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Your collection of books, magazines, and other media may possess great monetary and sentimental value. Fill boxes completely to prevent their contents from shifting.  Filled boxes at the bottom of the stack will not be crushed even when the other boxes above it are heavy. Analog recordings such as tapes and cassettes are more vulnerable to deterioration compared to discs.
Climate-controlled self-storage units are ideal for tapes and cassettes in regions with freezing temperatures.

Although discs are less susceptible to environmental damage compared to tape media, they should still be stored in scratch-free sleeves or wallets. Investing in proper storage and archive-quality packing materials will protect your valuable books and collections. Alternative ProductsWestin Sure Grip Running Step Boards$549.00Made to fit your vehicle, no drill installation!!!
Extra pre-storage care is necessary because they are susceptible to environmental damage such as dust, moisture, and pests.

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storage boxes with wheels

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