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Businesses in industries from beer bottling to farming to retail clothing use warehouses at some point during the creation, storage, or transportation of their goods. Whether their warehouse is used for contract purposes, or operates as a private business, warehouse owners should make sure that it is safeguarded with commercial insurance coverage.
An experienced independent insurance agent, familiar with the concerns of warehouse owners when it comes to securing the right commercial insurance policy, can aide them in choosing coverage. A licensed independent business insurance agent can serve as a trusted advisor for warehouse owners looking to buy a new commercial insurance policy, or supplement their existing insurance. In the course of recommending commercial insurance for a warehouse owner, an independent insurance agent will likely want to know about the kinds of goods typically stored or housed at a warehouse, along with the duration of time they are kept there, and whether the owner performs any transportation services in connection with the warehouse, or works with any contractors or subcontractors in that regard.
By connecting with a local independent business insurance agent to learn more about buying commercial warehouse insurance, owners and operators of these facilities can learn about various choices for coverage for their business.
Industrial buildings may house inventory for a retail clothing store, a production plant, a corporate office, or serve as a cleaning business’s headquarters. In working with the owner of an industrial building, an experienced independent insurance agent will probably ask to visit the premises in order to evaluate the building itself.
To make sure that he is recommending commercial insurance suited to a particular industrial building’s risk factors and coverage requirements, an independent business insurance agent may ask about an owner’s annual business revenue, whether a building is frequently vacant in between corporate tenants, and about the typical terms and duration of leases signed with commercial occupants.
A local independent insurance agent will serve as a valuable resource for industrial building owners seeking sufficient commercial insurance for their property. Unlike their industrial counterparts that house full manufacturing operations, light industrial buildings generally have equipment that is operated on a smaller scale, and products that can be transported, handled, and managed without the use of cranes, lifts, or other heavy machinery. In assisting light industrial building owners in choosing commercial insurance that is adequate for their property, an experienced independent insurance professional will probably ask to visit the facilities. To determine commercial insurance coverage suited to a particular light industrial building, a local independent insurance agent may review the zoning codes applicable to a building. A licensed independent insurance agent will also ask light industrial building owners about the amount of their building that is dedicated to office space, and whether the building also houses a warehouse or cooler. To preserve the value of a light industrial building and its contents, owners should purchase quality commercial insurance coverage through a local independent insurance agent. Individuals, families, and businesses frequently lease storage units in warehouses and other facilities to have a space for unused furniture and household items, retail inventory, or other possessions or products.
Storage facilities may be one-story expanses covering acres of property, or warehouses in the center of a busy city.
In the course of working with storage facility owners to determine the proper commercial insurance for their business, a licensed independent insurance agent will probably request to visit the premises, or at least view photographs of the locale.
To make sure that a storage facility and its owner can avoid legal and financial liability in the event of a damaging storm, fire, or flood, or theft or vandalism, an independent commercial insurance agent will want to make sure that a storage facility company has general liability insurance in place, along with business property, crime, and business income coverage. A local independent insurance agent will work with storage facility owners in finding the right commercial insurance coverage for their company. Recent ReviewsCountry CompaniesI had Cotton States Insurance (Now Country Financial) until they moved out of Florida. The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) is issuing a request for tender for fire alarm replacements at various RCDSB locations. Bidders are required to confirm their intent to attend each job showing at least 24 hours in advance. The Renfrew County District School Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions.
The Request for Tender documents are available by visiting the RCDSB Bids & Tenders webpage here. Including the implementation of a phosphoric acid feed system, to be completed by December 1st 2016, at the latest, and the modification to the existing soda ash feed system, to be commenced no sooner than January 1st, 2017 and to be completed by December 1st, 2017 at the latest. Tender documents are available at the Municipal Office (2253 Johnston Road, Renfrew, ON  K7V 3Z8).
For a list of community events taking place, please click here for the latest 101 Things to do in the Valley.
The Township of Greater Madawaska is currently accepting tenders for Granular M Material - LimeStone Source Fraser Road.
The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board invites qualified contractors to tender for window replacement and exterior wall upgrades. A mandatory site visit for all bidders will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 3:30 pm local time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, located at 535 Irving Street, Pembroke, ON. Tender security requirements include bonding or tender deposit, as described in Tender Documents. A CD with documents may be obtained from the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board.
The Township of Greater Madawaska is currently accepting tenders for Granular M Material - LimeStone Source Matawathan Road.
The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre is currently accepting tenders for Bulky Waste Processing (Grinding). The Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan is currently accepting tenders for the supply and application of Single SurfaceTreatment on Keller Road - 2.8 km. The Town of Perth is seeking proposals from qualified respondents for the Redesign and Support of our Town website. The Renfrew County District School Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions. Tender forms must be picked up at the Municipal Office - 477 Stone Road, RR 2, Renfrew, ON.
Tay Valley Township is accepting Tenders for the Rehabilitation of Muttons Road (250 meters), and Norris Road (185 meters). Tay Valley Township is accepting Tenders for the Rehabilitation of Clarchris Road (850 metres).
On April 28th, the 17 elected officials that make up Renfrew County Council will decide if they are going to lease and manage the CP Rail bed property. Since it was first published almost fifteen years ago, David Allen’s Getting Things Done has become one of the most influential business books of its era, and the ultimate book on personal organization. Sealed tenders on forms supplied by the Township Clerk will be received in envelopes plainly marked as to contents by the Township Clerk at her office in the Township Hall, R.R.
Proposals received after the above due date and time will not be considered, but will be returned unopened, to the Consultant. For further information regarding the Request for Proposal, or the assignment, please contact the undersigned. Part of this project is undertaken using funds provided by the Government of Canada through the transfer of Gas Tax Revenues. Township of Madawaska Valley is currently accepting tenders for the supply and apply of Surface Treatment, Single Surface Treatment (SST) and Double Surface Treatment (DST) on various roads. Township of Madawaska Valley is currently accepting tenders for the supply and apply of Hot Mix Pavement on various roads. Sealed tenders plainly marked as to the contents will be received by the undersigned up until 3:00 pm on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.
Plans, Specifications, Tender forms and tender envelopes may be obtained from the office of the Township of South Algonquin. A certified cheque not less than the amount specified in the Tender requirements must accompany each tender and the successful bidder will be required to provide a 100% Performance Bond and 50% materials and labour payment Bond upon execution of the Contract agreement. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted and the Township reserves the right to award any portion of this Tender. The Town of Smiths Falls is currently accepting proposals for Branding, Visual Identity & Website Development Services. The Township of Killaloe, Hagarty & Richards is currently accepting tenders for Crushed Gravel Granular M (8,000 m3 = 14,240 tonnes). A certified cheque, made payable to the Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards in the amount of 10% of the total tender must be submitted with the tender, for deposit purposes. All inquiries, concerning the tender, prior to tender closing, shall be directed to the undersigned. The Corporation of the Town of Perth invites Contractors to submit bids for the Perth & District Community Centre DDC Refrigeration Controller and Evaporative Condenser Replacement.

Installation of two (2) Emergency Generators for the Municipal Office and Renfrew Street Pumping Station (both generators have been pre-purchased by the Owner) and Installation of electrical duct banks, switches and associated equipment. Tenders will be opened, in public, at the Public Works Building immediately following closing. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the form of tender contact the undersigned. Tender forms may be obtained from the office of the Township of Horton located at 2253 Johnston Road, Renfrew. A public tender opening will be held that night at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Council. Copies of the Request for Tender (RFT) may be picked up at the Township of Lanark Highlands Municipal Office and may also be found on the Township website. The Township of Lanark Highlands reserves the right to reject any or all Tenders at its sole discretion. As owners of warehouses used for a variety of purposes know, their warehouse is important for many reasons, and especially for the role it plays in keeping goods or products out of harm’s way until they are ultimately removed from the premises. Depending on the terms of a particular policy, business insurance for a warehouse can afford mechanical breakdown coverage, coverage for motor truck cargo, and building and personal property insurance for a warehouse and its contents. He will probably request to meet with the owner of a warehouse, or its operator, to evaluate the available options for insurance for a certain warehouse business. He can discuss coverage for warehouse operators’ legal liability, business interruption, umbrella liability, and crime, along with other kinds of coverage available from a variety of insurers, and help warehouse owners gain an understanding of the policy that is sufficient for their business. He may also inquire as to the number of employees working on the premises, their prior warehouse work experience, and the warehouse ownership and managerial experience of the current owner. They can get answers to their questions about purchasing a policy, and find out about annual premiums and exclusions and limitations included in most warehouse insurance policies. In the course of renting industrial property to other kinds of companies from any number of industries, owners of these buildings know that their facilities face certain risks.
He will need to know the exact location of the building to determine if it exposes the facilities to certain weather-related risks.
He might also inquire about whether an industrial building owner has had any losses, or been subject to any claims in connection with the premises in the past few years, and if the owner or industrial building business has ever been named as a defendant in a lawsuit related to the company’s operations. With the assistance of a licensed independent insurance agent, they can learn more about the kinds of coverage afforded by policies from a number of different insurance companies, along with typical exclusions and limitations in coverage. Also, most light industrial buildings have fewer employees, less expensive products on-site, and lower maintenance and service costs. She will want to tour the premises to see the kinds of equipment and machinery used on site, the inventory in storage, and any vehicles utilized in transporting items in connection with a business’s operations. She will want to know about whether a building’s owner has any plans to expand or remodel the premises, and if there are any high risk exposures adjacent to the property, like an abandoned warehouse, and she might ask about how debris removal is handled on-site. She may also inquire about the kinds of materials generally stored on the premises, and whether any are flammable, or toxic. A licensed independent agent will serve as a resource to answer owners’ questions about buying a new business insurance policy, or supplementing existing coverage.
In the course of leaving their business or personal property in such a facility, company owners and individuals trust that the owner and operator of the premises will make sure that their items remain protected. Since different storage businesses have different needs when it comes to buying commercial insurance coverage, a seasoned independent insurance agent, knowledgeable about the important factors to consider in selecting business insurance, will guide storage company owners in choosing custom coverage, or purchasing a new commercial insurance policy. She will want to know whether the building is more than three stories high, and if it is built of unique or one-of-a-kind materials, or listed on a local or national historic register. She can discuss options for coverage available from a number of difference insurers, along with typical exclusions, limitations, and endorsements found in those policies. There is a mandatory site meeting for both the Bidders and their mechanical subcontractor on this project on March 24th, 2016, at 10:00 am. Check out amazing products and services available in Downtown Pembroke, as well as from local Chamber of Commerce members. This presentation explains in simple terms what Workplace Safety & Insurance is and the legislation behind this compulsory workplace insurance. Addenda will only be issued to those general contractors who have picked up the CD directly from the Board Office. Interested respondents must submit their proposals in sealed envelopes marked Website Redesign and Support, to Shannon Baillon, no later than Friday March 18, 2016.
Bidders will meet at General Lake Public School, Garrison Petawawa, 1900 Borden Avenue, Petawawa, ON. When the Bill was introduced in May 2015, I received next-to-no feedback from those either for the legislation or opposed to it.
Of the human resources (HR) people surveyed, 80 per cent believe administrative professionals are taking on more responsibilities in their organizations. Every week, I emailed 25 businesses throughout Eastern Ontario, asking to speak to their human resources person. Thursday May 5, 2016 for the Reconstruction of Pucker Street from the Blackburn Road intersection to the Holmes Road intersection. Thursday May 5, 2016 for the Surface Treatment of Pucker Street from the Blackburn Road intersection to the Holmes Road intersection. In the event of a fire, property damage, vandalism, or theft, it is important for corporate and individual owners to have adequate industrial warehouse and storage facility insurance in place.
A local independent insurance agent can guide company leaders and individual warehouse owners through the process of selecting commercial warehouse insurance suited to their business’s unique coverage needs. He may also ask to visit the warehouse facilities, in order to assess whether the building is a historic property, or more than forty years old, whether it has had recent updates to its heating, cooling, and plumbing systems, and if it is constructed of unique or one-of-a-kind materials.
An independent insurance professional might also want to make sure that a warehouse is covered by a commercial general liability insurance policy, and may ask about annual business income and expenses of an individual warehouse owner, or company. With commercial insurance through a local independent agent, warehouse owners know that in case of a loss or liability, their facilities can remain secure. If a raging storm damages the property’s roof, or a lessee’s items are vandalized or stolen after hours, or permanent equipment in the building malfunctions, the owner of the premises, and the industrial building business itself, could be subject to legal and financial liability.
Likewise, he will want to see whether the building is more than three stories high, and if it has working elevators, and necessary fire extinguishers and alarms, and security systems in place.
They can also get answers to their questions about annual premiums and as to purchasing additional, optional coverage. Despite that their operations may be more limited than those of a traditional industrial building, owners of light industrial buildings need to have dependable commercial insurance coverage. She may discuss equipment breakdown coverage for a boiler, or other machinery on site, and she will likely want owners of light industrial buildings to provide an inventory of their company’s business property and business personal property, along with any leased items. She may inquire as to fire and security alarms in a building, along with asking about whether it is surrounded by a wall or fence. She might want to talk about how frequently the building is inspected, and how often the light industrial equipment on site is serviced, repaired, or replaced. Also, she can discuss the options for coverage in policies offered by a number of different insurers, and talk about specific concerns like annual premiums, and exclusions and limitations in coverage in a policy. To keep such stored articles shielded from harm, owners of storage facilities need reliable business insurance coverage in place. She may also ask about sprinkler units in the building, along with other fire and security alarms, and will want to ensure that all are in working order. She will also probably discuss other kinds of coverage available, including sale and disposal liability coverage, coverage for equipment breakdown, legal liability coverage for customers’ property, and coverage for sewers or drains on the premises, which may be available, depending on the policy selected for a particular storage unit business. She can answer owners’ questions about supplementing their existing business insurance, or buying a new policy, and help them gain an understanding of their organization’s primary risk exposures. Vendor spaces are open only to Pembroke Business Improvement Area and Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce members.
Administrative professionals agreed with 63 per cent have seen an increase in their workload in the past three years.
With the proper policy, they can protect the value of their warehouse in case of the unexpected.
He will also probably inquire as to how long the current owner has owned and occupied the warehouse, and whether the owner has ever had a loss or been subject to a claim in connection with the property.

He may also want to make sure that warehousing is the primary, or only business conducted at the facility, and inquire about the methods for loss prevention and safety employed on-site, and whether a warehouse has cold storage and working temperature alarms.
To avoid this, and to help ensure that an industrial building’s occupants’ property remains secure, owners of industrial buildings and warehouses should make sure to have adequate commercial insurance coverage.
He will want to see any permanent equipment on the premises, and will want to assess whether machinery or other items constitute fixtures or improvements to the building.
With the guidance of an independent insurance agent, industrial building owners can purchase a commercial insurance policy they can rely on to keep their business and property safeguarded.
In case of an accident on the premises, property damage, or theft of inventory, with the right policy in place, light industrial building owners can avoid many of the expenses for repair or replacement of property, and the potential for legal liability in the event of a claim. She might also want to know the number of employees that typically work at the facilities each day, along with the training measures used for workers charged with operating industrial equipment. With the right commercial insurance coverage through a local independent insurance agent, in case of damage, loss, or liability, light industrial buildings, and their owners, can remain protected. An experienced independent commercial insurance agent will assist them in finding the right policy. She might want to find out about the kinds of locks that lessees of storage units are permitted or required to use, and she may inquire about the amount of rent charged per unit, and the average number of delinquencies in rent payments at a given time. With commercial insurance through a licensed independent insurance agent, owners of storage facilities know that in case of a loss or disaster, their business and livelihood can remain secure. He may even ask for a list of a warehouse’s customers, a copy of its maintenance and inspection schedule, and the average and maximum value of the commodities in storage at a given time. And, she might ask about how long an industrial building owner has owned the property, and if the business has had a loss in the past few years, or ever faced foreclosure on the building.
An independent commercial insurance agent might wish to find out about ventilation systems in an industrial building, safety procedures in place for a lessee’s employees, and emergency exits on site, depending on the nature of the business or businesses renting out the space. THESE VERY SAME ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, WHO HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT AND SERVE, OUR COUNTRY, AND CITIZENS ,ARE BUT SOME, OF THE CORRUPT,GREEDY TRAITORS .ENGAGED IN THE TYRANNY AND TORTURE.
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