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The business provides secure dry storage from 10 square metre units to 200 square metres, all undercover. The facility offers a secure gated area with 24 hour CCTV to ensure that owner´s goods are kept in perfect condition and safe from theft.
This business would suit someone who wishes to have an instant income and the ability to increase the turnover to more than three times its current status. On the other hand it would also suit someone who wants a lifestyle business as they could live on site which is a residential area. The two bedroom apartment that comes with the business sits directly on a garden with a communal pool, and is only 25metres from the beach. The owner is now retiring as he has reached a certain age, and will be available to make an extensive handover to ensure that the new owner gets off to a good start.
As an option the owner may consider renting the business to a suitably vetted person, and enquiries will be taken for this as well.
Our multi-lingual staff would be delighted to show you the premises and guide you through the buying process, free of charge to you as a potential buyer. Please understand that no financial information will be shared until you have seen this exceptional property first hand.

Nothing Like this, This is the most safe, secure and professional self storage facility in the service area. By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 2011 Custom Trailer to haul mobile units with 2011 Ford Superduty Diesel F550 pulling truck.
Also included in the sale is an adjoining 2 acre (individual titled 1 acre each) parcel of industrial zoned land ready for future development.
We currently have up to a dozen ideas of increase revenue or growth and expansion ideas that can be discussed in great detail with the serious inquirer. Phone : 1 800 606 0310 There were errors on the form, please make sure all fields are fill out correctly.
The average hours spent maintaining and servicing the storage and mobile storage business is on average 2 hours per week. Portable units are either rented on the mini storage facility site, or delivered to clients property where they can either stay there for the duration of the rental period or be transported to the clients new residence or back to the Langham facility for safe storage until such time the client requires. The mobile storage opens up an expanded geographical target market for client base, as we bring the storage to the client. The mobile storage opens up an expanded geographical target market for our client base, as we bring the storage to the them.

Delivery charges to the client per transport and delivery captures the related expenses of hauling and relocating the containers. It is now a very manageable 5 Acers zoned highway commercial with a specific amendment for self storage. LED lighting has been spread out throughout the property along with state of the art surveillance cameras. Beyond the storage business this property leases out space and buildings generating extra monthly income.
A cell phone tower lease has also been signed adding another $1000.00 per month for 20 years, because of this contact the cell provider will also pay any increases in property taxes.
If you are looking to start a self storage business or simply put another dot on the map this is for you.

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storage facility for sale san diego

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