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Though it's been the European norm for ages, many North Americans are now making the choice to sacrifice the comfort of a large living space. Whatever the reason, micro living or living in small spaces doesn't mean you have to be limited in your lifestyle luxuries. Often times, the property developers of micro apartment buildings are utilizing recycled shipping containers and other materials to keep the costs down.
Major international cites such as London, Paris, Barcelona, and Tokyo are no stranger to the concept of micro apartments. Admittedly, small or micro apartments have limited space for gardening and growing your own food. Micro gardening, or micro farming as it's sometimes called, can come in many shapes and sizes but the one that is most space efficient is vertical growing. Many of these gardening solutions can extend beyond the home and find themselves useful in cubicles and office kitchens as well. To reduce your footprint even still, its possible to create your own odorless composting bin that fits under your sink or chair, or out on your deck.
It doesn't take a large footprint to grow these of these many, tiny varieties of leafy greens, sprouts, and herbs. Miller of Musto in London by phone she confirms this is not a Musto corporate shop but may be a dealer.
This is one of the designs from our new Tuff Cube series which is intended to offer many tools for our readers. Check out other gorgeous pre-fab houses, like these ones made for the modern homesteader with a sustainable streak. That math makes pre-fab unrealistic, so modular companies set up regional factories, sometimes 30 factories for one brand, all building the same product. At the beginning of the month, Connect Homes trucked their model unit from Los Angeles up to Silcon Valley for Dwell's Silicon Valley Home Tours. Este conjunto es ideal para mantener el orden ya que dispone de mucho espacio dedicado al almacenamiento.
Esta cama es funcionalidad pura y perfecta para familias numerosas en las que cada centímetro cuenta. Esta cama empotrada consigue que sea un espacio de descanso y en el cual desconectarse dando resguardo e intimidad, creando un rincón muy acogedor. The digital images displayed in this section are provided by ClosetMaid® and are protected by copyright.
There are several reasons for this lifestyle shift, which can be entirely dependent on the individual. It simply means that you need to become a master at simplifying, and fine-tune your organizational skills in order to maximize space. The apartment layout itself is typically very functional, with fold out beds, sliding cupboards, and plenty of hidden storage space.

These are similar to micro apartments in their design and layout but they are detached homes which may cater more to certain individuals or couples. Today, North American cities like Boston, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco are experimenting with micro-apartment layouts that involve creative, sustainable building design along with lifestyle amenities.
Maximizing your space by scaling your plants and garden to fit the size of your area, window, or deck helps to prevent making your area feel smaller.
A popular urban agriculture choice, microgreens have both health and environmental benefits. But Connect Homes’ innovation is to make them fit in shipping containers, so high-end green design can end up anywhere on the planet. The modules are designed to fit snugly in an 8-foot-by-40-foot shipping container, and can make it anywhere internationally for $5,000. Me encanta la idea de que la cama esté semi-empotrada en la pared por muchos motivos.
Pero puedes tomar alguna de estas ideas y visitar algunas tiendas donde fabriquen muebles para los peques en tu ciudad y pedirles una cotizacion para la fabricacion.
Cool, ingenious and full of welcome surprises, this collection of container homes contains a little bit of something for every design lover across the planet.Maison Container Project by Patrick PartoucheLet us start our look at fabulous shipping container homes with this beautiful and simply stunning Patrick Partouche-designed living space called the Maison container project.
Perhaps they desire convenience, which is usually out of the question when you have to manage and care for a large home.
There are plenty of space saving and living tips available to the modern day urban dweller which can show us just how easy it is to live smaller. They cater to individuals who desire the excitement of downtown urban living, without the sticker shock.
There are plenty of innovative micro gardening solutions designed specifically for the urban dweller pursuing the micro living trend. Whether you live in one of these spectacular micro units or a single family home small improvements through space planning, or eating healthy, these micro changes all eventually improve your life. Their company Connect Homes expects to change that, by being the first pre-fab home builder to take advantage of shipping containers as a mode of global transit, allowing them to inexpensively reach consumers anywhere in the world.
Shipping one module around the country could cost $25,000—and some houses use as many as 10 modules. The homes ship almost entirely complete—with plenty of green features like bamboo flooring, LED lighting, all-steel framing, and FCC-certified woods. A pesar de que es para dos me parece ideal por que cada una puede disponer de su propio espacio.
The two-story building is an absolute delight to step into and once you do, you will almost instantly forget the fact that you are residing in a house built by using 8 large shipping containers. In fact it has been said that microgreens contain a higher concentration of nutrients and vitamins. Located on the banks of river Lille in France, it is nestled on a 2,240 square feet area and € 221,000 went into bringing it to life.The lovely interiors have a light and airy feel to them thanks to the use of floor to ceiling glass windows, but the designer has left the container doors intact to ensure that there is complete privacy when needed.

Lo mire por donde lo mire todo son ventajas por no mencionar el diseño tan ideal con los detalles de tejadito, las cortinas…y esa pared que recuerda a un bosque de cuento de hadas! A metal spiral staircase, modern decor and ergonomic design grace this fabulous container home.See alsoCompact and Sustainable Port-A-Bach Shipping Container Holiday Home Old Lady House by Adam KalkinsThere is nothing ‘old’ about this bold and beautiful container home from Adam Kalkin, who is pretty renowned for producing some astounding shipping container structures. But another likely reason could even be that these individuals are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and understand that their lifestyle changes can lead to a positive impact. Vitamin D, calcium, and iron are higher in microgreens compared to their counterparts - mature plants. This French-served delight is made from four shipping container units and they are carefully put into place to create a unique home that has the living quarters on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the top floor. The idea is pretty simple actually and all you need is a shipping container, some vibrant and colorful decor and plenty of creativity to ensure that you put up nice little living quarters that is both complete and comfortable.Some patio space, giant glass sliding doors and lovely environment all around completes this crafty idea from Poteet Architects. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a shipping container living unit into your existing housing plan without any hassles! Carefully and geometrically arranged 40 foot long blue shipping containers make up this modern Spanish home and the interiors are as eclectic and innovative as the exterior.
Passive cooling technology, water recycling units and solar energy ensure that this house is completely off-grid and independent for its energy needs.Take a Break with Starbucks crafted from Shipping ContainersIf you are a tad bit tired going through the list and would love a lovely refreshment, then how about stopping by a Starbucks that has been crafted completely from reclaimed shipping containers!
The Starbucks drive-thru that has come up in Tukwila, Washington has been created using 4 shipping containers and the best part about it is that it used shipping containers that the company utilized in transporting tea and coffee supplies across the globe.The idea was to incorporate these long serving shipping containers into the design of the Starbucks store and an in-house architect team along with Tony Gale, the company’s corporate architect came up with this awesome plan. The prefabricated container homes designed by ‘Home Contained’ surely do all they can to try and break away from this popular myth. Five shipping containers have been used to create this particular home and it results in a 2,600 square feet of lavish living space that is filled with playful colors, spacious areas, eclectic decor and original design.Graceful and at times dazzling wall art, ample natural ventilation, smart arrangement of furniture and different multicolored themes make these structures from Home Contained, hubs of unconstrained glee!
Well, if those are your requirements then this contemporary-classic styled home in Richmond, California might be the one you would want to emulate for your own container home blueprint.Leger Wanaselja Architects created this structure using just two shipping containers with one stacked on top of the other and 1,350 square feet container home offers all the modern comforts along with a very traditional design. In fact, from a distance you would notice nothing unusual about this residence and with solar energy and two-story atrium that offers ample natural ventilation, it is plenty planet-friendly as well.
The first of its kind in London (and most likely in UK as well) the Boxpark Shoreditch is a shopping space crafted using 61 containers, with 41 of them on the lower level and with 20 of them on the upper level.The idea for such an ingenious mall came up after many of the small business owners in London pretty much found it impossible to rent commercial spaces in the city.
This cost-effective and shopping-friendly mall provided the perfect solution for both entrepreneurs and consumers alike. The graphics on the top, along with the quickly assembled units just took about a day to set up and it took a mere week to turn them into fully functional homes that were as good as any around.Icons of style and the changing world trends, these units represent everything that the brand itself claims to symbolize- innovation, striking design and a reinvention of current trends. The Del Popolo mobile pizzeria is well and truly unique as it incorporates a traditional Italian wood-fired oven in a kitchen that is contained beautifully in glass.It cost Jon Darsky about $ 180,000 to convert the old shipping container into a full-fledged mobile pizzeria.
But considering how he can now bring the business to customers, it might be a wise investment indeed!

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