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At Self Storage USA we want to make your storing and moving process as easy as possible by offering you boxes, locks, and other moving supplies.
I can remove the cardboard separators and use the Hallmark® boxes on one level, lay the level divider down and add another level of boxes or start using the dividers for the ornaments that don’t come with boxes I want to preserve.
I love that the hard plastic helps protect against storage issues such as moisture and critters. This entry was posted in Holidays, Product Reviews and tagged Christmas storage, holiday storage, IRIS, ornament box, ornament storage.

From locks, bubble wrap, packaging tape and wardrobe boxes, Self Storage USA is a one-stop shop for all your storing and moving needs. I usually struggle to find enough tissue paper to properly wrap each precious memory and then find the perfect box to store them in for the next twelve months until we drag them up from the basement again. The number of dividers you use can also be configured to give you a little extra room for your slightly larger ornaments.
These ornament storage boxes from IRIS USA allow me to take good care of my precious memories so my children can have them for their Christmas trees in twenty years or so.

I have bought each of my children a new ornament every year since they were born as well as had them make personalized ones every year; so every ornament truly is a special memory that I want to keep safe from harm.

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storage boxes usa jobs

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