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If you don’t want to go online to reach out to box hunters, then you can simply post messages on bulletin boards at your school, office, library or church. We’ve talked about how reusing trumps recycling, but this next option might really blow your mind.
According to ZippGo’s website, their very stackable plastic packing crates have double the storage capacity of cardboard boxes, plus they’re waterproof and not crushable, with bottoms that don’t fall out.
Until a reusable moving box craze sweeps the nation, most of us will be using cardboard boxes to transport our belongings. Considering the amount of space that used moving boxes consume, it is really such a hassle if people do not know how to handle them properly. Choose your removal company wisely do not be swayed purely on price, after all these will be people dealing with your prized possessions.
Check with your household policy before you buy extra insurance as some policies will already cover you for moving. Choose your boxes carefully, only use 'double walled' boxes, they need to be strong enough to hold the weight. Clearly label each box with the name of the room it should be placed in - such as the lounge or bedroom.
Dishpacks – Specially designed for transporting dishes, glasses, bowls, and other kitchenware.
Packing Tape – Commercial grade packing tape, perfect for sealing moving boxes or securing padding.
When I move, I usually need a few more boxes than I had anticipated, but once the unpacking starts, I can’t wait to get rid of the cardboard clutter.
And I get that it’s easy to feel tired or lazy after a move, but for inspiration to find a new home for your boxes, just think about how happy someone else will be to get them! All your moving ideas, information and contacts in one place, keeping you organised from the moment you start looking to buy a home all the way to redecorating and renovating your new pad.

Even though the weekend gives you time to settle in to your new pad, in reality it is the worst day of the week to move house. Choose a removal company that suits your circumstances and requirements and always ask for references. Ensure your removal company visits your property so you can show them exactly what needs to be moved. This takes away some of the stress as you will be able to check off everything you do and then see what is left. A good place to start is in the loft with things that you don't often use and work your way down the house. NEVER make the boxes so heavy that they cannot be lifted safely, the worst offender is books so use smaller boxes. DO NOT just fold in a criss-cross pattern, because as soon as this box is picked up with any weight inside, the flaps will unfold and everything will fall out. It is best to write on the tape as if you are using professional packing boxes from a removal company, they will require them back in a good condition. These crates are ideal for marble, large glass table tops, chandeliers, antiques, statuary, trophies and other large, bulky or delicate items requiring extra protection. All of our self storage units are "close to the door" and most units offer drive-up convenience. Whether you need shipping boxes, moving boxes or packing boxes, our great selection of box sizes will make sure you get just the right box for your needs.
I have to keep in mind that while the easiest solution may be to take the boxes to a recycling center, that’s not always the very best choice. If you allow someone else to use your cardboard moving boxes before they’re recycled, then you’re going the extra mile to conserve resources. If you haven’t moved yet, you may be able to score some free boxes yourself by searching the ads for available boxes in your city or state.

Even though their service is limited to certain areas of California, I feel I must mention ZippGo, the company that delivers and picks up reusable plastic moving boxes. I read from an article that there are already moving crates which can be folded flat for better storage when not in use.
Not only do some removal companies charge extra to move you on this day but if you experience problems or delays such as transaction of monies, you will have to wait until Monday to sort the problems out and in the meantime incur all sorts of charges.
If they are becoming heavy while you are packing them, try filling the rest of the box with light bulky items such as linen, towels, pillows, cushions or soft toys.
If your items are going into storage then it is really helpful to attach a piece of paper to the side of each box with a list of contents, this way you can find items quickly and can save you a lot of hassle. Their slogan is “The Green Moving Box,” and their boxes are literally green hued, but also they’re made from 100 percent recycled plastic.
Meeting your removal company face to face prior to the big day is essential as you will be able to sort out any questions or issues. If you use these links or information supplied, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of the information, third-party sites or companies.
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