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DANA is leading supplier of Shelving for Cold storage room in UAE and other GCC Countries including Africa – Cape Town , Algeria , Nigeria , Gambia , Gao , Bamako , Mali , Kenya , Nairobi . Commonly called night storage heaters, heat retaining clay bricks inside the storage heater are charged over night to store heat and release heat during the day. Storage heaters offer comfortable economical warmth throughout the day by taking advantage of low tariff overnight electricity. Storage heaters used to be seen as an expensive alternative to provide heat compared to other fuels. Storage heaters are ideal for homes that are occupied during the day due to slow heat release throughout the day. The early electric storage heaters were bulky and space consuming; and they emitted heat at a set rate, so the user had no control over the output. The heat stored during the night could be adjusted - but this involved making an estimate of the next day's heating requirements, and a sudden change of weather could leave the user with too much or too little heat. Present day electric storage heaters are slimmer - typically 167mm (6.2in) deep - and may either be wall-mounted or freestanding.
Thermostatically controlled adjustable dampers and fans allow the units to be run at low levels in unoccupied rooms and then at a higher level when needed, perhaps late in the day. Some units retain a residue of stored heat, which reduces overnight charging and cuts costs further.
Combination storage heaters have a convector heater built into the unit in addition to a standard storage heater system. The convector means that you will also have an alternative heat source for occasions when it is necessary to provide all the heat. Storage heater dimensions should be considered, space restrictions could mean that 2 smaller storage heaters is better than one larger storage heater. Storage heaters are deeper than conventional radiators, be careful when considering the depth of the storage heater. An electric storage heater has an insulated box with heat retaining bricks inside connected with electric elements. If excess heat has been stored, heat will be discharged into the room even if it is not needed.
If there is unexpected cold weather and insufficient heat has been stored, full price 'on peak' electricity will be needed to generate extra heat.
A well educated storage heater user should receive 10 hours of heat, make full use of it as they are cheaper to use than panel heaters or gas fires.

Factors to consider when choosing a storage heater - KW, room size, frequency of usage and responsiveness. We manufacture and install our heaters directly, they cannot be bought through anyone else.
The Engineers arrived on time, explained what they were going to do and got on with the job.
Manufactured over 60 yearsFischer has manufactured electric storage heaters for over 60 years in Germany. If youa€™re a pet owner, youa€™ll understand the importance of protecting them from the smallest of things.
Request a Free Heating Survey Now How can a home survey help?Our free survey assesses what size heaters your home needs for optimum heat distribution and energy savings.
Take advantage of our free, no obligation heating survey and find out how much you could saveFree Survey.
Find Fischer onSubscribe to our social media channels for latest company and industry updates. High accuracy adjustable thermostat responds to very small changes in room temperature to reduce temperature drift.
Panel Convector Heaters are shipped in cartons and are complete with wall fixing brackets, 1 metre of connection cable and comprehensive fitting and operating instructions. Convection room heaters are one of the many best ways to produce quick heat toy your house during emergency times when it is needed. Dura Heat has the best reviews for convection room heaters from what I was able to find online, and buying their room heater products online is the best way to find discount deals and money saving coupons which will big savers. There are many different designs and styles that convection room heaters come in that will fit anywhere, they are also known for heating really complicated and tight areas that other room heaters cannot do.
If you want to read on another type of room heater you might be interested in the post I wrote on forced portable air heaters and how they can be very useful. Not today - with energy costs soaring, storage heaters now provide a competitive source of controllable heat energy when compared to gas and oil alternatives.
Others monitor room temperatures at night, assess the next day's heating needs (a cold night is normally followed by a cold day) and adjust the heat charge accordingly.
It means the storage heater will be used to provide the bulk of the heat with instant top using the convector heater. Instead of automatically releasing the heat by convection the next day, a fan assisted storage heater incorporates a silent fan, which takes air through the heater and discharges it through the vent at the base of the heater at a time that suits you.

The insulation on fan assisted storage heaters has more than double the thickness of standard storage heaters. The fan can be controlled with a separate thermostat control, which is supplied with the storage heater.
I have been amazed by how much heat they generate in a short space of time and also how little they cost to run. Not only that but convection room heaters also produce a great amount of light for the home, and they are portable, so in combination they are simply one of the best ways to heat a home and save money while doing it.
Generally other brands such as TPI and LB White also have really good convection room heaters for sale that you can find on their online stores or on websites like Every Space Heater which offers free shipping on almost all of their products.
One of the best brands online for this type of room heater is called Heat star and they produce some of the top of the line convection room heaters for your home or living areas.
The control handset was then explained to me in simple terms, shook hands & off they went. We look forward to a warm cosy winter without the hassle of cleaning out our old coal fire or the need to remember to order oil. If the temperature is below what is set on the thermostat the heater will automatically activate, efficiently releasing warm air into the room. They don’t have to be used only during emergencies, they are simply great for everyday use as well because they use little energy to heat up the room, and they are not expensive.
They room heater units don’t cost a lot at all, in fact they are one of the cheapest room heater units for the amount of work they can do and the way they are energy efficient. Ask around for people who have bought them before and see what deals and discounts they are recommending for convection room heaters and see which ones work the best and most efficiently. There are many convection room heater discount deals online you could find from many brands that sell room heaters such as Dura Heat and Mi-T-M which have some super saver deals and in most cases free shipping.
Make sure to check out all the other kinds of room heaters that are out there you might want to consider buying as well, convection room heaters are just one type of efficient room heaters, there are many others you might want to purchase as well.

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