still could not find boxes and bins that fit the measurements of those cubby holes. You know how when you go to a blog and they do some kick ass IKEA hack and turn bookcases into built in’s or a bench under a window because that piece of furniture was the exact measurement that fit in that exact space in their home? The cubby holes were no exception just due to the distance between the inside wall to the door frame.
So for almost a year I searched and we lived with that epic mess of mittens falling down, hats toppling over each other and grocery bags squished in.
Now, I didn’t want anything heavy that could fall on my kids feet, so wood was out of the question. First, I measured out my template pieces and then using an X-acto knife and a ruler, I cut out the foam pieces over a cutting board.

By the way, this tutorial should also be a huge lesson in how not to take photos for a tutorial.
Once my pieces were all cut out, I then used white duct tape, and taped the pieces together. For the handles I re-used handles from an old worn down tote bag that were faux leather and went to get some more binding screws to attach the straps to the boxes.
And now our tiny closet in our tiny entryway that  I complain about all the time, is starting to look a little nicer. But I’ll be honest, if I was to do it all again, I probably would have made them with a darker fabric.
Drop cloth is a giant piece of fabric that you use over your surface area to help prevent paint from dripping on your floor, furniture etc.
We wash the drop clothes I covered the patio furniture with (to keep the new cushions from getting yucky from blowing pollen) and they turned out perfectly clean and fresh.
Love it and it is fantastic… been out shopping and couldn’t find any to fit or they were tooooo expensive!! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We all like to help each other out in the blogging community and share inspiring projects we find on each others blogs. Under absolutely under no circumstances should entire entries and tutorials with my personal photos be copied and pasted onto your blog. If you are researching your family history and are collecting birth certificates, marriage certificates and your family tree, store them all in this special keepsake box for many years to come.
Your very helpful lady (I’m sorry – can’t recall the name but hopefully you can track that) was very realistic about the timescale but nevertheless you managed to deliver ahead of time.
Finally I admitted defeat and said I needed to sort out a way to make some because I could not stand looking at the mess anymore. Washi tape, yarn, fabric, twine, cord, stickers, felt, glitter, wood veneer, pom poms, flowers, paper…whatever floats your boat.
I used my template pieces to cut out a swiss cross pattern from the drop cloth for each box. Because I am pretty sure as nice and clean as they look now, in a years time and another Canadian winter, I am going to be hunting down grey felt.
I’ve got tons more of these in diff areas I have to get done so maybe for future ones. I just read a post about organizing my fabric stash and I can build these boxes to just fit the shelves I have for the fabric.

Either a hang tag tied to the handle, or I think there are little chalkboard tags with adhesive on the back—or they could be glued— to the front and then changed as the contents change.
Foam is so easy to trim and cut so they’re very customizable for all those annoying spaces that you can find boxes that fit. I have a project I have been wanting to try with drop cloths… (Which maybe I will get around to in the next five years,) have you tried washing them?
Just had to re-drape them (and tuck and tie) them back onto the patio furniture and they looked (and felt) as good as new. I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.
Also, thanks a MILLION for the info on what binding screws are called at the hardware stores!
Therefore, if you’d like use a photo or editorial content from my blog, you are welcome to do so using ONE photo and brief description of the given project, along with link back to my blog.
I needed a lightweight material that could still maintain a box shape and look a little cleaner. Second don’t try to take photos of white boards on cream carpet, then add cream coloured drop cloth to that mix and except a good result.
Just for this I’ll go find a photo of the one I used for this and put it in the tutorial.
I want to make toy boxes to go under our bookshelves, but I wonder whether they would be able to withstand a 9-month old who likes to prop herself up on everything she sees… eh, probably not. Even I am surprised given that we use them every single day (they’re stuffed with scarves, hats and mittens).
I was thinking of making fabric storage boxes but didn’t want to really go to the effort of figuring out seams, etc.
Believe me no one is more surprised than me that they’ve lasted this long as I truly made them for use in that space (the old closet) only.
I want something really fast that I can knock out quick & this fits the bill perfectly. I will say that if I ever re-do them, I will use a darker fabric just because cream and white don’t tend to stay very um, unclean over a long period of time.

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