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You don’t have to remodel or spend a fortune, instead you can use these creative solutions and double your storage. Enter your email address into the form below and click "Subscribe" to receive the best of DIY Home World delivered direct to your inbox.
It’s not only about square meters and square feet that determine the space and storage capacity of your rooms and home. Place wooden storage shelf on one side and store all kinds of things there like shoes, tools, clothes, books etc. For small bathrooms i have some tips to arrange bathroom accessories in a good manner without taking much space. See the glass shelves in the small bathroom which can provide enough space for bathroom items and they are looking cute as well.
Sometimes we overlook some parts of the home which can be used for different storage purposes. Place floor to roof racks in your living room if you have good collection of books but no space for storing them.
This entry was posted on July 18, 2014, in Home Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged Diy ideas, Small homes. October 23, 2013 When you are faced with a small bathroom, finding storage solutions can be tricky. Look for inexpensive, skinny vertical storage units at stores like Ikea, Target, and Lowes to expand your bathroom storage space.
I am hunting for the tips to maximize bathroom storage space and about to redo it asap.I love the small bathroom tips.
Using matching containers, like glass jars or porcelain ones like the set in picture (1) (which is available here from Pottery Barn), will create a good looking and clutter free kitchen – since it creates a uniformed look. Other good looking storage ideas include using spice jars with hooks that can hang from a wall (2), the back of cabinet doors, or in the pantry. There are spice draw racks that tilt the spice bottles up to save space and provide easy viewing.
The back of cabinet doors can have over the door organziers, spice racks, railings or brackets fitted to them for space saving storage.
Having an extensive DVD library can provide you and your family with hours of exciting entertainment, but all of those discs can take up a lot of space. This dynamic hanging shelves can be repositioned at will and respond to the amount of books held on each shelf.
This circular cardboard shelf not only provides space for your movie DVDS and books, but also enhance your house interior design. Attache these vintage soda crates to the wall on either side of the fireplace for DVD storage.
These drawers with an adjustable DVD or CD file system would be perfect for keeping movies organized but out of sight.
Get your DVDs completely out of your living area by storing them on shelves in the bathroom. 5 Hanging tiered baskets can be used to sort toys, mail, accessories, and all sorts of different things.
Small spaces can be functional, organized and offer plenty of storage, if you know a few tricks on how to use the space.

I love to use bookcases as another way to help corral clutter and store items in a small space. IKEA Storage Organization Ideas 2013 - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. However with this fantastic post, you’ll have plenty of ideas on how to best utilize the space you have. They provide comfort and peace so it should be well organized because congested or messy bedrooms are proved to be uncomfortable. Cover that storage shelf with thick beautiful curtains and you will be able to store number of things in small space without disturbing looks of your bedroom. Keep your clothes, pillows, bed sheets and blankets in the drawers and compartments of your bed or side table. Just arrange your books there with some decoration items to give new look to your living room. Hope after trying this you will feel that you have guts to organize your home with small space in a good way.
We often store a vast variety of products in our bathrooms and want our storage to be functional yet attractive.
You can create built-in storage by capitalizing on the space concealed beneath your drywall. If you have pedestal sinks, use a tall cabinet or ladder-shelf unit and fill with attractive storage containers and towels. Counters can easily get cluttered, so storing your herb and spices on a wall, or in a draw will help keep the kitchen clutter free. Using glass containers is a good idea because you can easily see what is inside and how much is left. Test tubes are another decorative way of storing spices, just like the ones in picture (3) which can be bought from ModCloth. Putting the draw at head height like the one in picture (4) saves you from bending down when looking for spices. Other spice storage solutions for drawers include using tension rods to divide up the draw.
Here you will find a growing collection of interior design and decor mood board guides I have put together.
Take a look at these clever DIY CD and DVD storage ideas for housing your DVD collection but out of sight. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live.
There are so many beautiful boxes & baskets in which to store things and they look great on bookcases.
No matter your house is small or spacy organization of things matters a lot in making it looking congested or well organized. So here are some ideas to use your bedroom for storing things without messing up the looks of your bedroom. You can use internal space of wall mounted cupboard as well as you can place things on the top of these cupboards. Mount small rack on the cabinet door or you can also mount hook on the door where you can hang small kitchen items.

If you are struggling to find more storage in your small bathrooms, do not fret because there are creative ways to maximize storage that won’t cost you a fortune. Semi-floating shelves can be made by painting pine boards purchased from a home-improvement store. Building open shelves in this space will allow you to store items while creating a pretty focal point in the room. The creative spice storage ideas I talk about below will help to avoid cluttering up the kitchen. Or you can use matching spice storage containers like the ones seen in picture (5) to create a well organized and easy to view spice draw. You don't need to be an interior designer to turn your home into a great looking, and relaxing space.
Spaces in this list are often neglected, collecting dust, when they could be used to your advantage.
In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style. So have a look at some DIY storage ideas given below to become a creative organizer of your home. These shelves don’t require much space but they can provide you enough space for hanging kitchen items and placing other important things on them. Here are four do-it-yourself storage-solution ideas to help you get organized in the bathroom. Today I have seven more small space storage ideas that will help you to make the most of the space you have and keep you organized. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelving will give you plenty of much needed space-saving storage. I am going to provide easy, simple yet innovative storage solutions with pictures to tell you how you can put a lot of things in a small space without congested look.
Book shelve mounted on the wall is the best idea because wall mounted things don’t take real floor space. If you work at home and have lots of folders and documents, store them so that you have lots of space left.
You will never pick through disorganized drawers of movies to find the one you’re in the mood for. They feature as old as new products, so you probably could find some ideas on how upgrade your existing storage. Choose wall shelves of any shape, a shelving system – they may be neutral or bright – why not highlight the storage and make it a decor object?
Colorful boxes and woven baskets are an ideal variant for any room, they look rustic and somewhat feminine. You can also check out IKEA’s storage organization ideas 2012 because they also are great. Look for some more practical ideas below and organize a functional storage space in your home office.

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